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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Don't watch this show; it's an unfunny rip-off of the much funnier show "The Angry Video Game Nerd" (James Rolfe).

    The creator, Chris Bores (whose name describes his show better than the actual title) is infamous for plagiarizing the content of hordes of other reviewers, and will deny any claim of him possibly being inspired by other reviewers.

    It all began with Bores' review of the NES game 'Back to the Future', which James Rolfe had reviewed a year earlier. Bores blatantly elaborated on the same glitches in the game and even copied the famous joke "I wish I could go back in time to prevent this game from being made" from Rolfe.

    Later, Bores decided to review some "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" video games, one of which had already been reviewed by Rolfe, again about a year earlier. As you would expect, Bores complained about the same things as Rolfe did, and even stole swearwords that Rolfe came up with.

    James Rolfe dressed up as a Ghostbuster for his review of "Ghostbusters". Later, Chris Bores also dressed up as a Ghostbuster.

    Also, Bores can't act. He relies on the special effects he uses in his reviews, but his reviews still aren't much more watchable.

    Besides this show, Chris Bores has also made so-called parodies of "Mythbusters" and "Ghostbusters", which are actually just complete copies of those. He gave one of his own DVD's a positive review on

    These are just some of the reasons for which you should avoid watching this show. Instead, go watch "The Angry Video Game Nerd", which is of far better quality.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a very funny movie. It's not a movie from a big shot studio, but it's definitely better than some movies you see in a regular cinema.

    Overall, I thought the acting was good. I especially liked the two lead actors, James A. Ward and Laura Weintraub, because they were simply the most convincing. But, the other actors were good too.

    I didn't really pay much attention to the music in general, but at the moments it is important (e.g. the montage with all the 'Palm Reader' shops), it sounds great. The screen quality was pretty good, although at some points, the clarity of the screen wasn't so high. The only thing I found strange were the transitions (i.e. when the movie jumps a few hours further). I think they were a bit too fast and out of nothing, but it doesn't really matter much.

    The director called it a 'suspense-comedy' in the trailers, and he was quite right, because it does get very tense at some points. Also, the ending surprised me completely, which doesn't happen that much. Overall, I think this is a very good movie. 9/10 stars.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I live in the Netherlands and as far as I know, Evilspeak was never released here, nor was it banned. Also, I don't think much people here have ever even heard of this movie. I only discovered it about a year ago. Turns out it was banned in the UK (and possibly other countries too) for years, until 1999, when they released a cut version. Well, I myself have only seen the uncut version, and I can see why some people would be offended by the gore or the Satanism, but I don't think the cut version is as good as the original. Not that I'm a Satanist or I like to see a lot of gore, but after all, it IS a horror movie. I mean how much movies do exist that have Clint Howard going around decapitating people? Before I saw this, I only knew him as Balok from Star Trek.

    I think the only actors who actually did a decent job at acting were Clint Howard and Don Stark. Also the guy who played 'Kowalski' was pretty good. The acting overall, I think, was pretty cheesy.

    The soundtrack to me wasn't really memorable. Near the climax you pretty much only hear a choir of some kind (possibly a church choir) which gets repetitive soon. Overall, I think this is an okay movie. Not bad, but nothing special.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie sucks. The plot is not that bad, I guess, but the acting and action scenes are bad. The movie is about some kids whose parents died, and then they are trained to be elite soldiers. The film begins with the bad guy driving around in a truck at night. Then it suddenly goes to the opening credits, and we see the "Elite" soldiers. They are chasing some guys because they apparently have a code that they need to stop a missile from launching. Of course they succeed in stopping the missile, just 1 second before it would be launched.

    And I love all the coincidences in this movie. Like in the beginning, when the bad guys escape, but then suddenly a truck crashes into them. Or when the Elite see the car of the bad guys, lying on a train railway, and say "They might still be alive", but then a train arrives and drives over the car, just classic.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The Angry Video Game Nerd (played by James Rolfe), makes funny reviews of very bad old games, especially from the 8-bit NES. While he reviews the games, he curses a lot and drinks beer to soothe the pain, and this makes it even funnier.

    There have been a lot of imitations, but none of these was as good as the Angry Video Game Nerd himself.

    Since he begun, he's gained a huge fanbase, and he has even released a DVD set. It's very funny, and you can watch all episodes for free on the internet, so check it out!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I got the movie a couple of years ago, on a double pack. It's bad. There's only one good thing about this movie: It's so bad it's funny (for example, the scene with the flamethrower). The plot is OK. It's about presidential elections coming up, and we are introduced to the current president, who wants to win again, but he is quite unpopular. The FBI, or whatever it's called in this movie, try to let everybody think he gets captured, and then gets free again to improve his popularity. But then some terrorists real capture him, and it's up to "The Replacement", or "The guy in the tuxedo" to rescue him.

