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Jaws in Japan

One of, if not the very worst shark movies ever
Wow…what a dud.

A word of advice to filmmakers…if you have a movie that features many well endowed bikini clad Japanese girls and a script with a bizarre shark cult and a real big shark…show the shark for more than five seconds and show some freaking t&a!

What a colossal bore overall. By reusing the same found footage over and over, you may have helped the running time, but not the viewers enjoyment. The viewer will be hard pressed not to use the fast forward button to get to the "action" scenes or scenes that they think may carry some weight or gravity to further the razor thin storyline.

All that being said, the Free Willy moment at the end was a laugh inducer.

Live Animals

Maybe with a better story and talent involved, this would have been good.
The premise had promise (human capture and slavery in middle America) unfortunately the execution was off. Stilted characters that reeked of horror movie clichés and an overly long tedious opening that almost made me turn the movie off in boredom did not help the film (and continuity issues with blood covered ripped up shirts don't help either).

Buckets of blood do not make a good movie, no matter how many teenagers tell you it does. Perhaps given better actors, editors, writer and director, this would have been a decent film, but in this case, it was poorly executed by the cast and crew that were in over their heads from the very start. And the goofy twists in the last fifteen minutes are simply that…goofy.

And as a note to the writer: if you are going to make a point of the main protagonist saying that he can break a human in a mere three days...please follow through with it. Nothing happened to even remotely break anyone.


A fairly pedestrian effort.
I don't play a lot of video games, but this looked like an interesting doc and certainly a decent waste of my time. After all, times are changing, new revenue streams are always opening, and new careers and incomes are developed. Often times the best documentaries are on subjects you either have no knowledge about, or subjects that seem uninteresting. For example, Spellbound, a doc on spelling bees is amazing.

However, Frag, does not deliver. It's far too long with its running time of just under an hour and a half. It was simply bloated and did not deliver. Where were the hard hitting answers to the problems it raised? Drugs, corruption in the corporate ranks etc… While some of the gamers themselves were interesting, not enough was spent on them and their lives. (With the exception of Rafik; but Rafik was easily the most interesting, and a whole doc could be made on him alone and his struggles.) I'm sure this will appeal to most hardcore gamers, but I have a hard time seeing this develop a following like Air Guitar Nation or King of Kong, or remembered years down the line.

Reverend Death

Scary, informative and entertaining.
Reverend Death is a documentary on a assisted suicide Unitarian minister named George Exoo who has questionable ethics. But his ethics may be light years ahead of his new assistant, Susan.

The Reverend is an internationally wanted man thanks to an assisted suicide in Ireland, and the documentary tracks his actions over a lengthy period of time after the incident. While it's clear that the filmmaker Jon Ronson likes his company, you may not have the same fuzzy feeling. Long before a shrink dissect his actions, you will arrive at his eventual conclusions yourself.

The assistant that the Reverend starts to employ is scary. Her whole world is a lie, and you want to see her fail.

I decline on giving away to much information on the film because of all the twists and turns seen within, but know that you will be entertained, regardless of what your assisted suicide politics happen to be. Just sit down and watch it.

I don't think I'd ever seen anything by Jon Ronson before, but I know now that if I see his name attached to a doc, to check it out.

Apartment of Erotic Horror

I can't believe I actually watched this.
2/10 This was neither erotic nor very horrific.

I'll spoil the ending so you don't have to watch the movie. The photographer bought a statue and he has to sacrifice beautiful girls to it. The demon in question is a black shirt and a glove that is supposed to be demon skin…but looks like a glove. All the demon attack scenes are done with a crappy looking strobe effect and actually makes the bad scene even worse somehow.

The end.

Somehow a 30 minute made for the Playboy channel show was stretched out to a bloated 78 minutes. Ye-ikes. (It got a bonus point for lots of nudity…but not for any quality.)

No skill at all went into making this.

The Couch Potato Workout

Well, it is Bud Melman...
I'm not quite sure on what to make about this since it's so over the top. But it is funny. Larry Bud Melman wearing a "I heart to sit" sweater and sitting on an e-z chair will walk you through how to be a better couch potato.

Have you ever wanted to train on how to eat a Milk Dud properly? Well, Bud and the babes will teach you.

Worried that you're remote finger is too slow? There are workouts to speed up your channel surfing.

