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A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All!

Simply Colbert
It only has to contain Stephen's name to catch my attention and this as everything else Colbert has done has not let me down, from the awesome opening number to the laid back closing melody everything is a mockery and pokes fun at the politically correct, which I think we all enjoy doing like all the time. Our society has grown so anal that we are afraid saying Merry Christmas will offend people so watching Toby Keith sing about killing liberals and Willie Nelson bringing hash to baby Jesus could only lift my spirits and I watched it as much as I could since Comedy Central loves to replay everything luckily I wanted them to this time. All I can say is Stephen Colbert is a comical genius and this special was like icing on a very large cake he has been baking since his time on The Daily Show, God Bless you Stephen Colbert and Merry Christmas too.

Drawn Together

why the f*ck is comedy central planning on canceling this show
honestly this show is f*King great on the same level as south park....i read where they thought it was too dirty but that's a load of bullish*t if i ever heard any my god the crap they play on there is a of the same level maybe not as obscene but still the point is that comedy central is an adult station f*ck people who think this should be canceled simply because their f*King kids happened to witness some of it it's their f*King fault for letting them see it so if comedy central wants to cancel this show then F*CK you comedy central!!!!! I swear it just figures that something this great could ever stay on the air since apparently morons in this country only prefer reality crap with no effort or cleverness put behind it it was definitely inevitable soon they'll cancel south park cause its the best d*Mn show there is these days and soon any worthy television will disperse and never exist again because every station and every frigging idiot working for these companies doesn't want to do their d*Mn jobs they simply bring in no talent losers and expect America to eat it up and here's the sad they f*king do i know i misspelled f**king but these idiots want let me cuss when i'm so d*Mn ticked off but i don't care don't cancel the show and whoever agrees please respond.

Clone High

Petition to bring back clone high
I know this isn't a real petition but it's close enough...for anyone who loves this show and wants it back just sign your name below...I am for one am sick of all the reality bull sh*t and would really like to actually enjoy a show every once in awhile. Even though Clone High wasn't the most intelligent show out there it wasn't supposed to be, it was just good animated fun and just because someone took too damn personally and got "offended" so to speak had to go and bitch to take it off well F*ck you whoever that was. well I'll shall be the 1st to sign.

Adam Poe


Probably Don Bluth's Best!
I've always been a big fan of Don Bluth, mainly because of his old school animation. But this movie was so amazingly perfect in my opinion, from the story to the songs. It almost feels like a Broadway show and it wouldn't surprise me if it is. I will say they kept the story fresh and alive throughout the entire film. But I loved the songs most of all in this movie especially "A Rumor in St. Petersburg," for that particular scene looks and feels like a live Broadway show. What I really admire though is the transition Anastasia goes through from the beginning feeling doubtful to where at the end she is bold and fearless. All I can say is this movie is worth watching and adding to your collection.


Boogeyman sucks!
This had to be without a doubt the worst movie I have ever seen. Not only did the story go nowhere it wasn't scary. The acting was unbelievably terrible it made me sick just listening to the dialogue. And maybe someone could tell what was the point of the bird flying into the car...WTF!!! Please Hollywood why do you make so such crap and make it out to be the greatest film ever. All I heard about this movie was "This is the scariest film of the year," well somewhat true since it was the first horror film released this year! We need to go back to the hack em up films instead of this supernatural bullshit. We're running low on good writers for these types of movies and I say the only good one left is Rob Zombie...hail to the king. I'll end it saying this; don't waste your time or money on this god awful movie.

The Ring Two

The Ring Two...not what I expected
This was just another horrible horror film that made no sense in the long run. After a half hour I wondered if it was gonna go anywhere. It had a couple of creepy looking scenes and that was it! Most of the computer generated characters looked so FAKE it was hilarious. Did anyone else think the deer scene was outdrawn just a bit, yeah we got the idea...END IT! They discarded the whole premise of the story after the first 15 minutes, the tape if you're wondering. I was bored of the story way before it got close to ending. Please if the sequel is not gonna connect with the first film, don't make it. This was just a complete upset and the acting was something to be desired. I was very disappointed and I can honestly say this is probably where the rest of these horror films are sadly headed towards...disaster!

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