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Avengers: Endgame

Amazing film with satisfying payoff
No movie is perfect, especially this one, but man! I haven't enjoyed a movie so much in a long time! So many cool moments, refrences to past movies and comics and surprisingly good comedy too. My only problem in the film was what they did to hulk, not getting the ending i would have liked and the numerous plotholes but overall the best MCU movie in my opinion. Great conclusion to an amazing saga.

Captain America: Civil War

Really great movie!
Is captain America civil war a perfect film? No, but it is so close I can nearly taste it. This movie had me smiling from start to end.I never seen a group of directors balance such a large cast so effortlessly, it still amazes me as of right now. Let me tell you that if you were a little bit worried about spider-man or black panther, then I can safely tell you that Tom Holland maybe the best Spider-Man yet. The action was really great, the story was pretty well written, and all of the characters came together and a Perfect Blend that will make even non comic book readers be filled with joy. The only thing that I could see which wasn't so great in this movie was the main villain, but overall everything worked in this movie and I am really glad I went to go see it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

not as good as the first
First let me start by saying that this movie is too damn long, almost 2 and a half hours and that is too much for a movie like this. I didn't really like Jamie Foxx's electro character because I thought he was lame and it was kind of cliché how he got he's powers. The entire movie was like a roller-coaster ride. Peter's relationship with Gwen, electro, peter's relationship, electro etc and it was kind of annoying. Another thing people might not catch was that THE SUIT WAS DIFFERENT! I don't know if it's just me, but the sit in this movie looked a lot cheaper then the first and that was one of the things I liked about the movie. Too long, mixed plot with to many characters and weird suit, but on a good note there was good things about the film. The action was pretty good and the special effects want bad either. I know I complained about the time length of the movie but at least I got my moneys worth. Overall don't really get too hype for this movie.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

not amazing but decent
I was getting so hype for this movie ever since I saw the trailer of the winter spoiler catching the captain's shield, and when I actually saw this, I was like meh.... first what I liked about this movie was that, 1. Captain America was so boss but only at certain parts (didnt liked the end personally) 2. Hot girls everywhere (like I mean everywhere) 3.action was pretty good (it was just decent) 4. The winter soldier ( man when he first comes in. He looks and acts so damn cool, and I personally think he was the best character) now what I don't like 1. The damn camera guy (I really hate the camera guy, the entire time I could barley see what was going on, like how can I enjoy the action if the camera guy was shaking the entire time, seriously it's so bad) 2.the plot (if your not too familiar with the comics or not following the movies, you are going to be mad confused on what's going on, I know I was) 3. The same already used plot (the plot for this movie seemed like everybody else had already done before and when I finished watching I was like should have seen that coming, when you see it you'll see what I mean) I don't want to feel to negative here, and discourage you from watching this. If you want to watch this movie, than by all means watch it, but it wasn't add good add I thought.

Power Rangers Megaforce: Super Megaforce
Episode 1, Season 2

not as good as I hope
I don't know why I had high hopes for this site, but I did and I regret it. This show is better then megaforce but it's not that good either. The same crappy cast is back, the acting is terrible and instead of giving them new powers, saban decided to keep there old powers and make the gokiager transformation a transformation of there transformation, and that can transform. Confused? Yeah i know. The only reason why I have checked out this season of PR is because of how I loved gokiager. For those that don't know, super megaforce is adapted from gokiager, and they use certain footage from the Japanese show in this er action scenes. Saban decide to worry about the stupid toys then the quality of thirty show and that's a mistake. The music is bad, the original footage is bad, and all the extra dialogue is so annoying. There is so many plot holes it's not even funny, and I feel like if you don't know about gokiager then your going to be confused like how the suddenly turn to pirates. Overall watch kazou sentai gokiager, that show it's so much better and it is basically the same thing.

Kaizoku sentai Gôkaijâ

pretty awesome
when i first found out that power rangers came from super sentai( yes i know im late) i first saw 199 great hero battle and when i saw hat the gokiager can transform into the previous power rangers(super sentai) i was just dying to see and BOY was i loving it. i haven't really watch other sentai shows but this one is great and one the story is amazing! one thing i can honestly saw, is that the zangyack can be kind of boring but that all changes when a villain named basco comes and makes the series exciting as he looks for the greatest treasure as well. the super sentai cameos will make you jump for joy when you see some of your favorite classic team and the action is pretty decent especially when they gokia change which is my favorite part of the movie. each of the characters are a little undeveloped, like there isn't really much to their back story but i still enjoyed the characters and you will seem not to care because of how awesome they can be.overall good series and a must watch for sentai fans.

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