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The Undefeated

"Biggest reb I ever saw." "It's the biggest anything I ever saw."
One of John Wayne's best. To the point and not a lot of unnecessary gab. Excellent soundtrack didn't hurt.

The Twilight Zone: Dead Woman's Shoes/Wong's Lost and Found Emporium
Episode 9, Season 1

Reboot of Dead Man's Shoes
Wasn't as good as the original version. The shoes were the property of a murdered gangster thrown in a alley next to a sleeping bum. Both versions failed to explain how did the character take the shoes off to take a shower without getting spooked. The original had the cool gangster music whenever the bum put the shoes on.

The Mark of Zorro

Enjoyable Zorro 70's reboot
Enjoyed Ricardo Montalban's Captain Montenegro but the real hero was use of the original soundtrack.

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