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Chronicle of a Serial Killer

Just in time for halloween. A really good indie movie with a suspenseful plot. A serial killer who has a thing for killing women he meets on the internet continues to crush the city as the police go on a wild chase to end his killing spree. Lots of plot twists and turns with a pretty epic ending.


Loved It
I would recommend the book over the film. Joseph's the new human rights movement. At least from the standpoint of tangible information. His outrageous interpretation of his own book in this crazy fantasy multi time frame thing is both exciting and bizarre. Still love it!

Lost Angelas

Impressive film
A really well done indie film. Great acting, quality production and the script is a winner. Loved the role Korrina Rico played, she is super talented and really shined in this one. Support this indie film and watch Los Angelas.

The Unfamiliar

Just watch it and ignore the bad reviews
It's amazing how some people on here can be so critical. I didn't think it was bad at all. I actually found it really entertaining and the storyline will have you on the edge of your seat to the very end. Henk Pretorius did a great job making this. It's a watch from me!

Attack of the Unknown

Good for what it is
This is one of those films you watch on the weekend with family and friends. Entertaining for sure! Yes the storyline could have been better but it does have good entertainment value.. watched it to the very end. I'll give it a 7.

Baa Baaa Black Sheep

Loved It!
Are we all watching the same film? It's a great flick! Not to sure why people are so harsh towards this film but yes it did start-off a little slow but it really was entertaining and the acting is excellent. I'd highly recommend watching this, plenty of emotions, comedy and drama as you would expect and for sure it's easily a 8 stars from me.

Body of Night

Wild wild wild
It wasn't all bad... I like the plot - a woman does online dating, meets a man and well yeah things get wild from there. It had it's moments but the director could have done better. This is at least a 6 though and as a filmmaker myself i completely understand sometimes budget and time constraints do play a major part in budgets films like this. 6 from me.

The Hollow

A solid film
This is a film worth watching. A well put together suspenseful thriller with an amazing cast! It's great to see Miles Doleac, William Forsythe and Battlestar Galactica's very own James Callis all in the same film - a total package! A must watch and 10 stars from me.

With Interest

Wasn't sure what to expect but this was dope! Good acting and quality production. One of the best short films I've seen this year. Could make something bigger out of this - I'm thinking mabye a feature length continuation perhaps.

5th Borough

Good crime movie
Just seen it today and it turned out great! Good acting and quality production. The storyline is solid and will have you on the edge of the seat right to the very end. 8 stars from me


Scoob where are you?
What happened? I feel like they tried to make a quick buck and fooled me. Please don't do this to us. Storyline was poor as was the cast.


Great movie on a micro-budget
Just heard the director on the show don't tell podcast and the film is pretty good. I respect filmmakers making things work with a micro-budget so you got my support. All love for the actors (they had passion) to the editing to the music. The story is fresh and really does grow on you. A nice entertaining thriller movie. Thumbs up from me.

Danger One

Pretty good
More fun than I thought it'd be. The budget must've been low but the movie's never boring and Scott & O'Hare are great.


Kids loved it
It wasn't that bad, it did seem a little rushed but my kids loved it. Great shots, super cinematic and great ending. Worth a watch if renting


This one was on a whole another level. Watching it 10 years later it's still one of the best movies out there.


Watch It!
Wow.. watch it in 2020. This is happening right now today.


Well Done
I just seen it and was cleverly done. Right from the start the dialogue was tense between the two (technically one) characters and then a perfect ending which really draws in the attention of his mental health. My thoughts are not my own!

Impossible Monsters

Good Thriller
This is just that - a thriller. It has some disturbing scenes and is fast paced but again this is what you would expect from this genre. Watch it

Spy Intervention

I loved it! Great actors, funny storyline and though it's an indie movie they still made it work. Give it a go


Great thriller
This is one thriller you have to watch! A well paced, well thought out film that will keep you wanting more. Great acting and production also. Support indie films

Beyond the Woods

A good horror film
Why such bad reviews? I thought it was a great movie and had everything you would want in a horror film. Sean Breathnach did a great job directing this. It was both intense and suspenseful. Watch it!

Hinsdale House

I actually went on a ghost tour to the Hinsdale house a few years back and it was so creepy so I thought this movie would do it justice and I think it did just that. The flicks well done with some great moments that horror and thriller fans would like. Watch it and support this indie film!

Cetiri ruze

Serbian filmmaking at it's best
This was a film worth watching. Tons of characters, quality script and the plot and production was top notch. It really did give me a insight on how it was back in the 1990's to today. Kudos to the director


I loved it! No idea why there are so many bad reviews but this film though trippy does have a hidden message in it. Giving it a 10 just because I enjoyed the editing and storyline - cinematic experience. A must watch.

Paradise Hills

If you don't understand art you weren't understand this film. I have seen many bad reviews on here and some even leaving mid-way. I didn't, i thought this was a well crafted film, they had all the right things ticked off to make it a award winning film.

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