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Luck by Chance

True Bollywood On Silver Screen
An amazing story and fantastic direction. The movie is a delight to watch and has a unique flavour reality in it. A good content and a good movie.

Apocalypse Now

Watching in 2021 - Not impressive at all.
Don't watch this movie for the sake of watching a movie. Only watch if you are well aware of the challenges of filmmaking and how big a difference this movie has made in filmmaking at the time of its release. A humongous production of its time.

This title is highly rated and has won lots of accolades, but watching it in 2021, just doesn't impress me at all. Maybe when it was released, this might be an impressive feat to capture the emotions of war in a non-traditional perspective, focussing more on horror than the heroic aspect of war. But having watched so many modern war films with a much better presentation, this movie fails appears below average. A slow-burning movie. With arbitrary violence and action, which might be a true reflection of war. Silent characters. And so many irrelevant scenes from the plot perspective. It's a lengthy movie of over 3 hours. It's a mixed bag. In some sections, it focuses on the realities of war and chaos, in other the mental state of soldiers and in some, the complete arbitrary nuances. The obscene scenes appear to be forced. A complete madness. The movie doesn't draw a cohesive concept or stick to any single objective. A slow burn building suspense to not so impressive end. What does it want to say? A journey of a PTSD suffering soldier identifying himself with the antagonist?

Dear Comrade

A forced message in a typical South Indian movie
It appears the first thing they decided about this movie, was its name. Angry hot tempered protagonist, activist, weird encounter with actress leading to love (the only good part), bits of comedy here and there, fights of course and finally the climax to justify the name. Still, I guess one might like it, if they like the lead couple.

Kidô senshi Gandamu II: Ai senshihen

A movie for the tv series fan.
Judging as a movie, it seems fast paced with lots of small plots, conflicts and the fighting after some time kind of gets repetitive. I have heard the tv series is much better and have given required focus on portraying emotions. This being a compilation of the same, although lot of rework done, as a standalone might not please all audience.

After Life

A must watch before you die!
Just watch it and thank me later.

Still needs to know more ....

Heres what you can expect.
  • Very short episodes of 30 minutes.
  • Surprises you at all level.
  • Packed with Beautiful moments.
  • Can relate with yourself.

Knowing more than that will spoil you, so follow the first line.

I Am Mother

Wait till end and all seemingly pointless actions builds a bigger picture
This movie is highly underrated. While writing this it had only 6.8 stars and I too was skeptical about its worthiness to be watched or not. But it surely it is.

The movie goes very well and keep the viewers engaged till the very end. In later half of the movie you might be tempted to see some of the sequences being utterly stupid and pointless. But watch till end and you will realize the reason for them.

The confusion of whom to trust and whom not, the lies told, revelation of truth, the intentions behind them, all makes complete sense. Movie does a great job in capturing human emotions and justifies the movie name.

Ignore bad reviews. If you tend to feel it pointless watch some ending explained videos.


Never seen such a beautiful movie for dead
This is a beautiful piece of art. Storyline is beautiful, animation is top notch being from Pixar, dialogues are beautiful (especially occasional use of Spanish words), music which is the soul of movie is really good and throughout the movie it has the element of comedy. Its fictional but very realistic at the same time and fun to watch movie.

Its not wrong to say that this is the most beautiful movie ever made on dead people. It highlights the importance of family, a struggle for pursuing your passion and most of all reminds you to cherish the good memories of your ancestor. The movie is full of vibrant color and characters.


A not so bad remake of Contratiempo
The movie is remake of Contratiempo with alternate sex of lead characters from original movie. Targeting at the Indian audience all the characters surprisingly end up being Indian even though much of the story happen in foreign. Due to such adaptation and modification in characters, it introduces a series of loop hole, logical error and some part just don't seems realistic. Other than that it still carries the suspense element of the original story. Amitabh Bachan has justified the role 100 percent but other than him and Tapsee to certain extent other characters performance is highly questionable. That being said if you have watched the original movie you probably won't love it and if you haven't I strongly urge to watch the original. Contratiempo movie truly is worth it and a treat to the thriller and mystery loving audience.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Revolutionary concept with several storylines. Truly impressive.
This is just awesome. Intereactive movie watching using experience offered by Netflix is just so interesting.

