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Holiday in Santa Fe

Egregiously Bad
None of the Hallmark/Lifetime or related movies are good but they're usually okay enough to put on in the background and not feel too offended by. I mean they are all the same, formulaic, and predictable. This one was atrocious, though. The acting is so contrived, the story makes no sense, and the pandering to what the creators think is New Mexico culture was just awful. As some other reviewers suggest, these people really know nothing about New Mexico. The bigger concern I have, though, is they know nothing about movies and telling a story. I can usually at least find something entertaining- this was painful!

She Said

Doesn't Rise to Importance of Source Material But Still Good
No one is unaware of the #metoo movement at this point, although there are still some important details here that may be new to viewers. The film tells the story of a very important historical moment but I'm not sure it always succeeds in its dramatization. Despite great acting and and an important story, I often felt like the actors were simply telling me important details and why they mattered, rather than letting them play out across the film. I guess this can be a difficult thing to balance in a procedural journalism movie but I think the director/writers could have trusted their audience more to follow the story and to take away the important historical messages.

The Andromeda Strain

Pure 70s Sci Fi! A standout.
If you know the general vibe and staples for a 70s Sci Fi film then you know what you're getting here. This movie is full of attitude and atmosphere, as the set design, details, technologies, and pacing are just as important to the film as the plot. I've seen that many viewers are critical of the film's slow plot development but I definitely did not have any trouble with the pacing. Every scene is detailed with dialogue, an interesting set, and a variety of details that play out the tension of the plot. This movie really creates its own world and engages the viewer with the question of the threat and the possibility of its neutralization. I think there's a lot of great Sci Fi in this period, all dealing with techno-political environmental things (Silent Running, Logans Run, Soylent Green), and this is definitely one of those films that would influence influence future generations of movies. It is definitely worth your time.

Black Adam

Good enough comic movie but too much going on!!
I thought the Rock was good in the role and the general plot idea and human protagonists were all really great. The problems come in with the vast amount of everything else in it. There is way too much CGI, way too many new characters being introduced, and way too many plot twists. Yes, these things are true of many superhero films but it was egregious here, as large periods of time would go by without checking in on the plot and the main characters. It was obvious DC wanted to introduce us to some new characters for future movies and none of them were bad but they really got more of a focus than even Black Adam did, in my opinion. I think if they would have simplified the movie and kept to the main story and Black Adam more then this would have gone from good to excellent.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Culturally Hip But Devoid of Storytelling and Scares
This movie is jammed full of cultural references, jokes, and criticisms levied at gen z. It is another A24 film with beautiful cinematography more focused on style than substance- think Zola. The film mistakes debates over buzzwords such as "gaslighting" for character development and seems entirely unconcerned with the film having any kind of greater meaning. The pros would be that there are many laughs to be had and the film looks great, but there is little to no tale of horror here and certainly nothing that could be deemed scary (unless you count the filmmaker's cynical representation of gen z intelligence). I would go as far as to wonder how this could even be considered a horror movie, as silly and melodramatic as it was. The film is driven heavily by unimpressive dialogue and, like the tiktok culture it mocks, won't be remembered for long.

The Outfit

A Competent Psychological Crime Thriller
This movie could almost be a play, taking place in only one location, having limited players, and being heavily based in dialogue. It is a stylish slow burn that plays out methodically until the third act when twists become abundant. I would have given it a higher score, had it been able to maintain its refined even tone and precision until the end. Overall, it did remain entertaining with some interesting notes included about the experience of immigrants and the early implementation of recording technologies used by the FBI against organized crime. For fans of mob movies, like myself, I think it is worth taking a look at.


Cool Music, Some Good Ideas
We've all known a person like the main character, especially in various creative scenes. And it is usually awkward and things don't go well- I think the film did capture how ugly it can be. I think some viewers wont be able to handle the cringe factor or will just find the film annoying, but I think the film just shows how serious people in these circles can be about themselves. This movie looked great and hearing these smaller artists was really fun. I think the film succeeds for the most part but kind of loses things by the end. I liked the artistic take and give it some credit for interesting choices. I did take away some new music to check out too.

