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Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man Far From Home is truly amazing
I'm a HUGE fan of these movies (Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Panther & All The Avengers) & I Loved Spider-Man Homecoming & Spider-Man Far From Home is even better. It's a fantastic storyline & it's so action packed & I love that they brought in Quentin Black AKA Mysterio. This movie had so many twists & turns & I liked that they introduced the character "MJ" who in the previous films was played by "Kirsten Dunst" this entire film is great & I can't wait for part 3.

The Land That Time Forgot

Good movie & good story but really bad CGI
The land that time forgot is a Good movie & good story & the acting isn't that bad but the CGI is really bad but overall it's a pretty good movie. If you really have nothing to do then it's worth a watch. Just don't expect an Oscar winning movie.

Handsome Devil

Amazing & touching movie
If you're young & gay or of any age & in the closet or you're out you Will completely relate to this amazingly beautiful movie. It's so hard to be gay especially when we're young & in school. The story is so well done & the 2 main actors do an incredible job. I gave this a 10 out of 10 stars & if I could give it more stars I would. This is 1 of my all time favorite LGBT movies along with the movie "Love Simon". Handsome Devil is a must see movie.

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Really cute story, love the characters
This is a Really cute story, & I love the characters but the story kinda jumps & the scenery is very poor, but all in all I have this 10 stars because most of us have lived the storyline of this movie. It's a sweet movie & it's worth watching. Just don't expect a blockbuster movie.

Wonder Park

Great movie for kids and it teaches them to use their imagination, unfortunately with cell phones and computers kids don't use their imaginations
I thought Wonder Park was great & imaginative. Great movie for kids and it teaches them to use their imagination, unfortunately with cell phones and computers kids don't use their imaginations like I did, June & her mom created wonder Park when June was just little and she ends up in wonder Park and is living in her imagination that she made when she was a little girl, as she grew up to be a teenager she didn't believe in it any longer until she ended up there and now she has to help her a little animal friends that she created to get the park back in order & save their world. Again it's a fantastic movie 🍿 for ALL AGES

Laverne & Shirley

Laverne & Shirley Season 1-8
****SPOILER ALERT IN THIS I GUESS I MEAN THE SHOW IS 32 YRS OLD*******I am a huge fan of the show Laverne & Shirley that ran 8 seasons from 1976–1983. It's funny in season 1 Shirley has a VERY thick New York accent that she does not have in season 2-8. The characters Laverne,Shirley,Squiggy,Lenny,Carmine,Frank DeFazio,Edna Babish were so lovable, Funny & had Great chemistry. They really showed their chemistry in season 2 & it just got better. In season 6 when the girls lost their jobs @ Shotz They move to California & the show took a very different turn. Seasons 1-5 had one vibe & Seasons 6-8 it felt like a whole new show with new cast members like Rhonda Lee & Sonny St. Jacques(Who was very much like a Carmine character)He didn't stay on the show very long he was only on 10 episodes. Sonny's last episode was on Season 6, Episode 12, He left the show to take a role on Hill ST Blues. In Season 8 Shirley Left the show on Oct 12,1982 Only 3 Episodes in. The 1st Episode without Shirley was called {The Note}Cindy Williams {Shirley Feeney) left the show due to her becoming pregnant & Williams and her manager-husband Bill Hudson presented a list of demands, which Paramount refused. In August, two episodes into the season, Williams left the show and filed a $20,000,000 lawsuit against Paramount.

Paramount went to Penny Marshall{Laverne De Fazio}to return for a ninth Season, but Penny Marshall{Laverne De Fazio}insisted that the show move its production base from Los Angeles to New York. Eying the cost of such an endeavor, and given the age of the show, ABC quietly canceled Laverne & Shirley in May 1983 after 178 episodes. Laverne & Shirley was & Still is & Will forever be a classic show & it will be one of those shows that goes down in History.

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