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God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness

Decent Clean Movie for the Whole Family
In all fairness, you have to see the movie for yourself. If you are a active Christian, I think you will like it. Its too bad this site doesn't request your movie ticket stub number so that they know that you have actually seen the movie. Lots of haters of God or Christians will automatically give this movie a One Star without actually seeing the film. With this said, this movie did not have any thing that I found offensive, unless a mentally ill person was watching. Although, I believe this movie would have been better if the movie focus mainly on the college kids, like the first movie.


I would send my kids to see this movie
In all honesty, I appreciate that there are Christians out there that want to make movies like this one but honestly, I liked the 1949 version of Samson and Delilah better. Although, the guy who played Samson, had HUGE MUSCLES so his part was casted right. What I didn't like about the movie, was the love story between the girl that Samson wanted to marry. To me, the movie focus too much on dialog between Samson and his wife to be. Quite a bit of action/violent scenes but I didn't see any bloody gore. I would send my kids to see this movie alone because it was clean with NO sex and NO nudity scenes. No profanity. I think the rating was for violence. I thought the Villain actor, was good. I agree that at the end, looks like another movie in the future about the "Giant Goliath and David" bible story.

The Mummy

Not Recommended for Children thru 16 Years of Age
The Mummy (2017) definitely should have been rated an "R" because of nudity and sexual positions throughout this film. You see a guy without his shirt, laying down and the woman is on top of him (she's wearing a scanty outfit) and it is pretty obvious what they are doing. They play back this scene a few times, throughout the movie. Compared to Brendan Fraser "Mummy"-grossing $416 million worldwide, this new version of the "Mummy" is just awful! There were no funny guys in this movie. I missed Beni (Kevin J. O'Connor) and Jonathan (the Librarian's brother) in Fraser's Version of the Mummy, those guys were hilarious! This new version of the Mummy's funny attempts were NOT funny at all. When the guys got the life sucked out of them, like the previous "Mummy" they didn't die but became Zombies. I hate Zombie movies, they give me nightmares! The Script JUST HAD TOO MANY sensuous scenes throughout the movie. The Mummy Woman is supposed to be buried for 5,000 years so how come she is wearing TONS of makeup? Did she run down to the store and buy makeup or what? Do the producers take us for idiots to believe women just wake up with makeup or what? The blonde woman, towards the end is in the water with her jacket on, she comes up out of the water without her jacket, leaving a low-cut blouse so she can be more provocative? Moms and Dads don't let your innocent children or teens through 16 of age, go see this movie. It is NOT appropriate for their minds to be filled with indecent exposures. I am 57 years old and I don't want to see that junk. I should have read the reviews and the "Parents Guide" on this website before going to see this movie. I usually don't agree with bad reviews/critics but in this case, I agree with them, wholeheartedly.

The Case for Christ

If You Want To See A GOOD MOVIE, This Is A Good Movie, You Will Love it! I guarantee it!
The Rating (a 6) is NOT going to be accurate because people that haven't seen the movie can vote 1 Star and don't have to write a review and therefore, gives A Case for Christ a VERY LOW SCORE so don't go by the SCORE. Remember there are a lot of people that hate Jesus Christ and they will give this movie 1-3 stars, no matter how good it is. So if you are NOT one of these haters, JUST GO SEE THE MOVIE FOR YOURSELF.

If you just want to go see a GOOD MOVIE, this is A GOOD MOVIE and you WILL like it, I guarantee it!

This movie is based on A true story of an investigative journalist and publicly stated atheist who applies his skills to disprove the new founded Christian faith of his wife. After investigative journalist and atheist sets out to disprove that Jesus died and was resurrected so he can protect his wife from what he believes is a hoax. This movie goes through case and points that I found amazingly educating and at the same time, I was being entertained. I found the TRUE factual HISTORY dated back centuries ago, to be very informative and holding my interest throughout the entire film. I like to go see it again!

