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Boyne Falls

I'll never forget Boyne Falls
Possibly one of the worst films I've seen in 70 years of watching movies. It seems to be a family and friends production, possibly even including the people giving high scoring reviews. It would be interesting to see what the person who gave this travesty 10/10 would give if they were watching classic films by some of the worlds greatest directors. After 10 there's really nowhere left to go. Anyway the above average ratings certainly worked because it sucked me in. The film was often puzzling as well, because even though they were supposedly deep in the wilderness I kept recognising the same trees, who's acting by the way was a lot less wooden than the cast.


Truly dreadful
It's so sad when people write in saying that this is the best western they have seen or even the best movie ever. Since the start of the twentieth century many thousands of westerns have been made with hundreds considered classics and works of art. Will Traded still be watched in fifty or sixty years time? No, probably not even next month. It's great to be loyal if you're a friend or relation of someone in the cast or crew, but don't send movie goers off thinking they'll be seeing a Peckenpah, Ford, Stevens or Eastwood. There is nothing better than a good western, but nothing worse than a bad one and this is bad on so many levels. The direction, (if I slow it right down it will appear more arty) script, (must hold the world record for how many times the phrase 'son of a bitch' is used. Acting often very amateurish (apart from the actress playing Girl), and costumes and props straight from the hire shop. So many shiny new guns. Will the director be kind enough not to make any more. For me and countless others, westerns a too important and you're giving them a bad name.

Livin' by the Gun

Is this a joke?
I've been in love with westerns all of my life and for me there is simply nothing better than watching a good one but absolutely nothing worst than sitting through a bad one and I'm sorry but this is about as bad as they come.I really did try but I could only last about 15 minutes because every time an 'actor' opened their mouth I cringed. The acting is so atrocious that at first I thought it was a spoof, then on clicking on each of the cast names I noticed that this was the only movie most of them have been in so maybe they were just friends helping out. As for all the positive reviews, if you genuinely liked the film, fine, but comparing it to The Wild Bunch, True Grit or Shane is really just an insult to some of the America's greatest film makers.

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