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Van Wilder: Freshman Year

Don't Worry I have a Plan!
I can't understand why this movie is rated so low. It is quite funny, we didn't stop laughing.

Jonathan Bennett does not have the same charisma as Ryan Reynolds, however, he is excellent in this role. Kurt Fuller, Steve Talley and Nic Nac; oh and of course Colossus (The dog).

This is the typical teen type movie that Hollywood has been putting out, it is probably closest to American Pie: Beta House, with some of the same actors.

The script is well written and quite funny, the acting is fairly good, about as good as you would expect from a movie of this type. It is truly amazing how decent storyline's and decent acting can do to make a very enjoyable movie.

Overall worth the watch.

8 out of 10

Nash Bridges

Can't Stop Laughing
What can I say? The funniest TV Show that I have ever watched and continued to watch.

All star cast including: Don Johnson Insp/Capt Nash Bridges, Cheech Marin Insp/LT Joe Dominguez, Jeff Perry Insp Harvey Leek and all the other guest stars and regulars that they had over the years. This show could have run forever, the one liners are better then any of those you'd find on CSI.

This is a show about a smart alec cop in the city by the bay. But it's got a different spin on it, it isn't just action or crime, but it is very funny and witty. How the writers kept coming up with original one-liners is beyond me.

I truly enjoy this series, and I wish that this show had been on for 10 years.

The cast the stars the writers and the directors terrific combination.

10 out of 10


Episode of Star Trek Much
Halle Berry is Hot. That's an automatic Point in their favor. However, for anyone that watches or has watched Star Trek: The Next Generation I suggest you look for an Episode called Frame of Mind.

I tell you the wells of knowledge in Hollywood must be drying up when they are looking to Television shows from the 90's to make new movies.

I dunno why I even bother watching some of the more recent crap coming out, I will admit though the Penelope Cruz plays a great crazy person, and Robert Downey Jr. wasn't doing too bad for getting back into serious acting. But still the plot was flat and predictable.

Anyway 2 out of 10

Screamers: The Hunting

Yes The People in the World Are that Stupid
Are you freaking kidding me this movie was beyond awful.

Well the acting was terrible, which just supplemented the poorly written script, it was flat and obvious who was playing for what side. It wasn't even close to what the original Screamers tried to do. This wasn't a Psychological Thriller, this was a shoot 'em up Sci-Fi Movie done very poorly.

Gina Holden just terrible and F**KING DUH she's playing Col. Hendricksson's daughter.

Greg Bryk the Intrepid Commander of the Mission, apparently in the future Officer's have no sense of honor since we discover that he only came because he's greedy.

Lance Hendriksen needed a far bigger part as he was the only decent actor in the movie.

As for the ending. Wow, Morons, Think About it, as a military officer you would never take a ship home that could have something harmful to the planet. They would have died. And in the end what can I say other then this seems a lot similar to Species? TRASH. I recommend that you watch this movie if it on on TV, abridged, and if there is absolutely nothing else on. You'll thank me for it.

1 out of 10

Star Trek

Set Phasers to CRAP
I am so glad they butchered the entire Star Trek universe to make a movie. Woo... Go Paramount such a bang up job.

Alright now to be fair, it was a good action movie and I did enjoy it good action, and really not too bad of a story. Karl Urban was absolutely terrific as Dr. Lennard "Bones" McCoy, Deforest Kelly would have been proud I have no doubt. I also believe that Bruce Greenwood was great as Captain Christopher Pike. And Let's not forget some of the incredibly well written jokes.

Unfortunately more bad things then good things. The Plot on top of not matching up with any of the Star Trek Universe and then completely destroying what Gene Rodenberry spent decades building up May he Rest In Peace. How about the Technology, "The Original Series (TOS)" used old and huge buttons for controls, these were all touch screens I mean seriously did they not learn their lesson when Enterprise was canceled? Let's also discuss Chekov he did not actually join the cast of TOS until Season 2, how did he suddenly appear earlier? Not only that Christopher Pike never achieved the rank of Admiral, in TOS, he was a Fleet Captain as demonstrated in "The TOS Episodes: The Menagerie Parts 1 & 2" and was injured in a training accident never rising above the rank of Fleet Captain. On top of that they did not keep up with the Star Trek Universe in how Kirk got his Commission as Captain.

I could continue but I think you get the idea. Still don't get me wrong it's a decent movie, but it was not Star Trek.

I have been a Star Trek fan since I was 5, and to be honest I can't believe they destroyed the franchise to make a new movie.

2 Out of 10

Wing Commander

This Movie is Underrated
I can't understand why this movie is rated so low. It is not a bad movie. There was an excellent cast; but there was also a good storyline.

I played the game when I was a kid, it was a very well designed game and I found that the movie did adhere to what the game quite well.

