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Just Like Heaven

I quite enjoyed 'Just Like Heaven'
It's a little heavy-footed and almost tries too hard, yet I quite enjoyed 'Just Like Heaven'.

Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo are a strong pairing, with Jon Heder spearheading a good support cast ably. It's a well paced film at around 90 minutes, there are some decently amusing scenes in there alongside some more sombre ones - the majority of which come off rather well. Some parts are cliché, but not to the degree that it affected my enjoyment.

One that is well worth a watch, in my opinion of course.

/// s/o: Reese Witherspoon Mark Ruffalo Donal Logue Dina Spybey-Waters Ben Shenkman Jon Heder.

Boiling Point

Fascinating to see what came before
Fascinating to see what came before the feature-length film. 2019 short 'Boiling Point' is honestly as entertaining as the 2021 flick (named the same as this), it even feels like a prequel/sequel at times. They most definitely elevated it to make it bigger and better but the same sorta chaotic charm is present in this too. Neat to see some of the cast members made the move over into the full one, including the terrific Stephen Graham of course and also Alice Feetham, Hannah Walters and Lauryn Ajufo.

I read that they are doing a sequel television series for the 'main' production. Ought to be good!

Boiling Point

Stephen Graham is excellent throughout
'Boiling Point' is fab. Stephen Graham is excellent throughout, he has shown his quality as an actor to me many times down the years in different productions and this is no different - great actor. Cool to see him reunite with Alice Feetham onscreen, those two are good in TV's 'Save Me'. The rest of the cast are strong, including Vinette Robinson and Jason Flemyng.

You can tell the dialogue is largely improvised, it feels a little unnatural in one or two moments but for the vast majority it comes across as real. The fact it was shot in one take also makes it all the more riveting. The film does a very fine job at showing the heat of the kitchen, literally. There are a few predictable bits (tables 7, 13), but also some scenes (Jamie) that are the opposite.

All in all, it's very well made and highly watchable. I'd recommend it, for sure.

Find the Lady

It's not good
Like the one it spun-off from, it's not good... but it is slightly better.

'It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time' is rubbish, though 'Find the Lady' is a tiny bit of an improvement - emphasis on the world tiny. I like the cast in this one a tad more, obviously John Candy but also Lawrence Dane, Dick Emery and Mickey Rooney are also alright.

It's mainly the poor attempt at comedy and the story itself that is damaging to this 1976 film. I personally didn't find any part definitively funny, though I will say I did chuckle once or twice - one being when the bad guys are in the back of a truck trailer and Dane's character knocks on it... it's stupid, but it got a reaction out of me I can't lie.

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

It's a bit of a slog to sit through
Rather rubbish.

1975's 'It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time' is supposed to be a comedy but I can't say I laughed, or even really chuckled, once, it's a bit of a slog to sit through; despite a short run time of 90 minutes.

A flick seemingly most known for being the second film role of John Candy, who I'm surprised to see got a spin-off from this with co-star Lawrence Dane - neither of them stood out to me to be honest, especially (the eventually great) Candy. Of the other cast members, Stefanie Powers is alright but Anthony Newley's character kinda irritated more than anything else unfortunately.

I shall still check out spin-off 'Find the Lady', in hope more than expectation that it'll be better than this - presumably with Candy as lead, it stands more of a chance than it otherwise would to be fair.

The Maker

Very cool
Very cool! 'The Maker' may only last for about 4 minutes, though it sure does squeeze a lot in in that tiny run time. The stop-motion is exquisite, the music superb. The story is, in the end, simple but rather good. Credit to Christopher Kezelos & Co. I admittedly haven't seen many at all (~54), but this is the best short I've seen thus far.

////// s/o the crew: Christopher Kezelo Paul Halley Matthew Horrex Mark Cordina David Cox Mark Eliott Ciara Ferrao-Read Max Grieg Mohini Herse Al Ikeda Christine Kezelos Jim Kezelos Mark Lagana Susan McClymont Jack McGrath Gabrielle Smith Amanda Louise Spayd Olivier Strobel Grace Tan Elle Triantafillou.