Neptune Frost

Beautiful Imagery, No plot development
It seems like everything went into aesthetics with this one. There are really cool ideas and backgrounds and characters, but instead of plot development, we just get a lot of concepts shouted at us instead. This would have been better simply as an album or long music video, in my opinion. I am a huge Saul Williams fan and had hoped for a more complete movie experience.


Interesting Story about Stories
This movie tries to tackle the American mythos and the power of storytelling, starting when a man is mistaken for the boyfriend of a recently overdosed and deceased woman. Although called Vengeance, this is not your typical tale of payback, as the man is a would-be podcaster who uses the opportunity to explore some of his ideas about the divide in America. The film is filled with a lot of humor and even some interesting pontifications about topics such as technology, regret, and hope. I feel the film ultimately falls short with the first time director's lack of an even tone and sure direction. The film has a dark subject matter but the director chooses to make the film palatable, using stylistic choices to smooth over the edges of what might be a more real and gritty topic. Vengeance was entertaining but is too unsure of its purpose to be much more than that. I did enjoy watching it.


Good, Straight Ahead Action!
This film has a simple premise- I'm not sure what depth you can really do with a Predator movie- and it worked well. Prey is the story of a young Native American girl trying to prove herself to her family and to herself and it's Predator wreaking hell in the 1700s! It works. Good Predator movie. It entertains.


Too Meta? Too Long?
Peele is most definitely a very talented filmmaker, capable of executing just about anything. The style and feel of Nope are wonderful, as are many of the ideas he throws into the story. I just feel like this one was too long, taking too much time to unfold, and jam packed with too many ideas. This one lacked the excitement and thrills of Us and Get Out- it just wasn't nearly as entertaining and it was over two hours and felt like it. There are so many neat details and Easter eggs to unpack, as Peele pays tribute to cinema history (while also slipping in much of his signature social critique), but I think the story itself unfolding on the screen just didn't succeed. It seems like people either loved or hated this one, but I am somewhere in between: there was a lot of interesting stuff but I don't think it made it to where it needed to go.

Ryû to sobakasu no hime

Looks Great! Cool Style!
I really thought the animation was great and I loved a lot of the stylistic choices. A lot of the ideas involving the internet and music were also very cool. There is just A LOT going on with the story. There's a lot of elements of Beauty and the Beast, The Matrix, and other ideas and I don't feel like they always came together smoothly. All in, I'm happy to have watched it.

Manyeo 2: Lo go

Entertaining but not as good as the first.
While this second entry is not nearly as strong as the first, mainly because of a weaker story and some repeated character beats from part 1, it still looks great and will not bore you. I saw it in the theater and this was a lot of fun with the stylish audio and visuals on the big screen. I'm interested to see if there will be a third or even more films, as the first was such an interesting take on the hero genre and this second one still has me pondering how the story may continue.

Jerry & Marge Go Large

Corny but entertaining enough.
This movie veers into Hallmark territory a few times too many with corny lines and sappy music, and it definitely does not utilize the talent of many of its actors, but it's fine enough to throw on in the background if you're looking for something to entertain you.

Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe

If you liked the original series, you'll like this.
I am a huge fan of the original series and Do America and the follow up and I think this really carries on the same spirit of irony and stupidity. The visuals look a little different and it took a moment for me to adjust but the story and energy is every bit the same. This is a great update and it was entertaining.

Crimes of the Future

Cronenberg's Greatest Hits Played to Tedium
I am a huge Cronenberg fan and, as usual, I really enjoyed the ideas behind this film. There was a lot of philosophy and imagery reminiscent of Crash and Existenz, in particular, regarding sex, the body, and cultural metamorphosis. This film was incredibly tedious and boring, however. Each scene was just contrived conversations between characters, explaining the director's ideas about humanity and society. While there were some interesting visuals, this kind of body horror has already been done by the director ad nauseam. And I know many people have complained about how gross they are but I think how boring the film is and the lack of plot are much bigger problems. I made it to the end just to see what his final take or note on this philosophy of human evolution is. I would recommend many other Cronenberg films before this one and feel that it is really unnecessary after you've seen those.