Freddie Prinze Jr., Saffron Burrows, David Suchet, David Warner, Matthew Lillard, an all star cast executed very well.

Overall an entertaining movie to watch, good story, good cast all the ingredients for a top notch movie.

8 Out of 10

Eagle Eye

Jerry Shaw... It's For You
I was quite surprised, this movie was excellent, as a few people in the message boards have said there were some elements of it that ere taken from other movies, but it was excellent nonetheless.

Jerry Shaw (Shia LaBeouf)has just lost a brother to a car accident, but what he has to discover s that there is a underlying reason why his brother is dead. Then with the strange woman on the phone is telling him that he needs to do these dangerous stunts and he has no idea why he has to do these things, no explanation is Given.

Then there is Racheal Holloman (Michelle Monaghan) she has just sent her son to the capital to play in the band at the state of the union address when she gets the phone call to help Jerry. These two strangers are now being hunted, but are able to dodge the authorities with the help from this mysterious woman on the phone.

The acting was top notch, Shia LaBeouf has come a long way from "Even Stevens" he is an excellent action star and I look forward to seeing what he is up to next. Billy Bob Thorton as always was excellent as the tough as nails FBI agent and continues to prove that he can do several different types of movies.

With a great cast and a great supporting cast this movie is easily one of the best movies of 2008, must watch for anyone who like a good action/thriller.

9 Out Of 10

The Andromeda Strain

This One Doesn't Even Compare to the Original.
The original Andromeda Strain was great, it was gripping, it built suspense and was very well done. Instead of getting the story of having to solve the puzzle, it's trying to cram 3 story lines into one. There was too much going on, they were trying to focus on everything else too much. There also wasn't the focus on the story the show was too wrapped up in the graphics, and the building that they were in instead of the story of trying to figure out how to beat it.

They didn't spend the time needed to figure it out, they just rushed through everything, and it didn't work. If you wanna watch "The Andromeda Strain" Watch the Original 2 Out of 10

Bangkok Dangerous

Grosse Pointe Blank Undertones.
I Like Nicholas Cage, a lot of the movie that he has done have been terrific, but this movie stinks. First big problem is that is seems like Grosse Pointe Blank remake.

While he's in town to kill someone, he falls in love. It had it's good points, the few action scenes were well done, however, there was a weak story, and the supporting actors were less then stellar. The story wasn't very gripping, although the love story was probably the most entertaining part of the whole movie, and I prefer the action type movies. Overall not worth watching.

2 out of 10

Burn After Reading

Report Back to Me......... When This Makes Sense.
Well. Um. Yea. This movie was not very good. It was dry and slow, and boring. So it starts off with one of the characters getting fired from the CIA, and so starts the movie. With a cast of Francis McDormand, John Malcovich, George Clooney, Brad Pitt I had high hopes for the movie. Now don't get me wrong the movie brings an interesting insight to the CIA making people wonder just how close to the truth they actually are. Although the entire movie was incredibly absurd. It had some funny parts like when the lower CIA Agent is making the report to his boss, that is kind of entertaining. Bit For the most part is is quite stupid.

My Advice is... "Put it on the Next Plane to Venezuela" After all there is no Extradition Treaty.

3 Out Of 10


Yay for Predictable Thrillers
So a couple has car trouble and winds up checking into a Psycho-esq hotel except the manager isn't Norman Bates. It was a different role for Luke Wilson, and although he did quite well, I hate to say he should stick with his normal Genre of movies.

There were a few major errors with the movie, like when the Deputy Sheriff arrived, he would have filed a report when he was finished the call, and if he never got back to headquarters the motel would have been swarming with cops within a few hours.

Overall it was a decent movie, but as for a thriller/horror/suspense it was just as predictable as most of the other horror movies out there.

A decent Watch but don't expect much.

3 1/2 Out of 10

The Number 23

Det. Fingerling Homicide
There seems to be an overall negative feeling about this movie and I can't understand that. This movie was definitely creative, there was no movie like it. It was interesting, and I am sure that if someone looked into their own life they would discover that something adds up to 23. For Example I'm Married July 26, 08 (7+2+6+8=23) It's amazing the things you can find in a conspiracy like this.

Jim Carey was actually good stepping out of his normal role as a comedian, he was a lot better then Robin Williams in 1 Hour Photo. He was entertaining and gripping. There are twists and turns and things you don't expect. The Supporting Characters added an interesting comparison to the main character.

The movie was interesting and worth the watch.

8 out of 10

Get Smart

Insert Action Movie Name here.
Well the first thing I have to say is that Steve Carell cannot replace Don Adams. I went into this movie expecting it to be terrible. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised, I enjoyed the movie. Not with the name of Get Smart but with a different name. It was quite entertaining funny and witty.