Quite the interesting film
Bizarre, but I like it.

'X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes' is quite the interesting film. Perfectly paced at almost 80 minutes, it features a very good performance from Ray Milland as James Xavier. Diana Van der Vlis and Harold J. Stone are solid behind Milland, while there's also a role for Mr. Potato Head himself Don Rickles.

Based on the title, you can presume a few beats as to what will happen (man has x-ray vision, women appear... you can guess what occurs next - not that it 'shows' anything, mind). Still, there are also some quite good horror bits involved - the last scene with Stone's character and the final scene itself are rather awesome. For 63', the special effects look swell too.

A very good flick, one that most definitely has strong rewatchability to it.

The Lazarus Project

Paul Walker saves it
It's a poor film, but Paul Walker saves it from coming out much worse.

This performance of Walker's is the best I've seen of him away from the 'Fast & Furious' franchise, as everything else around him in 'The Lazarus Project' fails to make an impression his showing is terrific. Bob Gunton, if I had to pick someone, is the pick of the others.

The story features an intriguing concept, but I can't say I was ever all that interested in it due to the way the film portrays it; which is a bit too episodic. They just show one thing, then the next and then the next and it never feels well connected. There is no mystique, despite a mystique-filled premise.

Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody

A well done flick, I'd say
A well done flick, I'd say.

I didn't even know this existed until I was invited a week or two back to go watch it, which is a surprise as I'd imagine a Whitney Houston biopic would've got enough hype that I would've seen it mentioned around the web - perhaps I just happened to miss it? Either way, I'd very much recommend 'Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody'.

I'm no Houston brainiac but of course knew of her top songs and unfortunate personal issues, I feel like the film does a commendable job at covering all aspects - the pacing is top notch, in my opinion. I'd imagine it takes liberties with the truth, as per for this genre, here and there, but that doesn't bother me much if so.

Naomi Ackie is terrific in the lead role, quite the first performance of her's to watch on my part. I hope to see more! The rest of the cast, from Stanley Tucci to Ashton Sanders to Tamara Tunie to Nafessa Williams to Clarke Peters, particularly the latter, are also very good throughout.

I found the run time to be spot on, while the music is - as you'd expect - excellent. Houston sure did make a tonne of hits!


Very good
A tad slower than I would've liked, though 'Marighella' is still very good.

Seu Jorge puts in a noteworthy performance throughout, all the more impressive given acting isn't his bread and butter. I also enjoyed Bruno Gagliasso in this, not his character of course but the actor's showing is good. The rest of the cast, e.g. Humberto Carrão and Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos, merit praise too.

I can't say I knew anything about Carlos Marighella (surname did ring a slight bell beforehand, mind) or even much about this era of Brazil, which is something I actually prefer as I like to judge a film as a film and not having prior knowledge only helps that. Therefore, I wouldn't know how truthful this biopic is or isn't but I will say it doesn't hold much back - there are some very rough scenes scattered across the near 3hrs.

Speaking of the run time, I do think it's ever so slightly overlong - I was never pining for the finish or anything close to that, but there are a few moments where I felt the film could've sped itself up a bit. It's not a true criticism of mine, though.

Dobro ustimani mrtvaci

It's not a well paced film, in my opinion
'Well Tempered Corpses' has its moments, though unfortunately for the most part it's a little undercooked.

I like the set-up/pay-off, it's amusing, and I feel we do get a decent amount from each of the characters, however at many a point I could feel my interest waning - it's not a well paced film, in my opinion.

On the cast, Lazar Ristovski and Irena Micijevic are the standouts, I enjoyed those two onscreen; despite Ruzdija (Ristovski) and Envera (Micijevic) not being the most likeable people. Zan Marolt and Boro Stjepanovic are decent, I would've liked to have seen more of them as Risto and Safet.


