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Saint Frances

The beginning started off great but the show slowly fizzled into liberal feminist propaganda!
The movie started off great and really funny, but as the movie continued, the more it became obvious that the people behind the movie had an agenda they were pushing on the audience and it ruined the entire film. On top of it, the main character turns out to be a self absorbed narcissist who thinks the world revolves around her and owes her something! The fact that she would spin an abortion into nothing more than aborting a bunch of cells as if the possibility the aborted child could be a living human being was sickening to me! Furthermore, the fact that the writers thought it was funny for her to come out of the bathroom with a dead fetus and start cracking jokes about the abortion is disgusting. It doesn't end there, they almost romanticize the abortion with her spending time with the father of the child in a very loving and joyful evening after taking the abortion pills and killing the "dead cells' in her womb. I am neither pro or against abortion because its a grey area that none of us truly know much about because we don't know if a the fetus is a human being that is conscious or not. I believe in everyone has a right to self determination so abortion should be legal in my eyes, but I also know that it could be murder, and the truth is we really do not know, but the feminist psycho babble from this film is purely revolting! Then to make matters worse, this chick goes and sleeps with some other guy right after getting knocked up and having an abortion. And lets not ignore how badly she treats this little girl Frances who seems to be more aware and alive than any of the other people in the film, she has a bright future, but hopefully she doesn't take much from this film in terms of morals or the blatant leftist feminist garbage!

The film over all was done well, the acting was legit, the way it was shot was good, but again, for the reasons mentioned above, they took a great plot, good acting, and story, and had to mangle it into some sort of leftist feminist circle jerk that was clearly an attempt to persuade those watching the film into believing their views. Honestly, its the equivelent to some crazy Christian film where they push their beliefs onto you and if you do not agree and go along with what they are pushing then you are in some way a bad person.

This should be a great example to all movie makers and actors out there! If you want to be in a great movie then make sure that its not politically driven unless you know for sure that its going to be a really well done movie because this is a great example of how politics and social agendas can ruin a great film!


Well done! Aside from the liberal anti-white propaganda lol
I really like the show and the acting is well done. There is some cheesy parts but its not being made by a big production company but the benefit from it not being made by a big production company is the actors are more realistic and not looking perfect and unrealisitic. There is an authenticity that comes from the actors. The one thing I cannot stand is the anti-white stuff which seems to be a part of the show. Its funny how they generalize all whites but then they do not like when people say "these people" when referring to Native Americans. I am all for equality and if people are for equlity then they want everyone to be treated the same. To generalize all whites and then to get angry when people say these people in reference to them is absurd and unequal. Aside from that aspect of the show its really grown on me.

Lost Girls

Great film! Exposes how society is extremely fake and willingly ignorant to horrendous crimes!
The movie is great! I thought it was excellent and I didn't want it to be over. From the first few seconds to the last few seconds I was intrigued the entire time! The acting was great along with the actors, the filming was great, the writing was great, and I think this film was amazing! A+

I cannot believe it was a true story! Its amazing how everyone likes to point the finger at someone else. The mother wasn't perfect, and by the end of the film, she seemed to realize it, and said she would start with herself when it came to responsibility, which means she was finally looking for truth, but its hard to blame a woman that was trying to raise a child while still a child!

Its amazing how cops like to degrade prostitutes, but ironically, prostitutes main customers are often cops! What does it say about people when they degrade prostitutes but have no issue have sex with them? It says they are projecting because they are clearly the sick ones because they take advantage of people who are suffering, sick, abused, and need help! Most prostitutes were molested and raped as children and young woman which is statistical fact! I am a clinical psychologist and know first hand how many women that are sex workers were raped or molested by their dad's and males in their family as CHILDREN! These women need help, and clearly the one in the film needed help, because she had a psychiatric disorder and was not right in her head!

The fact that the old man who she interviewed said she ran away when he said he called the cops to come help her says the cops were involved in this whole thing! If you noticed, when she walked into the Association center and they focused in on the group pictures of the cops suggests that the film makers, from their researching for the film, believe the coops were behind part of this, and probably used and had fun with these women while they kept them captive and eventually killed them. This was clearly not the work of ONE man but several, and the way the cops handled this, their clear cut desire to move on, the lost evidence and lack of care for obvious evidence, especially during this day and age, because this day and age all law enforcement know that everything is evidence, suggests that these cops helped kill this girl.

The reason this girls murderer was never found is because the cops were behind this and it was in a small town where a group of men, and possibly women, worked together to accomplish whatever sick and twisted desires they had! For all we know they could have had a secret society there and they used these sex workers as sex objects, sacrifices to Satan, or some very sick and twisted stuff, which is what the movie ever so subtly suggested!

If the cops didn't just brush this off and act like it wasn't a big deal then I wouldn't feel this way. The cops were so adamant about not searching for this girl and clearly did not want to find here suggests that they are complicit. Its one thing to not care so much, and to be lazy, but this is obviously more than that, and the cops CLEARLY did not want to find her!

The Edge of Success

For teenagers in America suicide is the second cause of death
The movie was so-so but I am happy to see that there are people talking about this. Anything that is getting people to talk about this topic that is an epidemic but something nobody talks about. Look it up! The second leading cause of death for teenagers is SUICIDE!

