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The Doorman

Not as bad as the one star reviews
I don't understand the hate for this movie. Admittedly it's not great but still has enough decent plot twist to make it enjoyable. It's no Die Hard but if you wanna watch a dumb bubblegum action movie this is worth your time.

Cobra Kai

The best thing on Netflix by far
I'm a big fan of the movies and this series doesn't disappoint with season three bringing in references from the first three films and some interesting back stories. I'm glad they have stuck to the short episode time which makes bulk watching easy and the season three close has whetted the appetite for season 4

The Ripper

A chilling documentary
As a young kid growing up in Yorkshire in the 1970's I remember this time so well. My Mum was single in the late 70's and never went out on a night out alone. It was really scary that these crimes were so close to home and the sense of relief when he was finally caught was palpable. This documentary shows the level of investigation and methods used and is well worth watching.

The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two

Nice festive tale
I really enjoyed the first movie so when the trailer dropped for the sequel I was really looking forward to seeing it. I wasn't disappointed by it. Kurt Russell once again gives Santa the warm engaging presence as always and it was nice to see Goldie Halen build on her role as Mrs Claus. It was an old school Christmas in peril kinda story but in all it's a nice family friendly Christmas movie, well worth your time.


A stunning and chilling movie
If your looking for a straight forward horror movie give this one a miss. It's a long film that's thick in pagan imagery and all about the slow build to the stunning finish. Helped by great performances from a strong cast it you like a long slow build movie this worth your time.


Car chases, action and repeat
Great movie bolstered by a strong cast. The plot is quite simple to follow and we get the treat of some great dialogue. The action and car chase are strongly shot leaning heavily on realism and the twists keep on coming right to the close of the movie. Well worth two hours of your time.

The Dirt

Dirty and all the better for it.
Don't believe what they said about the hair metal scene in the 80's? Well here it is in all it's glory from the band who went there, did that and set the T-shirt on fire. Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll set against a very human story with a soundtrack that contains the some of the best Crue tracks recorded. Also a great cast.


Not what I expected
I chose this after seeing the trailer and glad I did. I'm a fan of these kinda movies that has everything. The humour is very dark and Matt Lucas looked like he was having a ball playing the bad guy. The sex and violence aspect definitely earned the 18 certificate as it was strong but at a level that suited the tone of the movie. Well worth a watch.


Not a bad remake - but it is a remake
I really like the original Overboard - it was a great date movie with romance and a happy ending so I was wondering if this remake would be up to scratch. The plot motors along to the same beat as the original which is why I enjoyed it. also the casting of Anna Farris meant that her charisma was easily enough to carry the movie along and I found that I enjoyed this movie from start to enjoyable if not predictable conclusion. Well worth watching.

Raging Bull

One of the finest movies ever
This movie is a masterpiece by a director who has a few under his belt. For a Scorsese movie all the usual suspect are there with both Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci bringing the energy with career best performances. This movie is compelling and powerful with truly stirring fight scenes and a touching ending, well worth watching.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

All the elements we love
I can't grasp why all the low reviews for this movie. It's an venture movie so it supposed to be far fetched and if you analyse the plot of essentially a popcorn movie your gonna find plot holes. This was another entry in the Indiana Jones saga and I kinda knew what to expect and was thoroughly entertained throughout the film. We've grown older and so has Indy so it was good to see Harrison Form reprise the iconic role. well worth a couple of hours of your time.

Ready Player One

Great fun sci-fi action movie
I approached this movie without much prior knowledge and was drawn in immediately. Enough 80's reference points to keep you happy and a truly engaging (if a tad predictable in a good way) story to boot. With engaging performances from the leads and some eye popping special FX this is well worth a watch.

Alien: Covenant

A good but not excellent addition to the Alien franchise
I came to this film hoping for a better then the mediocre Prometheus. This improves on that as there is a sense of dread throughout the movie as the nightmarish Xenomorph is once more present. So we have some good action sequences and set pieces plus a twist at the end that may hock some. Not bad but will not satisfy a lot of the die hard fans of the series as it lacks compelling characters aside from the female lead however it carries on the story arc from Prometheus and provides an interesting back story to the Xenomorph and how it came to be. It will be interesting to see if they take this any further. I enjoyed it but it feels like somethings missing or lacking.

Ghost in the Shell

Great sci-fi
Another great action movie from Scarlett Johansson which really enjoyed. I'm not really aware of the source material so I viewed this movie based on its own merits. Very blade runneresque in visuals (the giant hologram adverts, etc) and with a strong narrative it kept me interested and with a good twist half way through had me intrigued. A good supporting cast as well made this an enjoyable watch for me.


Fantastic look back at the 80's wrestling boom
This series loosely based on the ladies wrestling promotion in the 80's o the same name is a great watch. This is due to the team working on it who as seen with Orange Is The New Black and balance humour with tragedy and although this mainly has humour there are some great character driven roles in the top level cast. If you love wrestling from it boom years in the 80's you will enjoy this self referencing show ans is a who's who of current performers from Kia (Awesome Kong- Kharma) Stevens playing Tamme Dawson aka Welfare Queen to many other more recent stars. The action is crisp, the dialogue snappy and its been left open to a further series. If you enjoy uplifting TV about the struggle and redemption this is the one for you.

Don't Breathe

Different but in a good way
I approached this movie with reservations as i though it would be another home invasion movie and how could they do any more with the idea. I was wrong. A strong start and building of the main character and then when the movie suddenly turns the first time you still find you're in familiar territory. But then a further turn and suddenly the movie takes you into unknown territory and you're questioning who you need to root for. Well worth a watch.


Finally - Wolverine arrives
For years fans of Logan have been feeling a bit short changed by the Wolverine movies as Logan's true brutal and violent nature has seemed to be restrained. Here with a more mature rating Logan is unleashed. This is a character driven, violent, foul mouthed and emotive film with enough action to keep all the super hero fans happy as we explore a more human Logan. I won't use any spoilers here but just to say if you like the X Men and were left a little deflated by the previous moves then watch this and see Logan come into his own.


Realistic and gritty
As I'm reading the book "Watch my Back" I thought I'd give this film a whirl to see if it's as true to life on the doors and I can safely say it is. Very gritty, violent, foul mouthed and a true look at working the doors. If you're thinking of a career in door work I recommend this file and also the short film "Bouncer" (both written by the same person) as it will show the true side of what it's like, warts and all. Very gripping with an interesting twist in the tale only let down slightly by some dodgy acting (it's a low budget movie though) but well worth a watch for those of you with a strong stomach who are not easily offended by a bit of fresh language.

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