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After all the hype, it was a run of the mill action movie.
Now I have been waiting for this film since it came out and after watching it yesterday my thoughts are 'it's just an average action movie.' Yes the acting was very good, yes the action scenes were done really good but why the only average rating? Well I shall tell you.

These type if film a now are ten and to a penny and yes this rates as one if the better ones but it still came across as just another run of the mill action movie.

This type of story, normal man who is not normal does justice against the bad guys, think of John Wick, Taken all three of them, Neeson' s other movies since the Taken movie. I could go but the list is really endless from big budget movies like the ones I have mentioned and then you can start talking about the straight to DVD movies which okay the budget is not as big but the action scenes are done just as well, if you think I am wrong then go and look at some movies in your supermarkets and you will see.

Like I have said I enjoyed the film but it gives you the Oh no it's one of these types again.

Now the film would have been better off if they didn't have the ex soldier storyline in this movie.

Would I recommend this, yes I would for a watch.

Don't expect a great movie, very good one, yes but not great.

Fear Street: 1994

A tad to long return of slasher films.
This trilogy like most people peeked my interest so I decided to give them a watch and I also like what Netflix are doing with these, once a week a new one comes out.

Now onto the movie itself, well it was okay, I found it could have had maybe 30 minutes less and still the movie would have had the same impact.

The acting itself was good, so was the story but I found the film went over the same ground time and time again, so in a way it got boring to watch.

Now with any slasher style movie the killings are what counts, here you will not be disappointed they were very well done and for the Gore hounds out there, there were quite a lot of them as well.

Overall a good film not brilliant. I enjoyed it but got bored in parts. Now o to number two.

The Tomorrow War

Nothing new but still a good film if you have nothing better to watch.
Just finished watching this about five minutes ago, so I am writing this as .y mind is fresh coming from the film.

Firstly the film itself was fast even though the movie ran for two hours and eighteen minutes, honestly it didn't seem like that but after finishing the film you will come away thinking that at least half an hour could be taken off the running time and you would still have the movie without losing any of it's impact.

Also I found that as I went through the film, some scenes reminded me of other movies, such as resident evil, terminator and the thing. When you watch this film you will see what I mean, so nothing new was brought to the table.

The effects on most part were very good and I was impressed by them. Okay there were so.e scene a where the cgi didn't work and I am glad this film kept those scenes to a minimum.

The acting in most part was as expected, nothing stand out. Chris Pratt' s role could have been taken on by any other actor, honestly he did an okay job once again nothing stand out.

So o stall a movie that is worth a watch but don't expect anything special. I enjoyed it but I would not give it anything over a five rating.

Worth one watch but then forgettable.


Watch out for fake reviews
Having just finished watching this movie I thought now would be a good time to review this film.

I so wanted to like this movie but alas it was so bad that I wanted to fast forward the movie but I always like to give films a try and see how they pan out.

The film was so bad that it is in a c category not a b.

I also read another review who said they gave it a 3 for the ending, be warned if your a fan of 80's horror films then the ending will not be surprise for you.

Give this a miss if you don't want to be disappointed by a movie.


A three not a four for boar
Having just buses this film on prime I thought now would be a good time to review it.

The story was not original at all in fact the movie Razorback done it better.

The acting for most part was good but the scenes in the bar were awful and all the conversation seemed forced.

The effects on most part were passable but because of this the film would never get passed a b movie.

The scene with the big guy taking on the boar threw the movie even more into it's b movie category.

Overall a film worth watch I g if you haven't got anything better to do.

The Predator

Only good for one watch.
When we all heard that Shane Black was going to go back to basics with this one, since the other sequels had failed, everyone including me thought, yes we are going to get a predator film that we have been waiting for, but alas what we got was another reject sequel.

The story was okay, the action sequences were just okay but there were way to many tines once again the cgi didn't work. When are film makers going to realise that using cgi is awful and totally spoil films.

Then there was the ending, boy what a let down. This part of the movie could have made it brilliant but alas it became embarrassing from Mr. Black.

This movie is only worth one watch but if I was you, stick to the original.


Bit of a let down
I had been meaning to see this when I first saw the trailer on Netflix.

I hadn't had chance before that as my job has strange hours but earlier today I found myself with time on my hands so I thought now is the chance to watch this, in fact I could give it all of my attention, which by the way this film needs.

I am not going into details of this film per say because everyone else has but I am just going to give my two pennies worth.

Overall I was disappointed with the film and I found it hard for it to hold my attention, don't get me wrong I enjoyed it but it went a bit to over the top by the end.

Yes before you all shout at me, it is a sci fi thriller as such but the movie ran out if ideas and was throwing the same things in but it showed a similar thing in a different packaging.

Worth one watch and that was it. Go and watched Buried instead.

The Woman in the Window

Worth your time.
Saw this last night on Netflix last night and for someone who hasn't read the book I must say this film was very enjoyable.

In fact I had never heard of the book before hearing about this film and by the other reviews maybe it's better to not read the book.