Worried that your mad dash to the bathroom during the short commercial breaks could be better? You'll be showed the correct bathroom dash techniques.

Another exercise, the wrist twist, used to strengthen your wrist for grabbing chips, but can also be used to manually change the TV if your remote breaks.

It basically is a bunch of leotard clad babes and a bunch of fat guys and a sleazy guy. Also a German doctor tells us that cable TV has changed the make up of our brain; so the Couch Potato Workout is a learning experience. And you'll learn the real five basic food groups: sugar, salt, cholesterol, MSG and alcohol--the keys to a well balanced diet.

My favorite scenes were the calorie counter and comparing watching TV to sleeping. Sleeping burns half the calories as watching TV, so watching TV is more beneficial for you than sleeping.

My favorite line: "Don't worry June, the cholesterol and raw meat is good for the skin. Why I rub myself with a pork loin every morning." Ever wanted to see Bud rap/sing off key? You will...

Philosophy of a Knife

one word to describe it: deliberate
Obviously with a running time of 4.5 hours, this is not an easy watch, but considering that 3 hours of the movie is pure human atrocity, this will try both your stomach and mental capacity. I watched the opening 1.5 hours, went away and came back to finish the film—a pseudo documentary.

I had two complaints with the film. From the little I know on Unit 731, most of the experiments were carried out on Chinese prisoners, but the film only featured Caucasians. The other complaint was the effects. It's too bad they weren't better since the bodies often looked like plasticine.

The sound effects and music were perfect, and the last hour was an interesting touch (I won't spoil it, but I will say this: It was a complete left turn from the first three and a half hours).

If I had to pick one word to describe this movie, it would not be extreme, or gore, or sickening (but all three would make great descriptions), but simply: deliberate. Each scene is played out in deliberate excruciating detail. Case in point is the opening scene walking through the snow for five (?) minutes and the scene where the man is freezing outside.

Viol, la grande peur

Amongst the most exploitative movies ever
I don't know if I've ever watched a more exploitative movie than this. The premise behind it is simple. A newspaper editor wants to sell more newspapers using sex as a selling feature. More precisely, he wants to blow the lid off the hidden, silent crime of rape; to expose its ugliness to his newspapers readers.

While researching the crimes for the paper we the viewer will see vignette after vignette of rape set to soft romantic music. All the women are smoking hot. The forced sex itself was unremarkable and the simulated sex left much to be desired. With the exception of perhaps the third last vignette, there is no justice meted out. When the women do go to the authorities, no one believes their tale.

It's a surprisingly easy viewing, but I can't help but wonder to the true purpose behind the movie. Although it constantly reinforces the notion that rape is unacceptable and that men are too blame, it also keeps telling us that women are in fact asking for it. Yes, each woman has her chance to say she wasn't seeking to be raped, but still, you'll leave feeling that the crew making the movie in fact were simply creating a movie to feature a series of rapes...but that isn't such a bad thing.


Rape, Nudity, Murder!
This is a hard movie for me to judge. I liked the brutality and non-pc aspects, but wasn't impressed by some of the other elements: 1) The over dubbing was off--often mouths were moving but there was no sound.

2) The over use of the f-word started to grate on me.

3)None of the characters with the exception of the black guy were people you could cheer for--in fact everyone except him was annoying.

However, some of the kills were pretty cool (the tranny penis cutting was very well executed) and nudity is always good…even if some of those girls maybe should have kept their clothes on.

After a 8 1/2 minute set up, we get to meet the black gloved masked killer making weapons that will soon be used to dispatch his/her unknowing victims in due time. And directly after that scene is a long rape scene that was certainly shot not to titillate but to shock. Too bad three goofs happened during this scene: 1) The actress was supposed to be going commando (a term I don't believe was invented in the 80's) but she was clearly wearing underwear.

2) One of the characters was instructed on which end of the bowling pin to rape her with, but still messed up--but was told he was doing it correctly.

3) I kept hearing weird digital sounds that were obviously a glitch with the disk or production.

After the rape, the movie really gets going and BBK wastes no time in killing off the characters one by one in interesting fashion.

The average movie goer may not enjoy this movie, but fans of non-pc, low budget and older slasher flicks should get some enjoyment from Gutterballs. The gore is well done and the acting was good enough. Some serious effort went into it, so it is worth a watch.

Additional cudos for a pretty interesting Canadian soundtrack and "Loonies Only" condom dispenser sign. Also, I don't know how many people got the phone number reference: 976-3845=976-EVIL.

