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Yi ma de hou xian dai sheng huo

Director Ann Hui's The Post-modern Life of My Aunt recover her highest level.She blends her humanist cinema with influnce of the post-culturalrevolution. The cast should win dozens of Best Acting Ensemble Award. Chow Yun-Fat,Siqin Gaowa,Zhao Wei,Lisa Lu,Shi Ke show their outstanding performance in the film. The role of Chow,which name is Pan Zhichang,iscute and funny.In my opinion,this is Chow's smartest choice in resentyears. China famous actress Siqin Gaowa,who is the first actress wonHong Kong Film Awards Best Actress,contributed her bestperformance,played the old fashioned lady in The Post-modern Life of My Aunt. Zhao Wei,shocking and amazing,is the highlight spot.Her powerful acting is brilliant.Although she only has 10-min performance,Zhao impressed audience.

Huan zhu ge ge 2

I gave part one of HGGG a perfect 10 . I wanted to know the story so much I bought part 2 finally. I was holding out for World Video to put out part 2 in DVD form. There is no comparison in video and sound quality between the two publishers. As far as story goes, of course part 1 is better. Better story and more cute than part 2. I like Alec and Vicki very much but the writer made Vicki be too loud and talk too much in part 2. I like big brother "siu ken" and the queen mother's favorite "ching Yer". I like the poems and such but I do object to Xiong Yao making the characters talk silly.Seems like every important thing has to be spoken three times, e.g.: I like you one hundred years, one thousand years, one million years. I didn't mind that when I was a high school kid but now that I am much older, I just don't believe people talk like that. My favorite all time story "pride and prejudice" did not have one single person who talked in threes like Xiong Yao's characters.

Yu guanyin

Great movie!
When I first watched it, I was thinking, ' gosh it's a waste of time" but then I watched it a second time and really learned how to appreciate the show. Everything fell nicely into place and although the first part does start off slow, it is not without reason. Because the movie gets more exciting as it delves into Zhao's past, contrasts with her present state. The actors all did a good job and the last part was the most exciting part. The ending was shocking, it totally caught me off guard and I nearly cried. In Goddess of Mercy,Zhao Wei give a professional & outstanding touch.TIME AISA said "With her elfin stature, Zhao couldn't intimidate a jaywalker, but her convincing portrayal confirms her status as one of China's best actresses." Overall, this is a movie which is tragic yet beautiful in a way. This is a movie which is to be savoured and enjoyed. It is definitely a movie I would recommend.

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