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  • A decent little flick that is so short you won't have time to get bored. I couldn't help but see Adam West as Batman in this, but fortunately Shatner was able to shed his stereotypical acting style.

    For those asking and looking for a copy of this movie, it's on The Sensational Sixties 50 Movie DVD set. Look on eBay, you can probably find it for less than $20.
  • I recently watched this episode of "The Hollywood Palace" variety show on Amazon Prime. Don Knotts is the host of this episode. His humor is typical, but throws in a few good zingers now and then. Joey Heatherton is the highlight of this episode. She's stunning in her opening dancing and singing act! Jimmy Durante's bits were pretty good, while the rest of the guests were fair to not very memorable.
  • As the other reviewer stated, the cutting of the matches really lowers the quality of this video. It's badly chopped up.

    I question the 1983 release date because my VHS copy has a date of 1993. The bikinis the girls are wearing definitely look more like styles from 1993 rather than 1983 styles. My 1993 copy has the exact same cast, so I'm thinking this may be a typo.

    The girls are hot and it's still fun to watch even with its poor editing. Much of it appears staged, but I don't think that would be a surprise to anyone. You can't go wrong with mud wrestling and the oil wrestling is even better. At times, the boxing turns into wrestling and some tempers appear to flare, but I'm sure it's at least 90% staged.
  • I watched this mini-series when it was first aired on PBS and I fell in love with it instantly. If you love boats, the water and history, it will keep you interested from beginning to end. The entire series was filmed by amateur, collegiate students aboard a motor vessel named "Driftwood." All throughout the journey, they stop at various places and towns. While in each place, they talk to locals about the history of the area, its people, and how the waterway has affected them or how they have affected the waterway. Jason Robards does an excellent job narrating the series and many of the locals that they talked with are quite interesting and entertaining at times. I was fortunate to find the complete series on VHS tape many years ago and I still enjoy re-watching them.