The Man from Earth

Maybe the best movie I've seen all year.
9.5/10 Wow. Not the kind of movie I normally watch, but flat out wow. I really, really want to give this a 10/10, but I'm hesitant. Filmed as a play on the stage would be, it's essentially 90 minutes of yak, but it plays so well thanks to fantastic performances by most of the cast. Tony Todd—an actor who normally couldn't out-act William Shatner—was fantastic, as was David Lee Smith, an actor whom I'm barely aware of. As I said, it's filmed as a yak, yak stage play, with no profanity, no gore, no horror, yet it plays as the most entertaining movie I've seen since…maybe all year!

The story was so engaging that I was completely enthralled by the tale. I will give no spoilers at all, except to say it's the story of a man…he claims to be 14000 years old, told to a group his academic peers. Is it truth, or is it fiction?

This movie will not be for everyone—what movie is!—but it will certainly entertain those in need of pure drama. I wholeheartedly recommend it.


Always time for tomatoes
Some movies dream big on a small budget and this is one of them. The small budget allotted to it, doesn't do it's story justice. It's not that the movie was badly made, it's that it could have been so much better.

First off; the performances. Other then the son, everyone did a pretty good job. The neighbor who had a fascination for tomatoes was pretty cool, and was a nice bit of comic relief.

The story. A bit too far reaching for the budget allotted. Within minutes we find out about the Unholy Trinity conducted by the Nazis during the war: invisibility, mind control and time travel. Without giving anything further away, the movie involves characters finding out about mind control, invisibility and time travel. By the way, stay tuned for the credits, the story continues in radio addresses throughout the end credits.

The SFX. Not bad, but I can see them being done on the directors home PC using everyday over the counter technology--not that it's a bad thing.

Honestly the best part of the movie were the three painting that were shown. I loved the style they were done in.

In closing all I have to say is: Damn Nazis!

Child of the Sabbat

This is real, real bad
First off, I don't know why I subjected myself to this.

I found it through someone's myspace page and watched it. It ran only 36min24sec, but it felt much longer. It was a bad VHS rip, converted to digital and it must have originally been shot on video with no external mic, because the sound was terrible--even for a VHS rip.

The story is basically a rip off of the Exorcist (lines were even ripped off from it); it had bad gore, and one of the worst erotic dances ever filmed. At the end we do get to see a naked woman, but even that doesn't add a single point to the overall rating.

There's one scene where the priest tries to help a woman on the street, and offer her a ride. Her answer to all his helpfulness was that he was "trying to recruit nuns." That was amusing at least.

One of the last scenes, which was long and drawn out, involved the appearance of the word ASTAROTH on the little girls belly. That, I'm afraid, is the climax of the movie.

What a waste of time.

Shudojo: Nure nawa zange

Nuns Need Lovin' Too
8/10 for pure sleaze.

I'm not sure why it's called Wet & Rope, it should be called Nuns Need Lovin' Too. Or Disco Nuns. Maybe the sleaziest nunsplotation flick I've seen yet. I loved it! It's only 70 minutes long, and it has so much sleaze packed into it. Spoilers (lol) ahead. Where to begin…

--the main character gets raped on her wedding night in front of her new husband. The rapist leaves, and the husband throws her out. So she becomes a nun.

--Japanese nuns wear very large knickers.

--nuns like going to the discotheque, picking up two guys and doing them at the same time.

--the subtitle translator went to the Ralph Wiggum school of English. They actually had "unpossible" as a word.

--nuns seem to enjoy bread for other purposes then to eat.

--if a guy rapes a nun in front of another nun, it seems to be allowed in Japan.

--two nuns dry hump and diddle each other while a priest watches them and polishes his silverware. And I actually mean polishing silverware. Not a euphemism.

--The nuns throw a party for something called St. Animals Celebration (I know my Catholicism is a little rusty, but St. Animal?), where business men come and pay to see who gets to rape a nun dressed as a sheep on the alter. Meanwhile all the other business men orgy out with the other nuns.

--our main character sees her rapist (the first one that is, from her wedding night), but doesn't get any form of revenge.

--at no point is the Devil or a demon part of the movie.

Now it's possible that not all nuns everywhere are into this type of behavior, but if I learned one thing from this movie, it's that Japanese nuns like getting raped.


