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Jurassic World

Four times better than any other Jurassic Park sequel!
Jurassic World is a worth wild sequel to a great franchise. The wonder does not top the original movie, but the adventure does. The movie is epic, bigger and better than all the others. A perfect blockbuster in every way.

Pay no attention to the weird science that's going on and keep focus on the cartoonish action that drives the movie. It's corny at times, but it perfectly pays homage to Spielberg style blockbuster making

The dinosaurs are terrifying and awesome at the same time. The movie only showcases two new prehistoric creatures that have not been seen at the park before, but the oldie but goodie Raptors are in it, proving that you can try but noting can knock them off the top of the cool chain.

Milking the success of Guardians of the Galaxy is Chris Pratt as the dashing hero type, using his ruggedly handsome looks to tame the beast...that is Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays the not so damsel slash sidekick in the film.

It was a fun ride at the movies and worthy of its IMAX release. It was filled with contemporary satire that does not forget the original while pressing forward and just when you think you saw the best haven't. It just keeps getting better in its outrageousness.

See this one!


Yeah, if you like the TV show, you'll love the movie.
The film literally is the ninth season of the show adapted into a movie.

Taking place a few months after the eighth season, Ari Gold takes his new job as head of the studio and makes his first project a one hundred million dollar movie for his number one star Vincent Chase, but when Vincent's wanting to direct makes him go over budget, Mr. Gold has to deal with the investor's son, who has issues with the flick.

Very similar to Sex in the City, it seems easy to adapt a six or seven episode season of an HBO show into a two hour movie. Entourage proves that if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Though it kinda sucks a little in retrospective that I had to shell out the cost of a movie ticket to see the next season of Entourage, it was well worth.

It was funny as hell, and I loved to see what the boys are up to now. Like the show the movie was filled with celebrity cameos. What was cool was the cameos by people who regularly did cameos or had amazing cameos on the show (like the show's executive producer, Mark Whalberg)

Just like the show, I watch the movie and just loved the lives these guys lead. They make it look like so much fun that I could not care if I was the movie star or one of the hanger ons

So if you were sad to see the show go off the air than it's definitely worth gathering your Entourage to go see it.

Club Life

Just OK, nothing really to brag about.
Jerry Ferrera's leading man role is in a movie about a limo driver who becomes a thing in the club scene in New York City was perfectly small for the Entourage Costar.

But the movie is too by the numbers to stand out to be anything. It did not have enough style and attitude that it needed to really be something.

All the acting was too on cue. Just no real passion in it.

Club Life had a lot of potential, but it does not hit you, it does not stick with you, it kinda goes away.

Good effort, but falls short.


Not impressive at all
The movie tries to suck you in with a trailer and a poster that showcases the parade of stars in it, that would have been great if they weren't just overblown and underused cameos surrounding this Bradley Cooper focused vehicle.

The plot seems interesting. A washed up Air Force pilot helps a billionaire launch a private rocket. The development felt like an action thriller from a Tom Clancy novel, but the delivery falls well short of even a lame espionage movie.

But it is a Cameron Crowe film so what we're really expecting is a movie about people connecting with one another

Though the movie has its sweet moments, overall it falls short of fulling warming or touching the heart. The whole thing is splashed together too quickly and the pace did not allow me to feel enough for anyone to a point were I can say this movie is worth seeing

San Andreas

When The Rock takes on the San Andreas fault...every one wins!
The best disaster movie I've seen in years, and it has everything to do with The People's Action Hero, who brought the action to the disaster

Dawayne Johnson plays a rescue chopper pilot who has to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco after a 9.6 scale earthquake hits California in order to pick up his really hot daughter stuck in the city with the most damage.

The movie is a little terrifying than other disaster movies like 2012 or the day after tomorrow. I don't know much about Earthquakes but the science laid out in the movie is sound, and it plays on real events that have happen in the past ten years that make the movie seem accurate (to some one who lives in an earthquake free zone at least), than other end of the world situations. I can only imagined how much more crazier it would be if I was from San Fran watching the city get totaled.