Now I am not saying the film is not without it's faults, there are faults and these were mostly in the second half of the movie.

The first half was excellent and a great mystery but by the time the second half was on, the tension had let up a bit, the ending I saw coming a mile away, which took the tension out.

All the actors in the film were excellent and did a really good job with the movie.

I would recommend this film and I would say you will not be disappointed with it.

Not brilliant bit well worth a watch, see this film.

The Candy Witch

Acting so wooden I thought I was in IKEA.
Story wise this film was pretty good and some and I mean some of the acting passable but the film had so much wooden acting and boring parts in between the scary scenes that it was as if you are watching two movies.

The mum who was getting haunted was the best actor in the whole film, some if the supporting actors were passable but my problem was with the main actor: Jon Callaway boy was he bad, his acting was so wooden I thought there was a staircase in the film, yes that's how wooden he was. Also what the heck was that hair he had, I thought it had it's own role in the movie.

Also has this man had botox or what, that look he had with his forehead always with the same creases in it, it never moved.

Being the main actor his scenes either made me laugh at how bad he was or I was so bored that by the time the scare scenes came I wasn't bothered anymore.

All in all a total let down.

Good scare scenes but a boring movie with a pointless story in between the horror. Also for a better movie next time, GET A BETTER MAIN ACTOR NOT SOMEONE FROM IKEA.

Don't bother.

SAS: Red Notice

Read the book instead.
I like many others who have watched this film are Andy McNabb book fans. Yes I know most films never live up to the books in which they are based on but I was hoping that this would have been different, but once again it was not.

As others have said already, this film is full of cliches which I find spoil movies and films like this treat their audiences like idiots which we are not.

If your a fan and have already read the book, do yourself a favour and go back and read it again it would be better than watching this film.

I am giving this film 3 stars and this is generous.


The 100 Candles Game

Why can't they make good anthologies anymore.
I love anthology films, in fact I have seen so many and most of them fall into three categories, awful, not bad and good.

Now this one has a mixture.

The story of the pregnant girl could have been made into a full film, also the one with the boy and his dad living in a field, both would have made good films.

But the rest were awful, like what was the point of the first story?

But I have to ask, why can't film makers these days go and look at the Amicus films which were anthologies and they were good.

The stories were also good and made sense.

I wait for a good anthology film to come out.

Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers

An hour of nothing happening
Even though this film is just on for an hour, nothing happened, and I mean nothing.

Now there was nothing wrong in the story or the acting but waiting for something to show or something to make you think oh that was good,even if it just for an hour, you get bored waiting.

Don't believe the five star rating, once again imdb have let people involved in the movie to rate the film.

I gave this one two stars, one for attracting and one for the story.

Give this one a miss.

Final Stab

Badly needing filler.
I watched this last night as a one off just to see what these movies are like.

Did I enjoy it? Well yes and no, meaning that the killings were okay but the story itself was boring.

This is what I mean by saying in my title, it needed filler.

The story being the main problem just seemed that the film makers ran out of things to put in a movie.

The story was boring, they needed to fill it out better before the killings started.

By the time the killings started you will be bored waiting for things to happen.

Next time make the film longer and add a better story otherwise this movie will just be another fan film that will gather dust.

Two stars because the acting was pretty darn good.

Slash 2

Stunk badly.
Watched this one earlier after watching a stab movie last night, I will be reviewing that one later.

This one was so bad I couldn't even finish it. Yes that's how bad it is, don't believe the one other review for this film as I believe they have some kind if connection with this movie.

Yes I know it was by fans and yes they didn't have the budget to make a polished film but I have seen similar budgeted films and they have been better.

Give this a wide berth.


One star.

Last American Horror Show

Awful, one of the worst films I have ever seen.
Saw this last night, read good things about it on this site but alas more rigged ratings on IMDB.

Firstly the film itself, two pound budget, if it cost more I can't see where they would have used it.

The acting, bad when it was bad, worse when it was worse. Now o don't mind cheap films, I have seen a lot of them but the acting in this was awful.

The stories ranged from awful to just plain bad, in fact none of them were really good.

Also the film makers should also realise that putting in cheap bloody effects will not take away t how bad this film is, also it didn't add anything to the movie either.

Avoid this film at all costs. I wish I could give it a no star rating.

Meet the Richardsons

As funny as toothache.
Shows like this are ten a penny these days, in being so it is impossible for everyone of them to be funny.

This show can be written on the back of a stamp for the amount of scripted notes it uses.

I wish and many others do for old style sitcoms to come back.

Every comedy program now are the same and that is the problem. Only when old style sitcoms come back into vogue, which will be awhile because of the snowflakes out there who get offended easily, then and only them will comedy will good again.