    There are some scenes which are just really stupid, like the scene with the flamethrower, the scene at the swimming pool, the helicopter that crashes, the same car that explodes twice, etc.

    The scene with the flamethrower is just hilarious. It begins with some kind of Face Off with the bad guy (played by a certain Bryan Genesse) and The Replacement. First you see The Replacement from a distance. Then it swaps to a closer angle, and you see him closer. It goes to another angle, and then we only see his face. That piece is just unbelievably funny, but you have to see it before you know how funny it is. Then you see this bad guy shoot at The Replacement with a flamethrower, and The Replacement runs through the exact same door 3 times, the only thing that changes is the angle that it's filmed from.

    There is also some FBI guy who leads some "special agents" and "tries to rescue the president". Well, actually, he does almost nothing. And those "special agents" are so bad, they're more like random people who volunteered to hold guns.

    And what's also really funny is the part where the bad guy falls off the roof. The camera swaps to the FBI guy, who just casually stands and looks a the guy falling from a high rise building.

    So, if you want a great comedy, get this movie. But if you want a action movie, don't bother about this one.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Little Britain is just an great show,with brilliant sketches and good jokes.The humor is truly great,with a lot of characters which are again,great.Some people may not like it(Don't like it!) but they should not complain.It is a great show which hopefully will continue for years to come.

    Matt Lucas and David Walliams are brilliant actors and Little Britain is just one of the greatest comedy-show ever! The new series -Series 3- maybe less great then Series 1 and 2,but its still great.I like the surviving characters the most.My favorite characters:Lou & Andy.These sketches are just a masterpiece. You should watch this.

    My rating:10/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers is one of the best shows i've ever seen.The show is really funny. It started with 2,5 minute shorts in 2002,and now there's a real show. Well,they deserve it.Pesky has won awards with this show.It was showed in more than 50 countries in 2002. The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers are doing stunts in every episode. It's just a really funny,good and fine show. Maybe the shorts are still some better than this series,but that does not make this show bad.It always remains good. Really ,this is a good show. Fine voice-acting and good animation make this show better than a lot of other Animation-Shows.

    Rating 10/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    hmmmmm...... Well, with unknown actors, and the only normal actors being Ice-T and Ernie Hudson Jr.

    First of all, Snoop-Dogg does not act in this movie. They only toke footage of their own movie,"Urban Menace",(which is even worse than The Wrecking Crew)and pretended that Snoop-Dogg played "Dra-Man". Further,all you can see about Snoop-Dogg is an interview of him. Then they toke an photo of Snoop-Dogg in "Urban Menace",and when Ice-T shoots,they pretend that he killed Dra-Man.

    The further story is not much better. It sets in Detroit. The "111 street gang" and the "Locs" become allies to defeat the bigger "Cartel". But there is an greater danger....... because The Wrecking Crew has arrived in Detroit!

    And when I see that the headquarters from the "111 street gang" is the "Friendship Church" from "Urban Menace",i start laughing.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Please do not watch this movie. The story is too boring. Too much dumb flashbacks. Too open-ended. Its better than "Escape from Afghanistan", but still seriously bad. The special effects, well even I can create better special effects, they look absolutely terrible. The helicopters look like its an "MS-DOS 1.0" game, and the computer-generated sound of the guns is so annoying. Don't watch/buy it, not even for 0,5 cents. Please watch a real movie, and not this crap, because its just too bad.

    I can't believe its made in 2003; the special effects make it look like it was made in 1960. The music is also bad, don't bother about that either. The only reasonably good actor is that American general. Only watch it when you love bad movies. If the story was better, it could have been a good movie. But it isn't.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is the most annoying movie that I've ever seen. The only action-part is when the Russian prisoners start to run, and someone (I don't remember who) shoots them down. BORING!!! All of the music in it is bad, and it has some STUPID "interviews" with the Russian soldiers. They mostly go like this: The Russian soldier says:"Don't leave me here!" so a stupid guy yells:"GET OUT!GET OUT!I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME!". Also, the film was dubbed in an awfully bad way; the sound is sometimes out of sync with the people talking in the film.

    After watching this film, I found out that this film is actually a 1994 Russian art-house film called "Peshawar Waltz" with almost only Russian actors, which explains this version was dubbed. The lead actor (a British man named Barry Kushner) is actually the only non-Russian actor in the film.