Poor cgi, but still freaky
I enjoyed the wild ride that is Hell. I'm not saying this is a great movie, it's not, but it was an interesting 90 minute Thai excursion into Hell.

I don't know a lot of the Thai culture so I'm sure some of the subtleties were missed on me, but my Christian background more then made up for the holes that I saw.

The cgi effects were pretty bad, but not every movie is a 100 million dollar Hollywood blockbuster, so that's OK. The over all look of the movie, obtained by filtering the lens and funky colors in the studio, was effective. Some of the scenes in Hell were quite graphic, so I was impressed by them.

One real complaint that I have, is that I wish the Sanskrit speeches were translated with the rest of the dialog.


Pedestian, boring, mediocre
I decided to take the Captivity plunge, and I will say there are *******************SPOILERS AHEAD******************************************....

OK. First off, it's a pretty boring movie.

Secondly, where the hell is the t&a. Sorry, Elisha Cuthbert is a good looking girl, but this type of movie (hell, every movie!) needs some female flesh. For that reason, she was miscast.

Third, I didn't see much in the way of gore, or torture. Yeah, there was a little, but like I already said, this was a boring movie.

Point three a. The big blender scene. Where the killer takes body parts and throws them in a blender and force feeds it to Elisha's character, was pretty boring, and the blender goo did not look believable.

Fourth point. The "twist", is not much of a twist. If it was supposed to be a twist, but it's about as surprising as Ulli Lommel putting out another bad movie. It was the male captive (Gary) that was behind it all, with the help of his brother (the brother was played by Pruitt Taylor Vince--the guy fighting all his multiple personalities from Identity. I think I spoiled another movie!).

There was a good side to this was short. In and out in under 90 minutes. The only scene that even held my interest was the dog scene. Elisha had to chose...the dog or her. One had to die. So she killed her dog with a shotgun.

What else can I spoil about this movie...

Gary kills his brother and two stupid cops that come to question his brother, after having a change of heart and he wants to save Elisha's character. The movie ends with Elisha killing Gary and walking out of the house that she was held captive in. She walks past a billboard of herself, that reads "dare".

I give it a generous 5/10. I would give it a lower rating, but I saw The Torturer a few days ago, and I know Captivity could have been even worse.

Speak of the Devil

tedious drivel
This is a "documentary" obviously bought and paid for by Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan. It is a very boring 90 minutes, that starts off fast, ends with a bang, but most of it drags.

Trying to humanize or at least summarize Antons past and give viewers a sense of Antons history, this film instead acts like an audition video for his organ playing. Long drawn out segments are shown of him playing his organ (he's not bad) inter cut with images of the circus and vaudeville.

We see him with his animals, we hear from his daughter, we hear from the man on the street about what is Satanism, but we don't get, is entertained for 90 minutes.

The only interesting moments are when he actually talks about his and his churches philosophy. Unless you are a LaVey completest, a Satanist or just oddly curious (like me) this is pretty much a waste of time.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

An absolute blast, a great flick
All I can say is WOW.

I had heard some good buzz about this flick, and was looking forward to watching it, but I had no idea I'd LOVE it! I kid you not, it was the best movie I've seen in months.

The basic premise of the movie is as follows: Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Micheal...they are all real and their killing sprees were real. The lead character, Leslie, invited a camera crew to document his first killing spree. They followed him around before the first killing, getting background on the victims, Leslie himself, and the precise manner that each victim would be killed. In the process, we meet a retired serial killer from the 1960's named Eugene and his very supportive wife. They discuss the differences in old timey serial killers, versus the newer breed that came out after Micheal Myers and Jason.

Now I can't really give anything else away about the movie plot wise, without spoilers, so I won't. But here are some general observations.

1. I laughed with (not at) this movie more than any comedy in recent memory.

2. It was very well done on a small budget. It was the directors (Scott Glosserman) first job...and he wrote it as well. Cheers! 3. Robert Englund is in it.

4. Don't think it's going to be a Scream ripoff. It sets it's sights way higher. However, it may get inspiration from Man Bites Dog, but I don't know, I haven't seen that flick.