A good film, even if...
I'd just about class 'Chuquiago' as a good film, even if it is one that does lose interest as it goes on.

The short run time of around 86 minutes means it doesn't ever stray into boring territory, thankfully. The stories of Isico and Johnny are the standouts of this anthology flick, those with Carlos and Patricia aren't as watchable but aren't necessarily uninteresting either - just 'meh'. It's neat to see 1970s La Paz, while the music is solid.

///// s/o the cast: Néstor Yujiri Edmundo Villarroel David Sàntalla Tatiana Aponte Alejandra Quispe Jesusa Mangudo Lupe Andrade Rafo Mory Hugo Pozo Raúl Ruiz.

Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom

Oh so simple, yet oh so sweet.

'Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom' is pretty wholesome, in short. There isn't anything revolutionary about the plot, there aren't any major events across the 100 or so minutes but that doesn't hamper the film at all. It's a breezy watch from beginning to end, with some good acting alongside some lovely visuals of Bhutan. Recommended!

------ shoutout to the cast members: Sherab Dorji Ugyen Norbu Lhendup Keldon Lhamo Gurung Pem Zam Chimi Dem Kunzang Wangdi Tshering Dorji Sangay Lham Oriana Chen Dophu Art Finch Dorji Om Tandin Sonam Sonam Tashi Tshering Zangmo Tsheri Zom.

Feels Like Home

I appreciate the effort
'Feels Like Home' is a rather basic short film, though it is neat to see one set and filmed in Cotonou, Benin. It's sweet enough, as youngster Primaella Somodi stars as lead alongside, presumably given their matching surnames, relative Parfaite Somodi. I appreciate the effort.

'Feels Like Home' is a rather basic short film, though it is neat to see one set and filmed in Cotonou, Benin. It's sweet enough, as youngster Primaella Somodi stars as lead alongside, presumably given their matching surnames, relative Parfaite Somodi. I appreciate the effort.

'Feels Like Home' is a rather basic short f.

End of the Road

This one fell unfortunately flat for me
Ah, I wanted to like this. It tries, but 'End of the Road' isn't something I'd wanna revisit in a great hurry.

Queen Latifah and Chris Bridges (aka Ludacris - love that guy in 'The Fast and the Furious' franchise) are the film's only real positive, though I will say the change in directon of the story did fool me... so kudos for that. I actually think the twist makes the story weaker, but still. I found the pacing and dialogue to be off, it does attempt heart with the main characters but sadly it just doesn't come across as natural.

You could do worse, but this one fell unfortunately flat for me.


2hrs 47mins went by in an absolute flash
'Blonde' is a strange one.

There is nothing about it that I'd scream from the rooftops about, yet the heavy run time of around 2hrs 47mins went by in an absolute flash - not once was I bored with what I was watching; I tend to check how long is left of a movie when I'm finding it dull, but with this I didn't check at all - as clear a sign as any that I obviously enjoyed it.

I'm not fully convinced why, admittedly. I think it's just really interesting to watch from start-to-finish, the acting is very good and the film is put together well. I wasn't sure about having Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe during the first few scenes, though I quickly lost those thoughts as she gives a great performance.

I get the criticisms (though how many biopics truly stick to reality?) but I predominantly judge films as films, and this is a very watchable one in my books. I'm not saying it's anything special, though for a near 3hr flick to fly by it evidently gave me what I require.

The Man from Toronto

Hart should stick with films like 'The Upside' and 'Fatherhood', in my opinion
There could be a decent concept in there with The Man from... men, but in reality... 'The Man from Toronto' is poor.

I like both Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson, and they do make it more watchable than it would otherwise be, but even those two couldn't stop this from being an unfortunately dull watch for me. Nothing about this feels fresh, it came out in 2022 but could've easily come out in 2012.