Like most disaster movies it has an ensemble cast with Paul Giamtti as head of the team that figures out how to predict the quakes, Alexandra Daddario as The Rock's sexy and strong (white) daughter, and the always beautiful Carl Gugino once again playing Johnson's love interest slash sidekick like she did in Race to Witch Moutian and Faster.

But make no mistake, we want to see this movie to see what the Rock is cooking. Another blockbuster is what.

Good Kill

I liked it a lot, but it's really grim when feeding you a lot to think about
I saw the poster in a theater and thought it would be more of an action movie, but I should have known since Ethan Hawke was in it

Hawke plays a seasoned Air Force pilot who gets grounded by the increased use of drones in the war on terror. You would think being able to serve his country safely from an office in Las Vegas and go home to his beautiful wife (played by January Jones), and kids would be ideal, as it saves American lives,but the problem is that you can't ground an airman, and the concept of making combat no different than playing Call of Duty, spins him into a nasty spiral of heavy drinking, with the thoughts of taking out terrorist and those that surround them especially, as easily as a child takes out king koopa in Mario Bros.

The movie is grim. Its so balanced in the whole politics of drone combat that no one's point shines out more than the other, which is very sad. If it was a documentary, it would be the best ever made. As a narrative, the filmmaker does an amazing job of not really taking sides, which makes you feel even more for the lead character whose deep in the conflict of doing his duty, which leaves a bad taste in his mouth.

I like Ethan Hawke, not sure if I like him in the role. The character is very well done as well as the picture, but there moments I did not see the despair in Ethan. Might be because even though it's not the action flick I thought it was, I think he played it like an action hero, just a little too Top Gun.

Zoe Kravitz has a supporting role in the movie. I thought she was good as the outspoken left wing rookie of the group, speaking on everything that's wrong with drone combat. Maybe very sexist of me to point out how the young woman is the one against it in a room full of men, or is it just sexiest that she had to play that part. Despite this it was a great role for her

This is definitely a film and not a movie about drone combat. Bruce Greenwood, who plays a captain sums it up in a speech he gives to a group of solders who look like kids about this being just like a video game that takes real lives. Something like that can get into even the strongest willed minds and the movie gives insight on that which I found entertaining, but may not be for everyone.

Wrong Turn

Way better than I expected.
I saw on Netflix that this movie produced five sequels, which I found interesting enough to watch, but first I needed to refresh my memory on the original.

Wrong Turn turned out to be a really good movie. It's a refreshing Slasher film that does things slightly differently.

The kids get into a car accident that turns out to be a trap set by psychopathic killers. The accident happens early in the movie before we learn much about the characters. The action begins quickly, and I do mean action, as the group of slashers hunt down these kids, who wanted to get out of the woods more badly than any group of young attractive kids ever did, like animals.

Eliza Dushku earned her place on the poster. She's not playing a victim at all as she tries to lead her friends out of the woods.

Plus the Slashers in the movie were an interesting group of hillbilly freaks worthy of having sequels to keep the party going.

So I get why they would make sequels to this movie, its a really great watch.


Nice little adventure with good visual concepts and a message that hits you
When I first saw the trailer for the Disney flick, and saw Gorge Clooney was going to be in it, something in my gut thought it was strange he would do a film like this, but now I get it.

Tomorrowland is a place where the most creative science and art minds alike are selected to freely create without worrying about politics, capitalism, and other things that can stop this progression. But all good things must come to an end, and it's up to George Clooney as ex-boy genius Frank Walker and his like minded teenage sidekick to prevent that from happening.

It's a perfect film for former animation director, Brad Bird. Its a live action cartoon as fun and exciting as the Disney attraction its loosely based on. I'm a fan of what the mouse house refer to as imagineers and I feel the movie celebrates these people.

The movie also self serves Clooney's wanting to save the world from itself, hitting us over the head like a blunt object with the idea that the world complains too much about its problems and how it could use a place like Tomorrowland to change it.

The message might have carried over better if it was a Disney animated feature that tends to tell a better story, keeping politics out of it.

Overall, it's fairly easy to get over the fact that Clooney is selling his message and to just enjoy the movie for the fun action adventure flick filmed with some great sci-Fi visuals, that it is.