Here are the Well-known Actors and Actresses that I recognized in this movie: 1) Frankie R. Faison as Joe Dubois ("Showtime" as Lt. Winship)

2) Faye Dunaway as Dr. Roberta Waters ("Mommie Dearest" as Joan Crawford)

3) Robert Forster as the Journalist's Father ("London Has Fallen" as General Edward Clegg)

4) L. Scott Caldwell as Alfie Davis ("The Fugitive" as Poole)

5) Tom Nowicki as Dr. Alexander Metherell ("Blind Side" as the Literature Teacher)

To Pureflix Producers: the acting was very good and the movie was sensational! I wouldn't change a thing. I heard that even movie critics were saying good things about this film. Great job!

The Grace Card

This Story is Possible
One of my favorite Christian based movies. A couple of different stories: one with troublesome father and high school angry son, not getting along with each other because the father has some guilt issues, involving his younger son and the angry son, failing at a private school because he's hanging out with some bad kids (outside of school). The dad is a cop and gets a new partner; a negro police officer. The negro police officer gets the promotion that the white cop wanted so he's angry about that, too. In addition, the white cop has some racist issues. I liked the mother's (cop's wife) role, she does her best as being a good wife and mother. A twist at the end. We loved the ending. Surprising to see actor Louis Gossett Jr. he has a part in this movie. We are fans of Louis Gossett Jr from way back.


Delightfully Clean Western I've Seen In A Long Time
We paid $3.99 to rent this movie on Amazon. Although I checked the Parental Guide comments for this movie; I was still afraid of renting it without our Clearplay DVD player filtering; but to my SURPRISE "Forsaken" was surprisingly clean and heartwarming. When Rev. Clayton (Donald Sutherland) saw John Henry (his son) coming towards the Chapel: his eyes got watery - it made me cry (with tears of joy). Towards the end, when John Henry and his dad had tears in their eyes: it made me cry - not every actor has that effect on me - just the good ones. I like the father and son acting together so it was a must see for me. I'm glad that it was clean enough for my kid to see it with me. The one character using the "F" word, in different scenes (which got the rated R rating, for language). I liked seeing Demi Moore (About Last Night) since I haven't seen her in any movies in years. She looked so thin that I believe, she was thinner in this movie than in "About Last Night" (1985) . I liked the gunman Dave Turner (Michael Wincott) and the Bully character (like the leader of the bad guys) played his character very believing (cause you just hated him in the movie). To my delight, I really liked that there was no cheap-looking saloon women in the Saloon (bar). Now, my husband can watch it with us, next time. Thank you Writer and Producers of "Forsaken" and putting together a very good movie for Father and Son Sutherland and Demi Moore - hope to see her in more Theater Movies.

War Room

A Movie That Wives Should See on Mom's Night Out
My children in their twenties and I went to see this movie, last Saturday (9:30 am showing) at the Penn Square Mall, in Oklahoma City. An older and wise woman, named Miss Clara who really made this movie work. A typical wife (like most of us) who works and takes care of the household. Through her job she meets Miss Clara. They immediately become friends. I laughed multiple times at some comedy lines. I cheered on wife, as I went through the same thing as her. Miss Clara starts to teach the wife how to fight for her marriage. My marriage has lasted 34 years with the main idea of this movie, it does WORK. A guy called into Klove Radio Station and said he saw this movie 4 times!" Good for him! War Room came in #2 - as the Most Popular Movie - 8/28/2015 to 8/30/2015 opening weekend. War Room was estimated to make $10 Million opening weekend; it made $11 Million, probably more after Sunday.


To Love & Obey?
We very much enjoyed this movie, in search of the kids' grandmother. The grandmother is not your ordinary grandma, to say the least. Each of the four siblings have a interesting character. The brother who likes to read. The little sister who is very quiet. The little boy, Sam is cute and like his grandma in a way. The oldest girl, having to care for her younger siblings, with only $8 and change, until they are out of money. Sleeping outdoors, on the ground. Although, I didn't agree with the grandmother, when she said "when you get married, you promise to love and obey." The grandma didn't realize that there is a chain of command. Therefore, God/Jesus are over the husbands and husbands are over the wives but wives would love God/Jesus more that they would not follow their husbands if it involved sin. For example, if your husband tells you to steal, you don't steal because God tells us not to steal. That is why it's important to read your Bibles (Books of Matthew thru Jude) so you don't make the same kind of mistake the Grandmother did, in this movie. Although the movie was decently clean, so it deserved a 10 from me.