Hart's performance seems like something we've seen before, with it feeling - at least on the surface - the same as his roles in 'Central Intelligence' with Dwayne Johnson and in 'Ride Along' with Ice Cube. The plots are different, of course, but the vibe is pretty much the same. Hart should stick with films like 'The Upside' and 'Fatherhood', in my opinion.

It's very forgettable. In short. It's not helped by an overlong run time, either.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

An entertaining and even touching final chapter of the MCU's Phase Four
Chadwick Boseman is undeniably missed, but 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' still manages to produce an entertaining and even touching final chapter of the MCU's Phase Four.

I had a positive time with this, one good thing about watching it almost two months after release is that I got to watch this in an empty cinema - absolute bliss. Thankfully I managed to avoid all spoilers, though had heard the name Namor bandied about online so that's all I knew coming into it.

Speaking of Namor, I'm a fan. He makes for a cool new character to the universe, as does Talokan as a whole, with Tenoch Huerta a welcomed addition to the cast - first time I recall seeing him in something, and I'm impressed. The star of this 2022 flick, however, is Letitia Wright. I don't really remember her standing out in the original much, at least to me, but here Wright is excellent.

Angela Bassett is very good also, there's one emotion-filled speech scene in particular that stands out in my memory. Danai Gurira is always a joy to watch, while Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong'o are the best of the rest - though, the whole cast are good; even Martin Freeman, who I'm not always convinced by.

The film handles Boseman's absence nicely, there are some very touching moments in there. I'd say they went the correct way with the character of T'Challa, no-one would've been able to even closely replicate Boseman. The music, meanwhile, is pleasant.

I do think this has some relatively minor pacing issues, mainly around the midway point, but other than that I felt more than satisified with what I had just watched when leaving the cinema. Phase Five, see you soon!

The Gray Man

Could've/should've been something more memorable
It's good stuff, but ought to have been so much more.

'The Gray Man' features all the ingredients to have become a quality movie. Unfortunately, it is simply 'just' a watchable popcorn action flick. That's not necessarily a criticism in itself, it's just that I had hoped for far greater.

Ryan Gosling puts in an entertaining performance, his dynamic with youngster Julia Butters is reminiscent of his similar showing with Angourie Rice in 2016's 'The Nice Guys'. Chris Evans and Ana de Armas are noteworthy positives alongside Gosling.

The worldwide vibe of the story is cool, while the action sequences - aside from one 'skydiving' scene - are satisfactory enough. I enjoyed the film thus have no real complaints, it just could've/should've been something more memorable.

Enola Holmes 2

About on par with the original
About on par with the original, which I suppose is the minimum you want from a sequel.

I have similar thoughts about 'Enola Holmes 2' as I do for 'Enola Holmes'. Millie Bobby Brown is a strong lead, the support cast are good but the plot still isn't the most entertaining to watch unfold onscreen. I'm not sure it needed to be told over 2hrs, either.

Still, I got the required amount of entertainment from it. I appreciate the message and the story it tells, as well as them (seeming to, to me anyway) toning down the fourth-wall breaking - which is a tad overdone in the 2020 flick.

It seems likely that we'll be getting more of these, which I'm cool with - if the main cast remain, that is.

The Next 365 Days

They remain pointless in their existence and very much overstay their welcome
In a word... boring?

These '365 Days' film are many a thing, but boring they are usually not - at least in the traditional sense. 'The Next 365 Days' kinda is, especially the last 30-40 minutes. Across the whole run time, I think there's less sex than usual - that's not to say there isn't sex, there's plenty, but it seemed slightly less constant.

The only pluses, albeit very minor ones, I have are basically the same as before: it uses decent music and has some solid shots spattered in there. They remain pointless in their existence and very much overstay their welcome, yet I kinda couldn't not watch them.

What are the odds on more sequels? There is no reason to continue the 'story', yet that hasn't exactly stopped Netflix before... has it? This one does end with something that feels like a final conclusion though, with no cliffhanger in sight, so we'll see.

365 Days: This Day

At least it marginally improves upon the film it follows
Undoubtedly still awful viewing, but... I found it a tiny bit more watchable than its predecessor.