A good film with flaws.
Watched this movie last night, I enjoyed it and glad I had seen it but even though I enjoyed the film I found it had more negatives than positives. Positives: The acting which was good for a lower budget movie. The monster effects were very good and I was impressed by it. The story, now this will be in the negatives as well as it had good and bad points. This was where the film fell flat as well. Negatives: Firstly I am going to go with the story as this had the film's main flaws. Five children in the bus, where we're they going? Why only five of them? This wasn't answered in film at all. No back story to give the film some filler, I felt this would have greatly enhanced the movie with back stories of the teenagers. No back story to the killer who holds the bus up, again why not it would have made a better impact on the film. Also more backstory to the girl and her brother discovering the monster, this would have been a brilliant aspect to the film. Also to much music throughout the film, way to much music, even when the cast were talking, we had over music, why? It also took away any suspense away from the horror scenes in the movie. Overall though I did enjoy it but it should have been on for longer to flesh out the story more.

Beyond the Gates

Wrong rating.
I sat down to watch this last night and I didn't even make it through the whole film, this is how bad the movie was. I have watched some really bad films in my time but I was so bored with this movie I had to turn it off. In fact the film was so bad that I thought it was playing backwards. A good idea but done really badly. I do not recommend this movie at all. Avoid at all costs.

The Vast of Night

To talky
Last night I watched this on prime knowing nothing about it apart from the score from this site. After watching the whole film I decided it is two camps, of course the good and bad. The good: the acting. The scenery, the town the movie was set the late 1950's was good but I would have loved to have seen more. The story in which I really did enjoy it. The bad: nothing happened and I mean nothing happened and to me this is what the story missed the most. The talking, way to much and mean to much. Yes some films thrive on the talking scenes but this used it so much that it missed out on theism aspect and that was tension. There was tension in this film at all, even near the end it had a little bit but still not enough. To me this film would have thrived on some tense scenes which would have made this film great. Overall a good film but could have been so.much better.

The Unwelcoming House 2

If you like bad ben then watch this.
Having seen most of the Bad Ben films over the past few weeks, I have been looking for something similar to watch. I stumbled upon this title without knowing anything about it. So this film is very similar to the Bad Ben movies with a house being the whole or most of the film's time. Found footage and only one person really in the whole film. This film has a much more serious tone more than Bad Ben in which I found more funny than anything. Overall this film had a really good tone for a found footage film but was let down by a very weak finish and I do mean a very weak finish. To me this ending took the tone away from the film and totally ruined it for me. If the ending was a lot better then my score would have been higher. Almost there, I would still like to see more from this director.

The Blackwell Ghost

Even for an hour, I struggled.
I had high hopes for this film but boy was it struggle to get through. I have watched two and a half hour films that seemed quicker than this. So what was wrong with it? Nothing happened, even for a film that is on for an hour, you want something to happen and nothing did. I will be watching the others in the series like I did the the Bad Ben films, let's hope they're better than this one.

Mortal Remains

A found footage watch.
I have been a fan of found footage since watching The Blair Witch in the cinema, yes we could actually go out and watch a film back then. I have seen so many films in the years since then, all types. I still look for the non famous films, usually these are cheaply made and much better than the 100 million + that Hollywood thinks it needs to make a hit, which usually they are duds, check out the new Wonder Woman film, what a waste of money. So came across this little number yesterday. It wasn't nothing new that hasn't been done before, then again what has? The movie is a part documentary and part film, so okay I thought it was okay, then the first part in the cemetery, in which I found the film itself seemed to pick up it's pace. As it went along, the film went really good but I thought it came unstuck at the end. Now it completed the film, if you follow the film it makes sense, I won't give it away. I thought it would have been better with a different ending.


A film that tried to hard.
Was the movie good? Yes in fact it was bit not as good as the film thought it was. Of course we all know films like this rely on a lot of shadowy figures passing by without the actor at the centre of attention knowing or for the viewer to take notice on what's happening in the background. To me the film seemed to try to hard to be like the more famous ones likes this, such as the grudge, the ring and all of their predecessors. It was worth a watch bit only once. I am going to mention the ending because other reviewers have, it was okay nothing special. A 4 rating from me. The movie was good but nothing standing out for me.


An average horror film.
I must admit for a low budget film this was enjoyable, nothing new but nevertheless it was enjoyable. All the actors and actresses did a good job and it was all above average but for a low budget film. For a movie of this budget, it fell into the old trap that a lot of films like this one does: It wasn't scary in the least. Also when the main actress was walking g down the corridor on her own, there was no one around her when she was with her colleagues, there were other people around, why do cheap horror films do this? Overall a 4. A good non scary film which passed the time.

Fertile Ground

Better than expected but with flaws
Saw this movie last night, knowing nothing about it apart from the title. I have heard of the after dark company and yes I know they're b movies or less, so I knew before starting this film what I was in for. So after watching the movie, I have sat and realised the good and bad. The good, the acting was above par, the story wasn't knew but it was done to a good standard, Leisha Hailey dare I say was very good in her role. The bad, the ghosts were done really bad they should have tried better in this department, the film wasn't a little bit scary, they should have made it a lot more scary and the ending which I thought was really bad, it could been done a lot better. Overall an okay film, nothing new but not terrible.

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