See it today not tomorrow.

The Expendables 2

It was indeed a better movie than it's originally, how rare is that?!
Extremely macho!The Expendables 2 is perfect.

Stallone leads a all-star cast of action packed action heroes including the great Jean Claude Van-Dame as the pun intended named Villain, playing the psycho villain (even better, b-action star Scott Adkins who has already been in three Marshall arts movies with the muscles from Brussels plays his henchmen).

Possibly the best mid-life crisis anyone has ever had, The Expendables 2 is the ultimate through back to Stallone's heyday when it was all about balls to the walls action and who was packing the most heat.

Stallone gives it to us like we like it. We know it's campy and outdated, but it brings me back to the great 80s when action was at it's golden era(full realization of that is the fact that this is a sequel, something the 80s was also really good at)

Stallone is joined by other action mega stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, whose roles were just cameos in the first film are more in the battle this time. Nothing was cooler that watching the three biggest action stars side by side taking out the bad guys.

And if that's not big enough for you than I got two words for you...CHUCK NORRIS. Nothing was better than listening to Chuck recite his own joke about how though he is on screen.

Directed by Simon West it seems that the originally was just a warm up for what this movie is. Fantastic!

Get Hard

A little skeptical at first due to the fact that the movie rips off another Saturday Night Live alum's movie. Rob Snider basically played the same character in Big Stan, Will Ferrell plays in Get Hard, so I thought it was strange the Ferrell would rip him off.

Of course Ferrell is far funnier in this situation of a white collar crook getting sentence to hard time and needing to be shown how to Survive prison.

Does not hurt to have Kevin Hart as your teacher. Kevin Hart is always funny.

I definitely would recommend seeing the movie. It's stupid, but that is the point, and Hart and Ferrell deliver some good laughs.

C'era una volta il West

Overall, a pretty bad ass epic.
Bad ass opening title sequence, just lots of preparation for a big show down that pays.

People talk about the cinematography, but it was the sound design that did it for me. The wind made sound. Water tripping made sound. The sound of the dessert was musical.

So impressed with the soundtrack being replaced by the sound of the landscape. And then the music comes it and whoa it's epic, it's bad ass. Lots of suspense.

Some early bad assing from bad ass Charles Bronson as well.

Overall beautifully done classic.


Good one
Jim Parsons brings his the persona from. The Big Bang theory that made him a small screen star in voicing the character of Oh, an awkward alien trying to make friends and finds one in Tip an earth girl played by Rihanna.

Parsons and RiRi radiate chemistry, despite it only being their voices on the screen.

The animation was not that impressive, but the story was really good.

I don't know about Dreamworks Classic here, but It was a good, funny animated feature to see with your family.

I would recommend not seeing it in 3D, it's not that good.

Danny Collins

Charming little film
Al Pacino was great in the movie.

I would have never cast him has Danny Collins. Danny Collins is suppose to be a big folk singer in the 1970's. They used old photos of Al from the 1970's as album covers, i think one still from the God father, which made Danny Collins music seem instance and Dark (my kind of folk), but the music actually done was very pop and sounded weird actually being sung by Pacino, who looks more like a lounge singer.

But the movie is not really about the music. Danny Collins is more about Collins attempting to charm his way into his son's life, a man who he has never met and has a family of his own.

Pacino may have been slightly miss cast, but the man was charming and funny and was lighting up the screen with his charisma. similar to his role in Sent of A Woman.

Definitely go see if you are a Pacino fan.


Close, but no cigar.
Nice try guys, I'll always give that A for effort.

The movie reminded me a lot of the Blair Witch project. It was very retro in it's whole found footage horror genre theme. Maybe because they did a lot with such a small crew of people.

A group of white kids go into the woods, for what reason never matters, but horny whites under age 24 in the woods, always is a bad idea (should be a law against it.)

Anyway, the movie did have suspense. Some of the suspenseful moments were great, they were killing me with it.

The problem here was the scare, and when you're doing horror, that's an important problem.

