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Last Christmas

Feel good movie, loved it
Usual story or concept we've already seen on the screen but still the movie is likable.

Too Hot to Handle

Fun to watch as the casts aren't boring at all scripted or not
Found myself giggling at every episodes as the men were funny as the same time with the women - great casting btw. If you will observe closely their personalities in the show, it's just natural especially on how they openly talk about their own feelings about urges, sex and lust (which is about the show itself) People who can't relate seems to be close minded so forget about their bad review coz they are all saints lol.

The Wrong Missy

Expected a bit more
The actors were no doubt proven and the best comedians but the storyline and script failed, a little i guessed.

The Gentlemen

Storyline was great
Great storyline with actors perfect for the roles!


Mature romantic drama at its finest
Story amazing, drama execution present, character development achieved and most importantly, not boring.

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