5. It was filmed in late 2004, and didn't get a theatrical release till late 2006.

I'll be re watching this one soon ( I missed the Hellraiser puzzle box...I was told it was in the flick, in the background...) and I hope you go out and watch it as well. I'll be buying this one on DVD.


edit/update...I have now seen Man Bites Dog, and I can say that beyond the superficial comparisons (serial killer and movie villain / monster serial killer), the two movies are very different. There is no more similarity between these two movies, then between Schindlers List and Life is Beautiful. I also found Behind the Mask more enjoyable.


interesting, but unfullfilling
The basic plot: cyber investigators from Austalia stumble on a fetist website about women who literally get feed to death of their own volition.

This movie will have a limited target audience. Fans of gross out movies will enjoy it, but there is no way an average person who pays to see movies like King Kong, The Transporter or Pirates of the Caribian will enjoy this. This target audience is a little more...less mainstream.

It's gross. At times it's hard to stomach 600 pound naked women being force fed then puking. It's a different kind of gross from movies like Cannibal Holocaust, Salo, Hostel, Se7en. It's more disturbing simply because of the subject matter, rather then the gore. But at the same time, I watched the whole thing, so I guess it wasn't bad.

Both the acting and direction were a pleasant surprise, I was expecting a mid range B movie, but got a real movie instead.

Two things I would have done differently...1. Dwell a little on the 'fans' of the fetish in question (they weren't even addressed), and 2. either more of the cannibal issue from the start of the movie or take that scene out completely or tie it into the force feeding later on.

I did stop eating though when I was watching it. A perfectly good tub of Orvil movie style popcorn, thrown away. So I suppose it accomplished what it set out to do.

I won't rate this movie though. I will only say, it was well done overall, and if you think you can stomach the subject matter, seek it out and watch it.

Batoru rowaiaru II: Chinkonka

quite a bad jumbled mess
What positive statement can be said about this mess of a movie? If you've never seen the first installment, BR2 would be horrendous, a 1/10, an unwatchable mess of a movie. If you have seen the first movie (which was good) this installment will at least hold your interest somewhat, and be a solid 3/10...just watchable enough to sit through (it took me three sitting).

Not much of the movie made any sense. Let's discuss. The first Battle Royale movies premise, is that Battle Royale is a government program designed for kids to kill kids in a controlled environment within a certain time frame. This movie alters that premise slightly by having the kids being thrust into a war situation forced to kill the winner of the last Battle Royale movie, who is now a terrorist who blew up some buildings (remind anyone of anything? If it doesn't, the first images in the movie will beat it into your head.) and is trying to start a revolution.

The terrorists philosophy is that adults have wrecked the world, and that kids can do better. I saw this done in Logans Run ending with the same results. A question that was never asked in the movie? What happens when the kids come of age? Are they the enemy now? Or the kids that have babies, are they still kids? Also, where do these kids get all the bombs, guns and computers? They obviously they have no money judging by how they live...

Why the allusions to the USA? They make no sense.

Why is the teacher wearing a collar? I thought each collar was paired up this time? Now the acting...yikes. Both the teacher and the blond guy, wouldn't be able to get roles on Degrassi based on that acting. The teacher especially. Shuya the terrorist was no better.

A jumbled pile of crap, that's what it is.

Ginî piggu 3: Senritsu! Shinanai otoko

a couple of good gory scenes, otherwise...meh
A lot of people on a lot of boards talk about the GP series as a good introduction to serious gore.

The series of films in question, are video movies trying (by mid 1980's standards) to be as graphic as possible. Some are filmed to be serious snuff films (and more then a few people believed that they were!) and some, like HE NEVER DIES, are meant to be more humorous.

I sought out a few titles from this series and this was the first one I watched. At 40 minutes, it was an easy watch and I at no point felt queasy. The gore itself was all self inflicted and done with a humorous bent. It's about a worker who felt unappreciated at work, and wanted to end his life, and what happens to him when he tries to end it.

I wasn't truly disappointed but I suppose I just expected more.


about what I expected, but it should have been better
As far as Canadian movies go, this is pretty good. It's a decent low budget movie, decent acting, quite humorous, good set design and the effects were good as well. Now after saying that, this movie, with it's lofty goals, doesn't hold me in thrall like other low budget noodle scratchers (ie:'Donnie Darko' or 'Cube' as a few examples).

I remember seeing a making off type story on Movie television years ago, and was looking forward to seeing this. I had no idea I'd wait three years! As to the particulars of the movie. I loved the look of the house and the surreal nature of it at the start--a solitary left side of a side by side home in the middle of the freeway! Then the trouble the characters both go through by the 15 (?) minute mark, was both humorous and timely--no long Peter Jackson lets drag out the movie to hit three hours with useless details. The acting by the two leads was as good as needed.