From the moment the first real scare went down I knew this movie was in trouble. I did not jump out of my seat once in the movie, not once. There were some eerie moments in the film but nothing really registered. It may have been how sloppy the whole story was put together. I never fully got the purpose of the game they were playing (maybe cause I never played it (maybe because I'm not stupid enough to go into the woods to play a stupid game)

The girls in the movie were cute. That was a bonus, I found them pleasant to look at, but no one's persona was develop well enough to really care weather they lived or died.

Also, the movie had too many false scares, and horror moments. It felt like they were trying to add more time to make what could have worked as a short, a feature movie, but all it did was make an hour and a half feel like twice as long.

Once again, A for effort but will not recommend watching.


Pretty dope! far better than what I was expecting (Far, far better!)
The werewolf from Twilight plays a down on his luck bike messenger who gets involved with a group of Parkour trainers that get him evolved in a criminal delivery service for extra money.

The action in the movie is pretty excellent. I remember Parkour from back in 2004 when I first saw the French film, District 13 followed by the opening sequence in Casino Royal a few years later, but other than the remake of District 13, Brick Mansion, the discipline has not grown past YouTube videos. That's sad, cause it works so good for chase scenes, which this movie had a lot of good ones.

It was cool seeing Taylor Lautner do Parkour, and he really does do it, at least the basic stuff. If your a fan of his, you'll love that.

Released by Saban films, the guys who brought us Power Rangers, it has a very kid friendly Disney-like vibe to it, only a little edgier to appeal to more teens and young adults. Reminds me of Rooftops (if you haven't seen Rooftops, you have to)

I'm actually fine with the Idea of Lautner trying to be a Teen hearthrob/action hero. I found this movie as enjoyable as I found his John Singleton directed action thriller Abduction. It was fun to sit threw and I kinda hope he makes more. Seriously!

Merchants of Doubt

Lays out all the info for you, but it is a little deceptive.
When I saw the trailer for the move I was under the impression that the movie was going to be about so-called "experts" who get paid by certain businesses to say that their product is safe but it really is not. The movie begins like that but it ends with propaganda about Global warming that does not completely focus on the purpose of the film.

Yeah, they start out with the obvious, Smoking. No matter what you think, smoking is bad for you, everyone knows that, that's a given. They lay out the info of why smoking is bad for you and how the Tobacco companies miss guide you into believing this is not true, including hiring scientist who beliefs on the subject differ than the beliefs of every other scientist, and passing those scientist off as people who are not being paid to tell you that smoking is OK.

The film does this for I think two more subjects in the first thirty or so minutes. Than it goes into Global warming.

Honestly, my opinion of this movie has nothing to do with my opinion with Global warming, but I must say I don't like to be preached to, especially when that preaching seems to be your own personal agenda.

That's what I got from this movie, a lot of info about Global warming being our fault, beaten over my head like I just spilled grape juice on my mom's carpet.

I understood the segments about smoking because these segments are well- rounded (ironically because these segments do lean towards one opinion greatly). In fairness to the filmmakers just saying "don't smoke" is actually in perspective a lot easier to comprehend.

The movie reminds me of America: Imagine the World without her, in which filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza made a lot a very good, but not favorable points on African Americans, Native Americans, Capitalism, and a few other topics, but it all went down the toilet when he made the movie his own personal agenda about him vs. Obama. That's what happen with this flick.

I think this documentary would have worked better if I saw at lease a glimpse of a solution to the problem which I never got. If they looked hard enough, I'm sure they could have found someone (or paid a Scientist) to come up with one, but all I get was the complaint and that's not worth watching.

The Gunman

Very dull action movie by Sean Penn.
I don't think I ever saw Sean Penn do an action movie.

Not sure if he's at that point in his career were he does not care or he just feels he can't be a well diverse actor without having this on his resume.

Either way he does a good performance as one, and was impressively built but not overdone for the role.

The movie does go over some political satire with his character playing a Metaphor of the guilt we all should all feel about our own involvement in what's going on in the Congo.

Guess he felt this will be a better way to spread his word to the masses. Penn was wrong about that. I got very little from this flick.

