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  • This show is really bad. On most other apps this show would probably be the worst but it is probably about average for Blackpills which makes so many awful web series I can't even believe it. The title and premise of this are about all the comedy you need out of it, watching it gives nothing new worth watching. The jokes, writing and acting are all super bad no pun intended. Avoid unless you're really really high and need to waste a half hour and don't care how bad or unfunny your comedy is.
  • This is pretty funny in places and the acting is actually decent. Everything else on Blackpills is awful and makes me cringe. Seriously Skinford, You Got Trumped, Playground, A Girl is a Gun are good... the James Franco one is OK... every other show on that app and there's like 100 of them all stink so bad... what are you doing Blackpills?
  • This show is just not funny. I guess it is Ok considering James Franco probably made it with his friends on the side of the road as they walked from the movie he was making one morning to the set for the movie he was making that night. Just not funny and worst of all it is on Blackpills which is a service nobody has or even has heard of. It's one of the better shows on Blackpills but still very bad, most Blackpills stuff is just garbage other than this (bad but watchable) and A Girl is a Gun and You Got Trumped and Skal and Skinford... there's like 100 other shows and all of them suck corns.
  • This is a show about a guy with a smelly penis... that is literally what this show is about. The acting and writing are both so bad I don't even know which one is worse. This is the worst thing I've ever watched on my phone. If you go to youtube and just smash your keys with your fist and do a random search I guarantee you the video will be more entertaining than this show was.

    Also I'm pretty suspicious of this show's ratings and reviews when the IMDB ratings look like this... Arithmetic mean = 7.3... Median = 8... Rating = 3.8... that basically means that someone is trying to stuff the ballot box with high votes but not getting away with it. For another thing there is no way hundreds of people are watching and rating this show when it is this bad and on an app I don't think anybody I know other than me has.

    Anyway if you come across this show don't waste your time, or do... you've been warned tho.
  • It's neat to see Jonathan Demme's direction of this, which was five years after the last feature film he made (Rachel Getting Married). It's still very good, as are his recent documentaries like My Cousin Bobby. You can tell this is a play adapted for the big screen but Wallace Shawn is amazing and as far as plays go you can't do much better than Ibsen. It's a great play and the adaption is good.
  • This is a great version of the story La Boheme. It is not based on the famous opera of the same name but they are both based on the same story. This is based on the novel La Boheme and it is Lillian Gish at her very, very best.
  • Funny but not intended to be, still this is a plus to me because it makes the movie more entertaining.

    Not scary...... like not at all scary not even one bit..... so if you want scary look elsewhere.

    Good acting.

    Good writing.
  • This is a funny enough show for young people. I don't know what the other reviewer (who said there was an off screen child execution on the show) is talking about but I haven't seen anything like that in any of the episodes we have seen. That's not to say it didn't happen, I just haven't seen anything inappropriate or overly scary for kids in the episodes that we have watched so far. It seems harmless enough.

    It has some good jokes, it won't drive parents or adult viewers crazy because it has stuff for everyone, the animation is good quality especially compared to some other Canadian animated series that are out there, and the voice work is decent.
  • This is an average adaptation. Just think of it as being a video game story and you will be fine. The voice actors are all decent for what they are being asked to do...bearing in mind that this review is only for the English version of this video which is the only version I have seen obviously. The characters are also obviously pretty one dimensional, not very deep, so it's hard to judge the talent of the voices here. They are all okay. The level of the writing is pretty weak as I said already, with it being the level of a video game, and the jokes are just stupid for the most part. This is a movie that is just for young kids.
  • This show was bad. I am sorry to say it because everyone on the show always seemed like in real life they would be nice people. I actually used to like it when it first came on and my parents would sometimes watch it if the other channel was something they didn't want to see or was a rerun, and they thought it was a fine show. But I really hated the show and it was mostly because of the lazy, horrible, not funny writing. The kind of jokes you hear people tell each other year after year in the coffee shop. Maybe that's what they were going for but shouldn't a TV show on CBC offer really good and professional writing? I felt bad that these people seemed nice but had to tell such awful jokes and do bad impressions that usually did not even make sense. I think maybe they did their own writing over the years so it's kind of their own fault. The show was on way too long and that is obvious when you look at how bad the show became, they probably just stopped caring. Sadly it was replaced by Ron James which is even older and even worse.