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Among Erika's best scene
I find that this director Joe d'Amato is really inspired in his porn works, at last the ones he did with Erica or Selen. There is a real intensity in his scenes and so the babes have never been so sexy! In this one, he plays with time travel and Erika lands in middle age, among an abbey of monks (3 guys Erika has worked a lot before): the action is really hot because there is an awesome golden light that matches well with the dark features of Erica and the black robes of monks. You'll notice that the set is exactly the same, golden cushion included that the one used in Hell's Angell also with Erica and still directed by D'amato. Indeed, the 2 scenes are really look alike and i thought it was from the same movie but no there are 2 distinct movies!

Barely Legal in the City

Nikita Denise, Jade Hsu & Justine Jolie are a hot trio
For all of them, this movie is among their earliest productions. They don't change that much over the years except maybe Justine who was then very cute then with her blonde hairs. They have fun in a Penthouse and already Nikita plays the leader! Her lesbian action with Jade is a bit soft, it's becoming a bit more raw when Nikita has fun with her guy but altogether, the movie is not that graphic. Anyway it's quite shot with talent that's easily watchable.

La princesse et la pute

Olivia & Laure are neither one nor the other
Olivia is a dancer at the club and Laura is the house maid in the castle. Their scenes are maybe the best from the movie, the others featuring newcomers or plain babes at my taste. The essential here is that it's classic Vintage Dorcel production from the mid 1990: the castle, the slaves girl, the country bourgeois way of life. Well, it's french of Grandad, not very exciting and quickly out in style. I'm not a fan...

La banda del sabato sera

# 18 : I bellissimi film di Laura Angel
Saturday night is about nightclub and dance; So Laura is with two pals (one is the Euro legend Roberto Malone) drinking champagne in this cheap bar/nightclub. She is dressed in a hot feline dress and quickly, this trio engages action. Honestly Laura is over excited here, always playing with one gun while the other has found a hole! Her not long enough scenes proves her skills one more time but also that the best of the best have more character and attitude than looks!

If You Only Knew

# 60 : if you only knew, you'll never watch this movie!
It's just awful: the sex is mechanical, uninspired (on a kitchen table for example) and the expected highlight of this flick, that is to say, Taylor Hayes, has a worst part ever! At a moment, the couples do a party and Taylor comes in with the most ugly make-up i have ever seen: blue eyes, big curly hair like pipes ??? Her guy looks like a stoned pirate and it's not a costume party! If i had been excited by such horrible porn, i should have fallen low, low, low ...

Babewatch 5

# 29 : At last ! the red swimsuits fall off !
This X rated of the famous TV show is worthy watching because it really picks all the images from the show: the red swimsuit, the rescue boat, the cabins, the rocks, the beaches even the credits with the cast running has been done. I don't know where it has been filmed but it looks like Santa Monica, Venice Beach. Maybe you will argue that there is no story but did the original show got one? nope, the stories were always the same, about saving people from drowning. Maybe the only disappointment is that the babe do only 1 scene and the one with Felecia is badly picked because it's a MFF threesome. So as Felecia doesn't play with the guy (who is the director by the way), she finishes on the side watching the straight action...

Creme De Femme

# 29 : crème de la crème
This movie begins with Bonita being a school teacher having lesbian fantasies with her adult students. Sure it's a vintage (old) movie with a really bad picture quality and resolution but the sex is really hot: Felecia is among the students and she did some incredible feats like putting a strap-on to bang her friend on the desk while kissing another! Other scenes are as exciting with porn legends as the volcanic Debi Diamond so happy 25th anniversary to this old movie !

Gallery of Sin 3

# 19 : the same idea as Moussorgski
This composer have written a musical piece entitled Pictures at an exhibition in which he translates in sound his feelings inspired by watching different pictures. Here it's the same idea: erotic dreams from a art gallery. I watched it for Briana scene, which is really poor action: she plays with Mark Davis on a strange table (a big purple planisphere in the middle?) and either they or either the camera is upside down so there is no blood boiling here! Totally skip-able!

XConfessions Vol. 4

# 32 : totally inept!
Well, reviewing adult movies is not that enjoyable as you can think because the stinkers are just endless! It's true that i deplore today porn because of their lack of stories! Here, it's the contrary: every scene focuses on a special story but they are just so dumb that it's hard to get hard! Amber plays in 2 scenes: the first one is a black and white lesbian love on a sofa called Spectraphilia in other words, sex with ghost! The concept is just that dumb that i can forward to the 2nd called Pansexual! and it's just bad to worse! It's only an orgy, with everyone doing everyone, guy-girl, girl-girl, guy-guy! As an heterosexual, it's hardly watchable and in addition, their comments are just brainless: they want to discover the world, to be open to everyone, to experiment all things, they are not bisexuals because there are more than 2 sexes! And now you wonder why the world is so crazy and goes closer to the brink day after day! But with this feeling, education, this new generation is terribly disappointing and proves that their lives would lead to nothing!