In my first watch I had no idea about movie at all and intentionally skipped any trailer since it had in title the Black Mirror. As expected this Black Mirror's piece of art was mind blowing. The black mirror series itself is just great. It has unique way of presenting the futuristic and sci fi themes that intrigue you to think about reality and where we are leading. The bandersnatched succeeds in doing the same at several levels. The movie itself is not so futuristic but the way it's allow you to watch is way for futuristic.

Idea appear to be simple but the logic and planning needed to create something like this is truly worthy for remarkability.

I happened to watch half of the movie in default mode but realising there is something odd I decided to see if I really can control the player. Half of the movie then I watched like a game.

If you want to see all possible storylines my advice would be let it play in autoplay mode allowing default action to be chosen. And then in second iteration try to play along with opposite choices. In any way Netflix allows you to revisit the last deciding state after each ending. After sometimes you might get bored I advice let it sleep for few hours and resume. Good thing is once you have chosen a set actions at the end before credits watching you can again resume in last diverting timeline and that too in a fast replay till that moment. I have one less because if timeline can have been more drastically different reality, it would have remedy the chance of getting bored after few iterations.

Truly impressed.


Awesome except for having unneeded dramatized ending
The movie is awesome and keeps you engaging until the final climax where suddenly characters started making sillying mistakes and allowing the killer to slip from their hands. Which really was frustrating.

Given that the actor asking in few scenes before to another police officer to shoot at killer without thinking but when himself presented the same opportunity doesn't do so. He has a clear shot ahead while the killer is just paused prior hammering the kid. Actor could have simply shot at killer's hammer holding hand but instead he simply moves near and allowing the killer to slip again.

In several instances I found it dumb for police officers to gave up their vehicles and chase killer on foot when apparantly the killer is in vehicle.

The entire buildup and suspense was truly engaging and the story went quite good untill it reached its climax and closure sequence. Unnecessary past reference that too out of context which lead to illogical conclusion of teasing the killer just to distract didn't made sense. And killer in-spite being diagnosed with hormone disorder disease had surprisingly super natural stamina to keep attempting to arise after every blow. Actor was literally giving the killer third degree kind of beating still killer was amazingly agile and quick on feets.

To sum up the frustrating mistakes were: 1. Police officer not shooting (at least on legs) even when Hero is explicitly repeating to do so on phone.(Atleast he fires at tire. Bless him for that); Plus why he allows the killer to play with cards?

2. Hero not shooting killer (hypocrite) when had clear chance. Was he afraid that killer's speed of swinging hammer being faster than bullet?

3. The actress while running upstairs away from killer is clearly trying to save the kid but surprisingly she somehow manages to forget the kid in very next scene. Lol. Killler was too scary for her consciousness maybe

4. The doctor driving the car when found the kid ahead and after having a glimpse of killer surprisingly turns to feet instead of car to run away. How smart!

5. In a chase scene where the actor is chasing on feet and other officer on bike, the killer gets rid of them easily by applying the brakes and making bike officer to bump on the Van. And amazingly the unhurt actor prioritise to console bike officer instead of continuing chase by bike or foot. Bike officer wasn't really fatally injured!


Nice movie based on true events
This is one of the few movie with good content since based on true events. The good thing about movie is it doesn't have typical Bollywood style Melodrama or Unnecessary stardom. Ajay Devgan beautifully plays his character and one of the good thing about it is its dialogues. They are short and smart throughout the movie. Except for few unnecessary and forced songs inserted at critical time, the movie keeps you engage till the very end.

Good points:
  • Story is too the point
  • Short and smart dialogues
  • Good acting, no melodrama

Not so Good points
  • Unecessary songs that too at wrong timing breaking the flow of serious suspense section
  • Story wise being a officer in the field of IT some things were not easily acceptable like him needing some inputs from others to figure out things

A good movie for one time watch. A good experience. It leaves you feeling pity about how people are so gullible someetime.

Ankhon Dekhi

Beautifully depicted, realistically made and with great philosophy
This movie truly is a masterpiece. It beautifully captures India without any adulteration of conventional Bollywood masala. Great acting, great screenplay and amazing philosophical journey. It's journey of discovering yourself as if you are born today. In reality we have experienced only the tip of ice Berg and most of our life's aspect are left to assumption or passed on knowledge. The quest and enlightening journey to discover it or self never crossed our mind. That's what this movie is doing. It takes you through life's up and down. How people are always judging, laughing and even blindly following someone if that one is truly dedicated to his belief. After existing all his life finally he awakens and decides to forget everything and start from scratch believing only what he can see, experience and evaluate. A journey of discovering self and life.

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