Although the movie is mostly laid with espionage and sprinkled with action, neither elements got my pulse pounding.

Javier Barton is good in this movie. He's a great actor and it's fun to see him on the big screen as Penn's rival for the affections of a woman.

But if you are fans of Idris Elba, like I am, don't let his top billing fool you. He's barely in it, and his role does nothing to help the film.

I like the film but I snoozed though it. Penn brought nothing new to the genre and I was hoping he would but he did not.

Catch on DVD.


Nice,violent action adventure, but not the best laid out sequel.
Reminds me of the Matrix Reloaded where the action was kicked up a notch in replacement of the story that laid the foundation in the first movie.

This is what a mindless action movie driven by a girl looks like. She spends the whole movie kicking ass and taking names, and she still gets to be rescued by what now is her dashing sidekick. I'm not hating on that.

The violence was grand. Usually when you adapted a book to the big screen, you tone that down but this does not seem to (although I never read the book). It has everything that a guy would like in an action movie: Chases, fights,gun play. All that is done well.

The only problem is, as a sequel you have to know what happen in the last movie to get what's going on here.

The first movie had a voice over narration to move parts of the story along not fully portrayed on screen. This movie could have used something like that as it is not able to stand alone. Of course the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies are like that but those stores are a little more interesting. This story was paste together with no care and felt like it. As I watched all the action go down I could not care less about the quest.

Luckily Shailene Woodley who plays the hero and Kate Winslet who plays the villain were interesting enough without the story to keep the movie going. It was fun watching these two opposing forces go up against each other.

Overall, it really is an action movie with a less intelligent story (like most action movies). It's no Hunger Games saga.

It's cliché to say the sequel will never out due the original but...

Keys to Tulsa

James spider was pretty cool in the film. I don't think I've seen him play a role like that. Though he's good at playing a dick, he had this kinda Elvis thing going on in the film that made him almost unrecognizable at first.

Of course I could be given Mr. Blacklist too much credit. He was good in a sea of bad performances. Everyone was trying to be cool and dramatic and tortured all at once and it was coming across nothing but lame.

It's funny that the movie is made in 1997 or more likely it was just released in 97. The filmed screamed early to mid-90s with the clothes and hair cut.

It feels aged and out dated as it reflects the culture of rich white people in the 90s. You would think being rich and white was ageless as it still exist today, but I definitely walked into a time warp with this one.

Overall, it's long and boring and feels like it goes nowhere, so I can't recommend

The Cobbler

A step in a different direction for Adam Sandler that was strange to get into.
I must admit, the only reason I went to see this movie was because of the star power of Adam Sandler. I knew nothing else other than he was a dude who made shoes, and I figure it would be good for a chuckle or two.

Than I saw the movie. A special machine that's been in the family for centuries allows the Cobbler (Sandler) to become any person who shoes he puts on after being repaired with it.

If The premise sounds superheroish, that's because after testing these new powers he uses them to do good in the neighborhood.

I did not enjoy it as much as I should have because it's not the comedy that Sandler got his star power from like That's my Boy or Grown ups, that's what I went in for. It's more of a dramaedy in the guise of Spanlish or Punch-Drunk love, but not as easily formatted.

With an all star cast including Method Man, Steve Buscemi and Dustian Hoffan, the film indeed had a lot of charisma, but I feel it was not put together well. It seem slow and endless at times.

I saw it once in the theater and I feel it's one of those movies that you need to try again in order to truly appreciate it, so I would recommended catching on a smaller screen.


Oh My God! the cheesiest horror mover ever!! So much fun to watch!!!

It was the weirdest guilty pleasure I've ever seen. It's the type of thing that you tell everyone you hate but you secretly liked.

A can of toxic waste falls off a truck, into a lake and onto a Beaver dam where the animals get infected.

At the same time a group of horny people under the age of 24, go into the woods to have sex. (just noting, nothing ever good happens to people under the age of 24 who go into the woods to have sex).

You get the idea from here where the story is going. What was laid out is not going to revolutionize the horror or zombie genre, but you got to admit the idea of Zombeavers is cleaver enough to get us to take a look.