I liked the look of the Nothing world, very minimal.

I did not quite understand the movie however. I liked watching the movie and waiting for the answer, too bad the filmmakers never divulged it.

By the way, stay till after the credits.

Donnie Darko

So glad I watched this.
With well over 1600 other reviews here at IMDb, I'll be surprised if mine ever gets seen! Oh well, this is a great movie, and I want to write a review.

I saw this movie for the first time 6 days ago on IFC, a Canadian movie channel. I was utterly fascinated by it by the ten minute mark. I couldn't stop watching. By the end of the movie, I had grasped the basic concept (time travel, saving the world, sacrifice for love...), but was utterly confused, but in a good way. I watched it again the next day, and though still not grasping every concept, liked it even more.

At this time I decided to purchase the directors cut and watch that version. Well, it certainly cleared up a lot via the extra scenes and the commentary track (that's 4 viewings now in 6 days!) and I'm glad I saw it, but I liked the theatrical cut better. More mystery made for better viewing.

The acting was topnotch, and the dialog was fantastic. The conversation about emotional problems was my personal favorite scene. The music suited this flick wonderfully also.

Although I still don't understand the role of Cherita Chen in the movie (it's almost like she's the embodiment of the primary universe...far-fetched and wrong I'm sure, but that's the best I can come up with) and the role of the man in the red jogging suit. All the theories I've heard about this guy just don't add up to me, and I can't figure out the point of this character at all.

As a word of advice, seek out this movie, but only watch the directors cut if you want clarity, the theatrical cut is better.

Judas Priest: Electric Eye

anything by the Priest is great.
This little gem had a lot of older material that made me smile--Old Grey Whistle Test footage for one thing.

The DVD contained a lot of promo vids (if not all of them) and the highlight for me was Touch of Evil--great song, good video, because I had only seen it once before. If any knock can be made against Judas Priest, it's the lack of quality videos. Painkiller is the best video by far and some of the others are just painful--Hot Rocking--to watch.

Also contained is the Live show from 1987 previously heard on Judas Priest...Live and released on VHS years ago. A fun show, if overproduced and some of the 'live' seems missing and redone in the studio.

If your not a fan of the band there is no reason to buy this, but a fan will enjoy it. Just be warned, bonus / extra or fun footage is missing.

Motörhead: 25 & Alive - Boneshaker

best live DVD I own
This is a perfect live show.

Motorhead always puts on a good show (I saw them in 2000 and 2005) but this show is great. The sound is magnificent! It's everything a live DVD should be...including wicked menu screens (if you've seen them you know...yum) and dynamite bonus features. Plus other smaller length live shows as well and videos.

The song selection was great. God Saves the Queen sounds amazing. Iron Fist, We Are Moterhead, Overkill...classics.

I cannot recommend this enough. If you are a Motorhead fan, you MUST own this. If you're interested in Motorhead and need an introduction, buy it, you will get hooked.

And to anyone who says this is not THE definitive Motorhead lineup...wake up.

Corner Gas

This is the cream of the crop on TV for comedies
Of all the shows still currently airing new episodes, this is the funniest show on TV. My Name is Earl comes close, but doesn't quite match it. Simpsons isn't as funny as it once was, so that too is out of the running.

It began airing 2 years ago (and both those seasons are available to own on DVD) and the third season has just wrapped.

It revolves around a core of 8(Brent, Wanda, Hank, Lacey, Officers Davis and Karen, and Brents parents Oscar and Emma) characters, tied together my the small town of dog River, Sask. Only rarely do any characters leave the confines on the local coffee shop (The Ruby), gas station (Corner Gas), local bar, the insurance and liquor store, or the Leroy home. The comedy is all situational and there is no laugh track or audience participation. If a comparison to another show is needed, think Seinfeld, but on the prairies.

After three years there have only been 2 or 3 bad episodes, but 10-15 fantastic ones--a great ratio. Rarely do the episodes have less then 4 or 5 wonderful belly laughs or classic lines.

I used to like the character of Oscar the best, but now I like Hank a little more. If you want to see Officer Karen naked in another movie...track down one of the Wishmaster movies (part 4 I think).

This is a good show.

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