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Im Juli

Best romantic road trip ever!
I came across Faith Akin's movie "Im Juli" /("In July") by pure chance and the fact that it had Moritz Bleibtreu (from "Run Lola Run" fame) in it made it appeal to me since I liked Moritz in previous other movies.

The movie tells the story of a young teacher (Moritz) who thinks he had met the love of his life in a Turkish girl and follows her to Istanbul/Turkey. At the same time his real true love, Juli (Christiane Paul) travels with him, saves him and silently tries to win his heart over.

In the end everything finds it's solution and climax beneath the Posporus bridge in Istanbul - the meeting point.

The movie is well paced, doesn't have big special effects, but tells a wonderful story.

Faith Akin's latest movie "Gegen die Wand" /("Head on") made him internationally aware to critics and a bigger audience.

Unfortunately unlike with "Gegen die Wand", there is no international release for "Im Juli" - so the movie only has German language and subtitles...

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