    When I was watching this movie,I (really) fell asleep, which usually never happens to me while watching a film. So I woke up and I saw some "SOVIET" helicopters. Well I guess they were not Soviet, but just Stock models. Even "Fire over Afghanistan" is better than this movie. Please, DO NOT WATCH THIS CRAP!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Man, what a super bad movie. It looks like its filmed with a camera from 1914. The screen is mostly blue, and you almost can't see any colors.Fat Joe and his crew are doing nothing, except for talk about eating hamburgers. The opening credits are at least 7 minutes long,just like the end credits. boring movie. the storyline on the DVD box said:

    "Caleb, a mad priest,is looking for revenge. A few years ago criminals destroyed his church and killed his family. So he's gonna kill them... With every day more criminals die. Harper,a corrupt agent,is determined to stop the kills. Also crowd leader Crow is going to stop the kills."

    Well, Harper, the agent, he's only in the movie for 2 minutes and got shot then and died. Also Crow is mostly not seen. Ice-T is only in the movie for the first 4 minutes,and 30 seconds at the end. also Snoop Dogg was only in the movie after the first 50 minutes, before the first 50 minutes you can only see his name and you can see himself for 2 seconds.

    So, never watch this movie, but watch "Everyone hates Urban Menace".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game is pretty good. Its very funny to create railroads anywhere you want. If you like the first Railroad Tycoon, you should get this one too. Everywhere in the game are REAL cities and country's, and it's very funny when you can see the trains driving around. You can build train stations and other things. Its a very funny good game.

    There is only one problem; if you play this game on the Playstation1 ,and you go to 'new scenario', the world charts are not correct. When you go to central Europe,you can see the cities Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Nijmegen. But when you select them, a little box pops up and says: 'territory:Belgium'. I am from the Netherlands and I can assure you that those cities are in the Netherlands. But without that glitch in mind, this is a good game.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game may be one of the best games ever made. It is very good. It is funny to play. The strategic parts are very good. Well, it is an old game but it is very good. The Full Motion Video is also very good. I usually play as G.D.I. If you like Command & Conquer games, play this one! It is better than Red Alert or Tiberian Sun.

    It begins in Europe with the G.D.I., and in Africa with N.O.D. And multiplayer is also cool. Some times I play as the Brothership of Nod, and that's also fun. Great music, great graphics for the time, realistic and good storyline, nice acting... it is one of the best games ever made in. It is an old, cool, great, good, super game.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This game is the best Star Trek game ever made. The effects are good, the storyline is good, the voices are good... as a Star Trek fan i must say:"This is the best of the best of the best of the elite". Its my favorite Star Trek game.

    And in "Quick Battle" you can also play as other ships,like the Klingon Bird Of Prey,the Romulan Warbird,and other. And then you can even destroy space stations! That's really funny!!!

    In other words,The best Star Trek video game. I have also played Star Trek:Elite Force1 and 2,but this is better. You are in command.You have the com.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is pretty good. Half a year ago, i bought it on DVD. But first i thought that it was the original film. I have seen the series and it is a good film, but here, they have put "The Living Legend,part1 and 2",and "Fire in space" together. The same as they did with the first film, but with other episodes. But still, it is a pretty good film. Only the ending is strange (you don't see what happens with the Pegasus). But I still think that it is pretty good. The actors and special effects were good. If you haven't seen it, go see it. Starring:Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Herb. Jefferson Jr., Tony Swartz, Terry Carter, Lloyd Bridges, Jack Stauffer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of the greatest games i've ever played. When you turn on the game, you see a movie about Albert Einstein who travels back in time and removes Adolf Hitler out of history. Because of this change, not Germany, but the Soviet Union caused World War II.

    You can play the game as the Allies or as the Soviets. Or when you choose the option "SKIRMISH", you can play as Russia, Great Britian, Germany, and other countries.

    Well, it is an entertaining and good game. And I also think general Von Esling was good, and the other actors were good too. Only some of the effects were a little bit dated.

    My rating: 8/10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This show is so bad. I think Klasky and Csupo haven't heard that animation must be funny for kids. Well, this is certainly NOT funny. The animation is bad, the story is bad... and the characters are bad. Only Tito can sometimes be funny. But almost everything in Rocket Power sucks ass. A better name for it:Rocket Crash. I don't have other words for it.

    Because Otto is dumb and not cool,

    Twister is a son of a bitch,

    Reggie is older but NOT cooler,

    and Sammie is a nerd.

    And the plots are ridiculous, and there obviously isn't any timeline in the show. In one episode they need money, so they sell they're Shore Suck beach restaurant, but in other episodes they HAVE a cottage in the mountains, where they go to in vacations or something like that, and it's probably really theirs, since they always go to the exact same. Why not just sell that?!

    It's no wonder they cancelled it. It was hilariously bad and super annoying. End of comment.