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Red Knot

Amazing film. Spot on performances.
This is really well done. It's subtleties make this movie particularly good. Performances are very well balanced - not overdone, a lot of really good non-verbal delivery. Olivia is brilliant and Vincent nails it too. Great editing/pacing. Great cinematography. Perfect shots of incredible vistas, wildlife, weather, the sea. On location to Antarctica - can't imagine pulling that off. All locations actual - including the tight confines of the ship (required shooting through mirrors). Very effective music score. Main potential criticism is lack of story, but I don't think that's the case. There's a magnitude of story and many layers between the lines - though appreciation is likely reliant on the viewer's degree of personal life experience.


Brave, important film
Some of the negative reviewers here seem to have too narrow a life experience to appreciate what they are being presented with. After all, not so many people get to experience the sexually charged environment being depicted. The nudity and love scenes in this movie are an essential element in the telling of this story. As for the distressingly controversial part of the story, I wasn't aware of that prior to watching. I was strongly disturbed and affected. I was also extremely grateful to the filmmaker and cast for presenting this extremely important, tragic issue to the world is so artful a manner. The desert scenery is beautiful. The lead female is excellent. Much of the supporting cast seem somewhat amateurish, but work very well in this production.


Brilliant performance, other world tone
Numerous American reviewers on this site reveal their limitations in their comments. A lot of what they criticize or complain about in this movie are things that take us deeper into the moment of the story that takes place in a different world than they're familiar with. I was also thrown off a bit, until I realized that this wasn't from the European world of film that I'm used to (France, Spain, Germany, Italy).

Larien (playing the main character) is brilliant. What the film does lack is over-played dumbed-down dialogue and over explanation. The settings nicely reinforce the various moods. The girl's coming of age theme is brilliantly played out with subtle and not so subtle devices.


A beautiful movie
"Exils" is terrific on many levels. Beautiful composition, locations, light, cinematography, performances, and music. The story moves from one marvelous setting to another. The shot's are beautifully composed. The people are "real." I'm amazed that one of the previous reviewers is disturbed by sensuality. It seems that the characters are a bit too real for that person. I'm surprised at the number of other reviewers on this site that fail to connect with the essence of "Exils." Maybe they've never traveled on the cheap or experienced the beauty of random meetings and relying on the good will of strangers. Watch it again if you have the time.


Isild Le Besco is amazing in this film.
It's the performances that make this film worth seeing. Isild Le Besco's is amazing. Her face says it all. See this just to watch her, particularly in her happy moments. I was also very impressed with Nomie Lvovsky (plays a supporting role). She also was perfect in her non-verbal facial expression story telling.

The rock star/fans/entertainment industry plot is the framework, but the story isn't really about all that. The rendering of the plot is somewhat comic and melodramatic, but I believe this is intentional to keep all that from getting in the way of the real story which is the characters' passions and interactions. Even so, there is plenty of reality involved.

The Da Vinci Code

A terrible waste
I am a big fan of a number of the major players in this movie - particularly Audrey and Jean - which is why it's so depressing to see how bad the movie is. I hate to think of how they must of suffered in executing the horrendous script - which is predictable, and shockingly bad at times. Amazing how terrible even Tom Hanks' performance is in this movie as his plods through ridiculous lines. It seems that you can almost see him thinking to himself how awful it all was. How did this happen? The storyline has a lot of potential. Ron Howard is a respectable and talented mainstream movie maker. Ouch, sorry folks, but as you can see, I was extremely disappointed and distressed - and I swear, I'm usually not so hard on movies.


Watch it twice.
Watch this movie twice; the first time to discover the story, the second time to watch the story with the knowledge you've gained. Don't try too hard to understand what's going on the first time through.

"Stay" is appropriately disorienting and surreal. Satisfying performances by all the lead and support characters. It's one of the more effective renderings onto film of human mental process that I've seen. Beautiful photography and montage. Tight script and editing. Extremely effective choice of location and art direction. Good choice of music too. Too often, good movies are pulled down by sappy music, or over use of music. Not the case here.


This movie came out brilliantly.
Bubble is a shockingly brilliant record of our time. I voted it a nine. How could it get an R rating for "language" though? There's little harsh language. I'm thinking that the ratings people were shocked and upset with the harshly real portrait of the banal life so many Americans are forced to lead due to the double edged sword of an economic system/culture that exploits so many workers while inundating them with consumerist mentality. People holding down multiple jobs without any hope of ever "getting ahead." All work, little play - with little else to do other than watch television if there is free time. This is a harsh movie because it is such a clear depiction of the hopelessness that many youth are headed for. Imagine the consequences if they are allowed to see it?

La casa de Bernarda Alba

My first time seeing the story
I had never heard of the play. I found this film to powerful for some of the same reasons the other people criticize it, particularly the claustrophobic feel. I wasn't sure I would watch the whole thing because it was such a disturbing/depressing story, but I ended appreciating the film very much by the end. Excellent casting, performances, and set design.

This movie evoked real anger from me. Projection and denial are nasty human afflictions, and this film conveys that superbly. I don't know if that was the goal of the original play, maybe the film maker took liberties.

Head in the Clouds

Although rather stylized, a really good story.
Charlize is terrific. And as if that wasn't enough, there's Penelope too! The story addresses many aspects of the times and places in which it takes place, particularly nazi occupied Paris. Themes of sexuality, expanded definitions of relationships between lovers, loyalty, duty to humanity, futility of war, art, decadence...

The big question it poses is when is it time for an individual recognize the horror taking place in their world and to put aside their personal comfort and sacrifice themselves in resistance to a greater evil? One living in the world's current superpower might be asking themselves such a thing these days.

The Panama Deception

This is an inspiring film
The "Panama Deception" refers to acts and events that are classically typical in the history of this and other powerful governments throughout history. The U.S. administration in power during the period is known by informed people of all economic and political strata to be particularly cynical.

I notice a highly critical review of this film on this site is by a "19 year veteran of the army." While what this person says has some merit, I put little stock in the opinion of someone who is naive enough to join the army and is in such deep denial over the sins of government.

I applaud this film. Heck, it even won an Academy award - a stunning turn of events considering it's radical nature - that is, in your face truth.

The Quick and the Dead

My favorite Sharon Stone role.
Absolutely my favorite Sharon Stone role.

She is hot in this movie. She looks great and does a good sort-of female Clint Eastwood - tough, doesn't say much, has a vulnerable side.

Plenty of violence, but the message seems to be anti-violence in some sort of way. Like many movies, it seems to be making us think of how wasteful and avoidable the actions of the characters are - at least that's what I get out of it.

Decent script. Somewhat original story. All the actors perform well. Good directing, editing and set production.

An early role for Leonardo Decaprio.

One of my favorite "westerns."

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