Jerry Maguire But Basketball
This movie is really a tribute to basketball by fans and players with all kinds of players and styles featured, as well as important insights into the process of recruiting . The plot is just Jerry Maguire, however. The difference being Hustle can get a little hokey at times, for instance the Disney type relationship between Queen Latifah and Adam Sandler- who thought that made any sense? I felt like with how tense the story was and how much was on the line for our protagonist that the film should have felt more gritty. All in all, it was fine to watch.

Que Horas Ela Volta?

Very Endearing Film About Class and Motherhood
The Second Mother is a well put together film and it is beautifully acted. There is no wasted moment in the film and the story and direction are so well conceived. I do disagree that the film is a comedy, as I've seen it described and marketed as. This is really a very real and sincere story about the intersections of class and motherhood, which was quite powerful and often heartbreaking. I really commend everyone who worked on this film- it is so precise and poignant.


Underdeveloped Story, Still a Cool Movie
This movie had the core of a story with some really cool ideas for the plot but the story and characters are fairly weak. That being said the film looks great, is entertaining, and pushes the interesting ideas it has enough to create something that is beautiful to loo at with a few emotionally engaging moments. I think the film is entertaining but not as good as some similar anime films with more depth. I enjoyed watching it.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

It Really Was Everything! Wonderful and Sincere.
This movie has everything- kung-fu, action, science fiction, other worlds, and even some things The Matrix doesn't have! That's a joke but there are some obvious similarities. Everything Everywhere All at Once is also really funny. The film was enjoyable and relatable as it dealt with a comic but deep existential search for life, not unlike I Heart Huckabees(2004). The movie also addresses generations and the culture of Chinese-Americans in similar ways to The Farewell(2019) and Saving Face(2004). I saw this movie as jam packed with beautiful ideas, themes, and different elements of film that really made it something special. Oh, and Michelle Yeoh was inspiring with an unbelievable performance. I left the theater feeling a sense of awe.


Beautiful Movie
Absolutely stunning cinematography! The first-time directors do an amazing job of making the most out of beautiful shots, quiet and sincere conversations, and the character's hope for something more from our species. There are many moving moments between the characters and so much is developed from this small and beautiful story. I really feel like there is something different and special about this captivating movie.


It can distract you for two hours, but won't always entertain you.
This one had some good action and it was definitely watchable, even entertaining at some points, but it really felt phoned in. Tom Holland is really starting to prove himself as a big star that can carry films, but even his character felt a little thin. There was a lot of by the numbers humor and flimsy plot twists that had the film coming off as stiff or cold a lot of the time. The villains were very generic and the story was mediocre; the movie didn't have much heart to it.

Long Story Short

One thing that will hurt it is that it's not funny, it's sad. But it's good!
This film is being advertised as a comedy, specifically a romantic comedy, and it really isn't that. So a lot of people are probably watching it and a bit upset because they wanted some light entertainment and this movie is NOT that! It is more like a kind of It's a Wonderful Life style, romantic drama, that really pulls you through the existential weeds of relationships and what we take for granted in our lives. I found myself crying a few times- I really liked it. But, yeah, it wasn't the light entertainment I had planned for this weekend. Be advised and please give it a shot for the good drama it is!

Vinyl Nation

I love Records and I love movies but I didn't love this.
This movie has some great information and they really do provide evidence for their thesis that vinyl is back and accessible to a mainstream and large number of individuals. However, it is just a series of people talking- none of them very interesting, filled with generic PBS style music. Including music by various artists that make us love our vinyl, and interviews with artists we know and other interesting people would have gone a long way. This was more a TV special than a film- it really didn't utilize the medium of a movie.

George of the Jungle

Silly Fun
Everything you come to expect from Disney live action films in that 90s era. You'll get your healthy taste of nostalgia in this fun and goofy film that always gives you too much and where you always know what's coming next... It's entertainment.

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