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Thunder Force

Funny film for open-minded people
Funny and entertaining. It is a satire of superheroes that happen to be middle-aged women. Many negative reviews are probably done by narrow-minded misogynist people who praise the four-hours movies around the same heroes from eight decades ago but cannot enjoy new proposals. This is a funny movie for those willing to get out of the box of the mass produced super heroes movies offered today.

No te puedes esconder

Waste your time watching something else
I tried to give this series the benefit of the doubt mainly because Noriega and Verdú are part of the cast. However, I was disappointed by the plot, the dialogues, some scenes, and the acting of part of the cast. The story is boring, full of cliches, and does not aport anything new to the genre. I watched enough episodes until I gave up. This series is not worthy of your time. Watch something else.

Mad About You

An excellent TV comedy and a wonderful season 8
I watched Mad About You back in the 1990s. Recently I watched all the first seven seasons and enjoyed each episode. Watching the episodes again brought back so many memories. Season eight is great! The continuation in Season eight, after two decades, was made smoothly, and everything connects. All the characters maintain their essence. Well done!

Coded Bias

A must-watch
"Coded Bias" is a highly recommended documentary about how algorithms are biased not because of the computers but because of the data they a fed on ending discriminating against women, people of color, and minorities. Many interesting points about how we are being used as data by AI without knowing and without consent. Also is a refreshing film because, unintentionally, according to the director of the film, most of the people that appeared in it are women, at least two of them African Americans, with higher degrees. A well-done movie about another modern way how we all are being discriminated: algorithms are used today in everything, hiring processes, college applications, layoffs, and the scary part are that those decisions are not being made by humans but by computers. It does not matter what you do, your trajectory, awards, if the algorithm reads you are a woman, a woman, or men of color, the probabilities of being denied a credit card, a college application, a job are higher because of these algorithms that are everywhere. A good documentary, very current, definitely a must-watch.

Half Brothers

An enjoyable comedy
"Half Brothers" is a comedy with plenty of messages. It includes an immigration story like Hollywood rarely portrays it: with the heart. It also shows a story where the central characters are men but whose stories tell the viewer that men can be emotional, they suffer, and there is nothing wrong to show it. It is a transnational story that reminds us that we have a humanity that connects us more in-depth than our cultural and linguistic differences. It is a bilingual comedy with a heart that will provide you a good time in these uncertain times we are living in. "Half Brothers" is a feel-good movie that is not a cinematic masterpiece. Still, it does its work: entertain with a message that can resonate not only with Latinos but with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Cindy La Regia

Funny comedy
This is a comedy very similar to Legally Blonde but Mexican style. Entertaining and funny, nothing more.

Made in Mexico

Pure trash
This show is like the Mexican version of the Kardashian: a show about talentless rich people who live in a bubble far away from Mexico's reality and their world of luxury and elite social life in Mexico City. This is not representative of Mexico in any way or form.

Más negro que la noche

Bad remake
This movie is a remake of a 1975 film directed by Carlos Enrique Taboada. The original is by far much better than this 2014 version. The new version is full of bad acting, bad dialogues and lots of clichés. It's a horror movie, but you end up laughing watching it. I watched years ago the original, and I do believe this new version was a complete failure. The sad part is that good actor work in this film, such as Margarita Sanz, she is an extraordinary actress, but in this film, her talent is completely wasted.

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