The movie was entertaining overall, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin, Ken Davitian, Terrance Stamp were all entertaining, they are all great actors and I believe they brought something necessary to the movie.

Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway, well Steve Carell of course did not make the bar that Don Adams set. And Anne Hathaway was not even close to what Barbara Feldon was and what she did in the original Get Smart. Then lets get down to it. Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway were not suited together, he is old enough to be her father, they tried to connect it up in the movie but it didn't stop my gag reflex when they kissed. Not only that Agent 99 was several inches taller then Max in the original TV show, they should have not made them the same height.

I can go on forever about the issues with what they did to butcher the original TV show.

There were some good points about it, there was some great scenes in the movie. They reunited all the old cars, the Sunbeam Tiger, The VW Karmann Ghia, and the Gold Opal GT driven by a Cameo Appearance of Bernie Koepell.

The movie would have been better if it wasn't trying to live up to the original 1965 Version of Get Smart. HOWEVER, as a standalone movie it was worth the watch.

5 out of 10 Simply because it was Supposed to be Maxwell Smart Agent 86 of CONTROL.


I was Pleasantly Surprised
I was quite surprised when I went to see this movie, I found myself driving a couple of people to the movie theater then I chose a movie, I had played the game so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

The movie was gripping, great acting, surprisingly good story line. I didn't think that Timothy Could pull it off, but I was wrong, he was terrific, he had the perfect demeanor for the emotionless agent that he was supposed to be. There was a great supporting cast of good actors and actresses.

Overall the movie was quite enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a good action movie.

8 out of 10 Stars

Get Smart

Would You Believe It was the Best Show On Television
I would like to say that, the only ever 10 I have given was to LA Confidential. This show was easily the best show on Television. Don Adams was brilliant. Get Smart was incredibly intelligent, it didn't have the CGI of today, so it had to have good scripts. I always found the the shows were entertaining and hilarious. Don Adams was perfect for the role of Maxwell Smart, Barbra Feldon was Sexy, Smart, and Hilarious. You feel bad for Ed Platt as the Chief because nothing good ever seems to happen to him. I would easily recommend this series to anyone to watch, buy, or give as a gift. I guarantee watching it you will be hard pressed not to laugh. I wish a Farewell to Don Adams, you will be missed, may you Rest in Peace.

Clerks II

Brilliant, Absolutely Brilliant
Well what to say about Clerks II. Simply put it is probably Kevin Smith's best work. Clerks was hilarious the crew was awesome, they're just the kind of crazy that you have come to expect if you watched the first Clerks, and the cartoon clerks. It seemed so easy for Brian O'Halloran, and Jeff Anderson to slip back into their old roles of Dante Hicks, and Randal Graves. Rosario Dawson was a great choice for the boss, slash woman that Dante was actually in love with. This Movie is instantly a classic, the ending was terrific. The movie had it's slow moments, but you were pretty much laughing the entire movie. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to watch a good comedy. 9 out of 10 Stars.


Easily one of the Worst Movies I have Ever Seen
How can you with any sensibility call this a movie? I don't even know how it has rated over 5. This movie was simply put senseless gore, and a god awful story line. It was so obvious that everyone was involved, you would have to be ignorant to not know that everyone was in on it. I couldn't believe I actually sat through that movie, I am so glad that I didn't watch it in the theater, because I would have been angry come the end when it was time to leave, and demanded my money back. Yank this garbage off the market, and don't subject the poor citizen's of this planet to trash like this. All in all, I give this movie 1 out of 10.


Cabin by the Lake

One of my All Time Favorites
Easily one of the best movies ever. Judd Nelson has the perfect creepy guy personae for the serial killer in the movie. So the basic premise of the movie is, Judd Nelson plays a screenplay writer who is writing this movie about girls that are drowned and then he tends to the garden of dead girls. This movie is a psychological thriller, you never know what is going to happen next. They also allude to so much in it as well, for example he is talking to his agent and she is telling him to get rid of the girl, so he says, "Fine I'll drown the girl," so what does he do? He drowns the girl. There is a little bit of everything in this movie, I think Judd Nelson's finest work.

Boston Legal

Easily The Best Show on Television
Well what can I say. James Spader is perfect for Alan Shore, he pulls it off better then well, he is the epitome of perfection, I could not imagine anyone else for that part. Now on to William Shatner Capt. Kirk of Star Trek, or Walter H. Bascom of TekWar, what about Sgt. TJ Hooker, William Shatner has one of the longest career's in TV History, and this is most definitely the highlight of his lengthy career. These two together are the bomb they blend so well together, they are brilliant the way the play off each other, and when you watch these two there is never a dull moment. There are several other actors/actresses like Candace Bergen, who once played Murphy Brown, she is brilliant, and she can play off William Shatner and James Spader just as they play off each other. Rene Auberjonois plays Paul Lewiston, the boss you just love to hate. I purchased the Box Set, and I'll purchase every season that comes out. In the end, I would like to conclude with those two simple words that instill fear in ever attorney in Boston. Those two simple words are... Denny Crane