Faith of Our Fathers

SAFE Movie for My Young Children Or Youths to See Alone
This CLEAN (no sex and no nudity) movie is about a couple of guys whose fathers served in the war and now, after years passed, an adult son (John) wants to know more about his father. Consequently, he (Kevin Downes) goes to see Wayne (David A.R. White) to find out whatever he can about his dad. Wayne and John end up going on a road trip together in search of answers. There are scenes where the film goes back to their fathers in the war (NO bloody gore). Stephan Baldwin plays a man called Mansfield and I think Mansfield is their fathers' Sgt, in the war. I can see where the writers were going in this sensitive, moving, and in my opinion SAFE for the whole family. I am a true believer in Christ Jesus, so I am not going to be critical about this movie, like many hardening- hearts that gave this movie a low rating. I am a big supporter of movies written by my brothers in Christ. Note that my 23-year old son used to work at a movie theater and there are lots of children that go to the movies alone (being dropped off by their parents) so in my opinion, this movie is safe for those kids.

Do You Believe?

The Best Scene is like a Roller-coaster Ride
Movies like Valentines Day, Airport and Crash, are like this movie with various characters plots. Brian Bosworth, nicknamed "The Boz," who played for the NFL, gives a convincing performance as Joe. A Veteran Latin guy with war experience issues. A mature married couple played by Lee Majors ("Big Valley" and "Million Dollar Man") and Cybill Shepherd ("Last Picture Show" and "The Heartbreak Kid" 1972). Altogether 12 different people that I grew to care about and their stories carried my attention from start to finish. We went as a family to watch this clean (NO sex, NO nudity) movie. My child liked the story involving the character called "Pretty Boy" a young black man that has a life-changing experience. For me, the car scene was the best scene in the movie, like the effect of a roller-coaster ride. I could tell that the Audience enjoyed the movie very much because at the end of the movie, they were chapping, giving this movie a big thumbs up.This movie has been out for 4 weeks (April 15, 2015) so the movie might run another 2 more weeks so go see it on the big screen asap. Doing the math, my best estimate calculation of viewers was 103,607,145 (so far) and ranked at number 6 according to Internet Movie Database.

A Madea Christmas

This Movie is Going To Be My Favorite Tyler Perry Movie!
Plot: is a black woman hiding the fact that she is married to a white man because she knows that her mother wouldn't approve. Meanwhile, Madea drives the mother to surprise the young black woman. What I love about Madea is that she is wise and gives good advice. Madea doesn't take sides but instead she wants to do the right thing. No one ever gets in Madea's face. I love you Madea!

I just love all Madea's movies. I REALLY loved "A Madea Christmas." This movie is going to be my FAVORITE Movie of all Tyler Perry's movies. There were no "F" or "M-F" words in this movie. A few sh_t and _ss. I loved the fact that all the women were dressed decent. Yay! I think that is what I loved best about this movie.

"Women should dress modestly, with decency and propriety." 1 Timothy 2:9

Mr. Tyler Perry, keep the good work going! You are blessed and talented.

The Song

I Would Definitely Recommend this Movie, Especially to Married Couples
I hesitated to watch this movie since it was made by Samuel Goldwyn and not by a Christian Studio. However, to my surprise, I liked it! The main character and his wife are very happy until the husband falls for the oldest trick in the book (by no doubt a very pretty and unscrupulous female). If you don't have a babysitter for your children, please see IMDb's Parent's Guide for movie's cautions, to see if this film is safe for your child to see. The movie is about a Singer, so expect some singing; about six or more partial (not full length) songs. The romance is when the main character and his wife go on a date or two and get married (the wedding night consists of one kiss, in a medium to almost dark bedroom) No sex is seen or heard. No Nudity (I don't count a man without a shirt as nudity). A Drama film with a few intense scenes and a very wise message to whoever gets this movie. We did.