# 52 : I had some ...
I don't expect porn movies to be deliver classic performances but to give me tingles about women charms. Here, i felt them: Nikita is one beautiful and exciting lady and her bathroom scene with Keri Windsor is indeed hot: For those who doesn't know, Keri is a sort of Sienna Miller look-alike, with a monstrous tongue, clearly in work here! That scene is thus really good and at the end, there is no shame in it, not more or not less than real turkeys Nikita did with french Dorcel productions.

Nasty Nymphos 17

# 54 : more a Cam show ...
This is not a movie but live sex taken on a tape ... Erika has fun with an old guy in a bare bedroom. It could be everybody home as there is nothing valuable here, even the bedsheets look cheap. The action has nothing exceptionnal and on the contrary is pretty laborious, which doesn't prevent the guy to cum twice. I only remember that Erika is pretty cool and relax here, smiling and winking but beyond, there is not a lot of thingsd to add!

Girlvana 4

# 53 : Not Nirvana !
Here, Sasha plays a student who decides to play with another female student. The 1st thing i noticed is that Sasha has not her usual beauty: there is a thing with her (brown?) hair, her huge make-up that doesn't fit right this time. Next, she plays with Anabelle Lee, too much older to play a student and not quite stunning. At last, they have fun on a small couch (sofa) so her positions are really limited as they blindly do the repetitive, boring cycle of sapphic love. For a man, even Sasha's fan, it's terrible dull!

Bitchcraft 4

# 53 : i'm not bewitched
This vignettes collections supposes to offer rough lesbian experience. I check the one with Sasha Grey and in which Bobbi Starr is her mouse to play with. Sure the first minutes are really hot: it looks like a music video from the XXII century with Sasha in a grey hall wearing big welder glasses. But, next, a big flop: this modern mysterious location is dropped to go in a casual living room: the girls play with clothes spin, electrical dildos and their feet toes. Very boring as much as the cameraman prefers take close-ups of skin than direct the session. A missed and failed opportunity to have Sasha in a good femdom!

Hollywood Spa

# 29 : Kind of action it's better to be than to watch
For me, this Hollywood spa is the rocky big jacuzzi where Felecia, Jill Kelly, Serenity and a 4th babe rejoices to have a lesbian party time. Except the beginning filmed from above, giving you good look about the babes and the action, this scene is just awful as it's just close-up! The worst being the moment when Felecia put on strap-on: you know it's her because of her fine long braid but you just see nothing and it's less than a minute! Just silly!

Maud s'offre à toi!

# 23 : Laure's vintage 1st time ... on film
Well, this is the baby steps of Laure Sinclair in the adult world: Without the input discussed below, i have mixed feelings about it: on the positive side, it feels summer, vacations, nature and relaxation as it's shot outdoor around a big villa in the south of France, with herbs and shadows tree; I see Laure doing positions she would never done after on her Dorcel time (daisy chain, pegging) and i'm amazed how she is then totally skilled! On the negative side, the director is not very talented: his scenes are filmed the same way repetitively (Laure just changes the guy), his angles are stupid and overall, i don't feel a lot of chemistry on the set. In that sense, the input that Laure was very upset by this production and its huge daily works (scenes are done one after the other), i can't rate it good so i just rate it bad!

Journal d'une infirmière

# 25 - # 43 : Dorcel at his best
Already, the movie offers 3 incredible blondes babes who play here in her full and most beautiful regalia: Léa Martini, Laure Sinclair and Anita Blonde. Next, if we have the classic Dorcel setting (the alone new girl in a bourgeois home full of debauchery), this time the mood is light, funny and it's quite a comedy, in most parts even better than a lot of straight french movies or sitcom! With this crowded house, and considering the cheating, peeping and daylight reveries (an intelligent ways to do a scene that leaves the house and offers something new, example: a lesbian oriental tea party), we have plenty of action. This may not be the movie in which Laure does much in terms of nudity, but there is definitely something that vibes here and so it's an excellent French adult production!


# 61 - # 65 :
I remember that i discovered the trailer of this video as a bonus in a Vivid DVD. Having Dasha teaming up with Nikita Denise, the meeting seems very arousing and the few sequences would put those babes in their most sexy spotlight! However as it's often the case, trailer shows the essential and watching the movie is a huge disappointment! Maybe the supernatural element is interesting (Dasha is a white angel; Nikita is a red devil; Dillon, future ex-husband of Dasha is in between) but the filming is atrocious! Nor the attempt of lesbian play between dasha & Nikita nor her straight scene are exciting: it likes nothing happens as it's terribly organized! I notice it's the 1st movie i watched from this D.A. Clark and it's not a surprise as usually Vivid works with more professionals crew (Kelli Holland, Paul Thomas, ...)