Hudson Hawk

Side by Side
How can you not like this Movie? It has everything, action, comedy, romance, suspense. This movie written by Bruce Willis is something different then what he usually does, this isn't a Die Hard by any means. I found that this movie is a lot different then most of the movies out there. Not only that but this is truly a different movie for Bruce Willis, and an excellent switch it is. After watching several movies with him (Of Course he is one of my favorite Actors) I still find this movie one of his best. It is entertaining in so many different ways, I have never seen Danny Aiello in any other movie, and he was the perfect sidekick, he was funny, and entertaining, a perfect opposite for Bruce Willis. Overall Most Definitely an 8 out of 10.

The Negotiator

This is a Whole New Mess for the Chicago Police
Truly an Excellent Movie, Kevin Spacey doesn't come in until part of the way through the movie. The best line in the movie is when Kevin Spacey is getting the phone call he says "I once talked a guy out of blowing up the Sears Tower but I can't talk my wife out of the bedroom or my kid off the phone." Kevin Spacey and Samuel L. Jackson are both excellent actors, they work very well together in this movie. Jackson is the center of a hostage situation in Chicago, and he has been told that he can't trust anyone really. So He's trying to clear his name, but having a hostage situation. Now this a very interesting movie, but a little far fetched, It was clear they didn't do anything that an actual police department should do for the murder of one of their boys in blue the investigations were not completed, he never should have been pushed to the point of taking hostages. Now the best part about the movie was the fact that it really truly kept you guessing, they kept saying different people, you didn't know who was for him or who was against him. Even in the end it still wasn't the person I expected, the movie was excellent that way. But again even in the end, I highly doubt he would have just made the deal like that. But they needed to end the movie somehow right? Anyway Overall with the acting and the plot, and the little nitpicks, 8 out of 10.


Well I didn't Do It
How many people have played Clue, now how many people have read the books? This is the ultimate story of the characters in the movie literally not having a clue. Several people have been invited to a house for a party in New England in the US. Strange things start to happen, and people begin to get murdered all of a sudden the six guests find themselves with a murder mystery, of which they are the main characters, and the main suspects. As the show progresses more people die and the mystery gets funnier. As the six characters bumble around the house trying to solve a murder they keep encountering more problems that the have to solve first. Tim Curry, Micheal McKean, Martin Mull, Eileen Brennean, Madaline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, make for an all star cast. 8 out of 10 Stars

Hollywood Homicide

Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett are quite a Pair
This is quite a movie, it has everything, action, suspense, a good mystery, romance, and comedy. I expected this movie to be somewhat like Showtime where the Rookie was partnered up with the veteran and they originally didn't like each other but by the end they were friends. But that wasn't the case these two were friends to begin with, as a matter of fact the movie opens with Ford bailing Hartnett out of sidearm qualifying.

It is an interesting movie, Ford and Hartnett get along quite well. The plot is very interesting, there is a lot of twists, there are a lot of obstacles that Ford must overcome, as Internal Affairs is after him and he is trying to solve a case, not lose his job, not go to jail, meanwhile trying to sell a house so he doesn't go bankrupt. The movie is excellent very well done, the acting is top notch, a must see for those of you who like Harrison Ford. 8.5-9 out of 10 stars.

Major Payne

Damon Waynes is a comic Genius
This movie is hilarious, I don't understand how someone cannot like this movie. It's a movie about a Major who was discharged from the Military, and was assigned to an Junior ROTC program, it proves to be the biggest challenge of his life. He's is very sinister and cruel, but in a funny way. The way he goes about training his Cadets is amazing, as much as they wind up hating him, they wind up to be like a family in the end. They are a lot of sight gags in the movie, as I said the humor is excellent, Damon Waynes is excellent in this movie he is intelligent and hilarious. There are cameos from some other people in the movie like Micheal Ironside, Karyn Parsons was also excellent as the counselor she hasn't done much since Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but this was excellent.. Overall an 8 out of 10

Mulholland Falls

Somewhat like L.A. Confidental
Nick Nolte play Detective Lieutenant Max Hoover of the LAPD. Him and his squad are called to investigate a murder. This movie has the undertones of L.A. Confidential, it is set in the same period and it is the same kind of thing, they are assigned to do different things, they use violence instead of talking to get their point across. It is a very good movie in the end, done very well. The plot twists are just weird, the other thing is you can connect with the characters when there is a major plot development, they don't come off as inhuman or anything like that. Overall the movie was good, but it was slow in some parts, it didn't have as much action as it should have but if you like playing Detective I would have to recommend it. 7-7.5 out of 10 stars.

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