Low Tide

Great film!
I really enjoyed this film from the acting to the screenplay it was extremely well done. I loved how realistic it was and cohesive. It told an excellent and realistic story that captivates the audience the entire time. I didn't get bored or think to myself "oh only in Hollywood" which is a relief from so many films that are far to unbelievable which leave me thinking is this for kids because its fantasy. The older I get the more I appreciate well thought out stories that are realistic that make me feel like this is all possible which in the end makes it a great story. The whole thing had so much heart and the actors did a great job all the way through. I typically don't like hearthrob guys in movies because they can get away with horrible acting but the main character does a great job playing his part and I give him props for that. He has a lot of talent and seems to choose movies that require skill and have a message or meaning which will leave him with a fulfilling career which certainly looks bright and that goes for the rest of the kids in the movie too. They all did an excellent job playing the part and especially the Cuban kid who is hilarious but does an excellent job at switching from funny guy to bad guy.

A Perfect Day

The location of the film was beautiful but that was about all I liked
The film was slow and pointless. I fell asleep about 20 min in the movie and woke up with about 30 minutes left. I could not watch this movie for the life of me because there was no point of the movie. There was no plot other than some well that they were trying to get a dead body out of. Whoever made this movie was thinking they could get two academy award winners and that's going to prop the movie up for the whole 1 1/2 hours of movie time but it didn't. Tim Robbins is a has been and same with the other actor. They were great in the past but this was just sad and pathetic on all fronts. Why did they choose this movie? I have no idea.


Way too boring! This was so dumb and anticlimatic
How do these people get funding for movies like this? I am certain that I could do far better than these people. The movie had a decent cast and it could have gone places but instead it was just your typical drivel with a boring ending. If you choose to watch this movie just understand that you will not know what is happening or what happens in the end because you never are told these things. You won't know much other than there is this girl that is really into herself and some person has this super brain that they can stalk anyone and get into any cameras that want. Its above and beyond bs and boring especially when you don't ever find out who this person is.

Back Roads

Very well done movie! Everything from the way it was filmed to the acting was superb! The young female actresses were just brilliant! The main character was superb. I was disappointed with the ending but not because it was poor acting or screenwriting etc but just because it's not the ending I wanted to see. However, it is certainly a riveting and well thought out with deep emotion and very real topics that are often times brushed aside and not spoken about in families. This movie was all about discovering the truth in one's own family and how some of us adapt to the abuse we endure as children. This movie demonstrates so well how certain types of abuse towards children can impact them as they grow older and how it influences their personality and their approach toward life. As someone in the field of psychology, I really hope that those who watch this movie see the ramifications that are very real and appear as a result of childhood trauma. This movie is very deep and rips open a family that is highly dysfunctional at a time where everything seems to be falling apart...

Black Summer

This was horribly done! Netflix is losing its spunk!
I was excited to watch this show because it was so hyped up by the articles I read stating that it would be as good or better than the Walking Dead but even Fear the Walking Dead is far better than this. I like FWD but its still not reached its full potential but I stopped watching after several episodes. The last episode was them in a cafeteria yelling at each other and stuck. I think it was the episode prior to that where I told myself I would give it one more shot because the whole episode was this dude running from a zombie the whole time. So there is one zombie in the area and just this guy? And this guy is chased the whole entire episdoe with little to no dialogue. It was a complete waste of time!

I think the way its shot is well done. The acting is meh. The writing is freaking horrible! Seriously, hire me and I certainly could produce a far better script and plot than whoever created this! I mean, this had to have been developed by either really cocky and dumb Hollywood people who think they are brilliant or just some really dumb guys. There is also the possibility that its very likely a combination of the two as well. Anyhow, I expected far more from Netflix. I can feel their impending doom and demise coming... The drums are beating and Amazon is going to take over in the next few years. Netflix is losing all its movies and they will soon only have their own content on their platform beacuse Amaozn is buyig all the rights. Netflix better start becoming Game of Thrones creative and produce a lot of winners down the stretch or they are going to become Hulu 2.0


This was a very well done movie! The acting was superb and the screen writing was as well too. I really appreciated the quality of this movie and the acting which was so life like and authentic. I really appreciate movies like these that rely on the actors and not special affects or big names. Well done! Bravo.

Dead in 5 Heartbeats

Someone has paid people to make such positive reviews.
This is a horrible movie. I stopped after the first half hour because I value my time and brain. This movie was not intelligent or any type of masterpiece. I am surprised with all these positive reviews. It is very weird that this movie is placed so high up in the rankings. I was surprised to see that. Personally I wouldn't waste my time on this film. The acting is horrible. The way the movie was filmed was off and weird which made it seem amateur. But that is my review. I try to be as fair as possible with my reviews because I think it's only fair. You may find this movie to be very good, but I highly doubt many (If any) movie buffs would give this movie a high ranking.

Vino Veritas

Bravo!!! This is hidden gem!!!
I've watched a lot of movies in my day and I have to say that this movie is stellar! Just a great movie with a beautiful message. The acting is superb and the screen writing was excellent. This movie relied purely on the acting which is rare in American cinema these days. If you truly enjoy films with a great message and brilliant acting then THIS IS IT! These types of films are rarity. Unfortunately, this movie probably won't get nominated for anything at the Academy Awards which shows that the AW is nothing more than a fashion show and a popularity contest. If the AW was truly focused on superb acting that didn't rely on special effects and millions of dollars spent making everyone look perfect then this movie would certainly be nominated.

It starts slow so give it a little bit of time because it will not disappoint! :D

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