# 22 : for one time, a really exciting movie but ...
Tia plays a crew movie (editor) who gets lost in her fantasies. As already Tia is as hot as Death Valley (the sexiest Latina from Vivid girls ever!), the movie is worth watching. Tia gets on alone (her reveries) but also with girls (a times) and for one time, the scenes are really well done and really exciting!

So why i rate 1 ?

Just because they shot on location in a old church with courtyard, organ and tainted glass. Outside, at a moment, you clearly see a passerby who doesn't expect to find such activity in his visit. And they did the lesbian threesome inside the church on the benches!

I clearly disapprove: some place are sacred and must remain not soiled! Earth is sufficiently big to shoot porn movies everywhere except the churches and similar dedicated places!

Camera Shy

# 22 : oh yes ? it's a porn movie!
Tia Bella's fans, relax and don't worry: Tia is indeed the model who is camera shy but all the crew production will help her to show her skin! Anyway, maybe the best moment in the movie is in the lounge make-up where Tia is between the hands of two girls. There, Tia is just dressed in a bikini and honestly, she is just beautiful. Among her photo-shoot session, the one in which she is dressed as an angel and her guy as a red devil appears in her movie compilation, Vivid Girl of the month, released in 2006.

Private Stories 1: A Stairfuck to Heaven

# 29 : private left-over
I will be always amazed by the imagination of adult producers to sell their meat! Maybe this one has an historical value because it could be an early example of the so dreadful and contemporary vignettes movie: in other word, the adult movie that offers only raw sex, athletic performances because all the things that makes a movie is gone: story, characters, dialog, sets, costumes, music ... In this case, this "movie" is just second hand scenes ... The one with Felecia is not that bad: she washes a car with Rebecca Lord and plays outside and inside. I notice the cam recording picture colore that adds a bit of live action.

Dripping Wet Sex 4

# 29 : Felecia has one finally!
For one time, a very good scene with Felecia: for sure, her trademark is 100% girls only but here, the director has understood what the viewer expects: Felecia in action and not some stupid close-ups in awkward places! So, here, near a pool, Felecia have the space to care of Anne Marie Rios! We have the usual scenario (I begin, next your turn, and then finish with dildos) but unlike a lot of other productions, Felecia arranges herself to be on top for the 69 and it's a total firework! Voilà! It's no more complicated than that!

Illicit Intimacy

# 25 : Mayerling - X
I know this has nothing to do with this classic movie from the 60s but i have the same feeling: period flick with costumes, counts & countess, horse rides, bals, court and dances, ... Léa Martini has already done a fine similar flick Countess Giamiani in which she was wonerful as she scores on the two boards (non sex and sex). Here the hot sequences are terrible! They are shot incredibly fast so no time to build the desire but in addition, the camera is silly: it's meaningless and not at all erotic so it's a poor movie!

Vicious Streak

# 65 : vicious feet
Indeed, this movie is not a recommendation: it's rather a Sunrise Adams spotlight so Dasha had only a cameo and what awful it is: the set is truly crummy and sure not arouses excitement or desire! Dasha has a straight scene with her then real husband and you can't see an once of chemistry between them, especially from the bald Neanderthal Dillon! The climax happens on Dasha's feet and as the 10 minutes that preceded, it's totally flat and useless!

The Last Act

# 62 : the show must go on
Teiri is the adult star who retires. Dyanna is her groupie and they met in a huge black Jacuzzi to have aquatic fun! Well the scene makes splash! The tub is a bit small for the two of them, its edge is full of candles and glasses. Their lesbian act has no space and it's shot disastrously: have i discovered Dyanna with this movie, she wouldn't have give me interest to know more of her!


# 35 - # 54 : an offspring of Salieri
First of all, i comfort every one: all the cast is all alive, especially my 2 babes, Dina Jewel & Erika Bella! The title is incredibly shocking but this movie belongs to the this special italian niche in which stories are dark, sets are gloom, photography is sepia, camera angle wobly, etc ... This is not fun movies at all but totally depressive ones and the master for that was Salierri! It's all the more the case here that 3 scenes are indeed taken from his Racconti dall' oltretomba (i told you this is not Care Bears world!) but the one with my babes are original. Dina plays with 2 men on a sofa while Erika seems to play the deceased coming to life to pleasure in his imagination an old lover! Scenes are tight, fast, go to the essential while indeed focusing on the babes and their skills! Thus, in spite of its awful title, the movie is not bad!

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