But all you'll get from watching this movie is pure laughter, so I hope that's what the filmmakers are going for, because that's what this film is worth, a few really good laughs at how ridiculous the movie is.

In fact, the only possibly fright factor in the movie is the cheap and campy Beaver puppets which did look like, as the movie pointed out big fat rodents, and if you don't like rats, it does make your skin crawl when these things start to pop out of nowhere.

It's campy as hell but it's worth seeing for some giggles.


Overall beautiful a Science fiction story
When I saw the trailer, I knew I was going to go see it. I love a Sci-Fi, especially the hard sci- Fi like this that keeps it grounded in what the human race can actually do right now.

Robots are not the future they are the present and Eva backs this up with a sci-fi twist as a robot expert works on making a robot with free will while reconnecting with people he left behind and discovering a new friend that will change his work forever.

I did find the story slightly flawed. It seemed like the first few minutes of the movie told too much of what's coming ahead, but maybe the filmmaker met to do that cause the whole expression of a man of science being so emotionally connected was very strong.

The movie spent a lot of time inventing and programming the robot which I loved. It's the good thing the special effects were decent cause that could have ruin this part of the film.

Another fantastic Sci-fi movie from Spain, backing up the Antonio Banderas movie on robots, Automata, and another great robot movie this year which includes Chappie among them.

Eva is a beautiful story well told through cinema. Recommend

It Follows

Unique horror masterpiece
Though it has not been that long since I've seen such an inventive horror film(I'm thinking of 2011's, You're Next) this movie definitely ups the ante when it comes to an imaginative story plot.

A girl name Jay is given the STD of STD's after she sleeps with a guy who passes to her a strange horror That haunts her.

I would say more but the little I tell you honestly, the better you'll like the movie. It works on the idea of the unknown element.

Filmed in Detroit, the scenery of this half abandon city helps the atmosphere of the film.

It Follows is more focus on a psychological horror and does not rely on gimmicks like gore, just creepiness as its scare tactic.

The music adds to the suspensefulness of the story, and it is suspenseful. The filmmakers never let up on that.

Reminds me of the cheap horror films made in the 70s and 80's for the Grindhouse market. I loved it for it's creativeness and doing something different with the horror genre.

Recommend giving it a try.


I like it for what it showed me about life in this place.
the imagery of the movie is quite powerful.

The movie is projected as a day in the life of people in Timbuktu, and it does not start out relatable at all. It gives you the understanding of the things we take for granted, like not living under a military rule that outlaws singing, certain social gatherings in which the outcome of punishment is far too great.

Otherwise, to be honesty the movie is gets over my head a lot. The story was very bland and drawn out, and moved too slow to truly keep my interest.

Wonderfully shot, but not could not get into it.


Not the action packed crime drama I was expecting...I got a little bit more
I knew I was going to see it when I saw the poster in my local theater, and when I read the summary, I was hooked.

Ethan Hawk as a cop at war with a biker gang who's leader is played by Ed Harris. That sounds like a winner.

The movie had the gritty tone of an early 80s action movie thanks to the electronic music that simmers through the picture. Someone is definitely paying homage to the 80's which is in right now.

Than the Shakespearean dialog begins to break out, which started to make what I thought would be just a mediocre gritty tale with an all-star cast, far more interesting.

What I like about this adaptation of William Shakespeare is that the actors were reading the lines with their own dialect. It was not done like it was a stage play they made it like a movie.

Best example is with John Leguizamo who delivered the lines of big Willie with the attitude of the Latino raised New Yorker he is. Too bad he did not have more lines in the movie, after all this is not his first time adapting Shakespeare to the big screen.

Like the Leguizamo starring Romeo and Juliet, Cymbeline is a bit sir-realistic. This was done as a way to stay true to the play it was adapted from and yet give it the modern day twist of being set in the present, with Rome being portrayed as a contemporary metropolitan and Ed Harris character status as the leader of the biker gang being treated like Royalty.

I think I would have preferred a little more looseness with the adaptation in order to make it more original, but that's a small pet peeve to an otherwise entertaining movie.

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