The Expendables 3

Expendables 3: Antonio Banderas Performance
The plot: Barney Ross says he's retiring the original Expendables and giving the new job to four new twenty year old expendables. Later Barney must let the original Expendables come back; combining the young and Older Expendables, to work together against Stonebanks (Mel Gibson). My kids and me, agreed that Antonio Banderas was the best Character in this movie. Antonio reminded me of Wayne, a character in the X-Men Wolverine, who talked a lot. Mel Gibson played a good bad guy. Wesley, needed more funny lines like in "Demolition Man" (the scene in the Museum). People like me (54) will enjoy watching the older actors of this movie. Though, I agree with a reviewer that said "we enjoy watching the action men of the 80's. Why include young twenty year olds in this movie?" In the Movie Theater Auditorium: almost all the audience were women. If I were Stallone, I would have casted Linda Hamilton, Sigourney Weaver, or Lucy Liu. If Stallone wanted to catch the young viewers; he should have casted Vin Diesel or "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson, are well-known to the younger generation. David Morse, Tom Sizemore: excellent choices for bad guys. Hulk Hogan an Expendable? Yes!

The Night of the Grizzly

The Grizzly bear was so very convincing and scary
Hollywood use to make movies with muscle guys like Clint Walker and Steve Reeves. To my surprised, Clint Walker used to work out because his arms are massive in this movie and his chest must be 52 inches wide at least. The Night of the Grizzly is an older film. I thought the grizzly bear did a great performance and he should have won some type of award for his acting skills because he was very convincing and scary, in this movie. I loved the little girl and Jack Elam's character. The brutal attacks from the grizzly bear is not for children then again, depends on your children. I think this movie should have been rated at least a PG 13. The bounty hunter played a good role and the lady at the general store added a little giggle or two to this blockbuster movie. I bought the Night of the Grizzly movie on DVD, from amazon, I thought it was that good.

August: Osage County

Liked this movie so much that I purchased it
Most of the women looked so every day normal and true to life real-look, like today's typical women. We hope we will see more (NOT all cake-face makeup) of these REAL-LIFE women in future movies. My favorite part of this movie was when Julia Roberts goes ballistic on her mother (not saying that disrespect towards your mother is right) but the mother (Meryl Streep) was sooo bad, putting everybody down and rude too. You will understand why the mother is this way (later in the movie). Juliette Lewis was the only one wearing makeup. I felt very sorry for her in one scene. Most women would have walked away (in her situation). I really liked the American Indian (or Native American woman) in this movie, she showed courage. The ONLY thing that I didn't like about this movie; was the conversation between the three sisters (using the "P" word and the "C" word; I hate those words), this scene should have been deleted. I purchased this movie, its that good!

Off Limits

We were all laughing out loud, Bob Hope's best work
This movie does NOT focus on the military duties so much but focuses on a guy (Mickey Rooney) in the army, who wants to be a prize fighter and a trainer (Bob Hope) who joined the army to watch another fighter but things go wrong and the trainer (Bob Hope) gets stuck in the army and ends up training the new guy (Mickey Rooney). This was my first time seeing this movie. Next to the Lemon Drop Kid, its going to be my favorite movie with Bob Hope. I am thinking about buying it. Bob Hope really outdone himself, we were all laughing out loud, throughout the movie. Like so many Military comedy movies: Kelly Heroes, Major Payne, No Time for Sergeants, Sgt. Bilko, At War With the Army, just a few Military comedy movies; if you liked these; you're going to love this one.