'365 Days: This Day' still has nothing that even closely resembles a plot, still has extremely limited actors and still shouldn't even exist. However, I'd be lying if I said I disliked it as much as the 2020 original. It's almost like taking out the sexual violence actually makes it more digestable, who'd a thunk it?!

Unlike that other release, this falls into the more common category of just simply being rubbish. I will say, though, the music kinda slaps. The film is pretty much comprised of a series of sexual music videos placed back-to-back-to-back. Some of music used is well chosen I can't deny, I Shazam'd a couple... admittedly that probably says more about my taste in music than anything else!

There's even some minor neat cinematography, too. The positives I note are minimal, though, and don't overly help this 2022 production. I have more negatives, which also include an overlong run time and that shoddy ending. At least it marginally improves upon the film it follows, I wonder if its own sequel will do likewise? I plan to find out!

The Adam Project

It is a film that I like
A satisfactory flick featuring Ryan Reynolds.

I got enough enjoyment from 'The Adam Project'. It isn't anything special as the film is missing a certain sort of spark to it, though the story is fun and allows for some interesting and rather sweet scenes; the latter is particularly true for the conclusion, which is well produced.

Reynolds himself is solid in the lead role, his performance is more serious than funny but there are still a fair amount of amusing moments for him across the 100 or so minutes. Walker Scobell gives a good showing behind the main man, his comedic timing in the first few scenes really does mirror Reynolds'.

Elsewhere on the cast, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldaña and Jennifer Garner are decent. I will say that I found the antagonists a bit weak in this, I wasn't all that interested in them or their side of the plot. Better villains would've heightened my enjoyment, for sure.

Still, it is a film that I like.

The Soccer Football Movie

Extremely tedious to sit through
The film that turns Zlatan Ibrahimovic into Darwin Núñez, basically.

A cheap gag from a Manchester United supporter out the way, this is a rather bad flick. I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't this. Its plot is practically 'The Incredible Hulk' meets 'Ghostbusters', which sounds way cooler than it actually is.

'The Soccer Football Movie' is not only boring, not only bland but also extremely tedious to sit through - though, thankfully, it only lasts for around 1hr 15minutes. The animation is very cheap-looking, something that shouldn't be so with a company like Netflix involved. Then you also have a very lacklustre voice cast.

Tania Gunadi is the only member that sticks out in my mind away from the people playing themselves, though that's probably only because I remember her from 2013's 'Snow Bride'. All those alongside Gunadi are... not the best. Kieran Walton's pronunciation of Zlatan grates, also.

Yep, that's correct. Zlatan Ibrahimovic voices himself in this and features fairly heavily. In all honesty he, given he isn't an actor, is actually fine, but him - alongside 'Weird Al' Yankovic and Megan Rapinoe - being your production's main star meant it was always likely to fall flat unfortunately.

This only avoids a lower rating as there are many worse films out there. Still, this 2022 release is probably one to avoid.

Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio

The stop-motion animation, which is extremely nice indeed
It's good, even if I wouldn't say it's anything better or worse than its Disney animated counterpart - at least it is a marked improvement on that aforementioned company's remake, mind.

The big win of 'Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio' is the stop-motion animation, which is extremely nice indeed. As for everything else? Nothing leaps out of my mind if I'm honest, even within 30mins of watching it. I personally found the design of the titular character to be 'just' OK, same goes for Sebastian J. Cricket & Co.

I did like the casting of Ewan McGregor and David Bradley, particularly the latter. Christoph Waltz, meanwhile, is alright in his role. The more serious vibe of the film is a positive, though I don't think it comes across as deep as it intended (e.g. That last line from Cricket isn't, in my opinion, as effective as the film seems to think it is). As for the music: fine but forgettable, for me.

Again, it's passable. I just unfortunately didn't overly care as much as I wanted to for this story and its characters. The 1940 film did it slightly better, fwiw.

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