Escape Plan

Love ALL Men Movies
I like Arnold and Sly so I am writing a review to show my support. I love all men movies: No Escape, All is Lost, and movies that are almost all men movies (like this one). My favorite parts were Arnold's funny lines. Arnold and Sly's fight in the prison. I generally love men's prison movies (for instance; the remake the longest yard). My favorite part was Sly's intelligence of knowing how to break out of prisons. I liked Sly in "The Expendables" with the fight he had with Jean- Claude Van Damme (people said it wasn't long enough). I wish these Actors could make more PG-13 so the kids could go see them without their parents since a lot of them have to sneak in the movies to rated "R" movies (I don't approve of it) but just saying that kids 12-16 years old are the general audiences at the theaters. I highly recommend this movie to everyone.

Moms' Night Out

Loved the Motorcycle Guy and the Tattoo Guy!
Saw this movie TWICE and plan on BUYING this movie (when DVD becomes available) The motorcycle guy, the tattoo guy, and the Pastor's wife: made this movie a success! Although the kids in the van seen, Police chasing was very exciting too. At the end of the chase, the questioning and arresting; the audience thought it was funny, too. The Police Station scene was awesome! I liked the tattoo shop, where the front counter guy was talking to the three women and the motorcycle guys in the back, kept moving to the back. You have to see it, to appreciate the scene. The guy (Kevin Downes) without a family, he also was funny. The first few minutes (approx 10 minutes) was a little slow (for me), but after that, it was very good and enjoyable. I also recommend "War Room" and "Miracles from Heaven."

Heaven Is for Real

I Give it A 7-8 rating Good Story and Clean Movie
A story of a boy who's been in Heaven for a short time. He can tell his father about people that he has seen and things that only they knew about. Other people just think the boy is crazy. End of Review

I do like that Hollywood is starting to make more of these type of movies. More modern than the ancient times films; I believe students or teenagers can relate to today's times. Lets face it; it's the teens (13- 16) that go to the movies. My son used to work at AMC theater, he says: lots of parents, just drop off their kids at the movies. Or they go in with them to a "R" rated movie and walk out (leaving their kids there to watch a rated "R" movie, alone). AMC will call their parents to pick them up (if they catch them); but parents shouldn't be doing this.


Most of this movie is Fiction (NOT TRUE)
I don't understand why Movie Makers have to make stuff up or add Fiction (not real) to the movies; when Bible has lots of Action and Truth. The Rock people was just plain lame so was the little boy as God. I turned the movie off when I seen that. End of review.

TO THE MOVIE MAKERS of this Movie: All the action and actual facts you'll need to make a successful blockbuster is in the Book of Revelation 6:2. Starting with the white horse with rider, a fiery red horse with rider, a black horse with rider, a pale horse with rider (read thru Rev 6:8) in that Chapter: you will find all the elements to entertain your audience. In Rev 6:4 "a fiery red horse - its rider was given the power to take peace from the earth and to make men kill each other." On Rev 9:3-4 "And out of the smoke locusts came down upon the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth, to sting those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. The locusts were not given the power to kill, but only to torture for five months. And agony those suffered. During those days men will seek death, but will not find it; they will long to die but death will escape them."

A Note to Hollywood Studios: it is important to dress women decent (NO low-cut blouses and no short shorts or skirts. If you dress women decent: you'll have the complete attention of your audiences. Besides, it is the wives that picks the movies, not the husbands. Speaking as a wife: I wouldn't take my husband to see indecent-dressed women in a movie. And let's face it, there are more women in this world than there are men.

God's Not Dead

I'm a Christian Woman! Plan on Buying this Movie! SEE IT, GOOD MOVIE
The whole audience clapped and cheered at the end of this movie! I haven't seen that in a long time! Okay, so the movie wasn't perfect; what film is? Any movie that has NO sex, NO profanity, NO nudity, has to be worth seeing. I seen this movie THREE TIMES! Yes, I would definitely recommend this movie! I read my bible every day, I received the sermons once a week from Pastor. I have been blessed by the Holy Spirit and yes, I believe there is a God, Jesus exists and the Holy Spirit. "Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen." 1 John 4:20 Consequently, a real Christian would never talk bad about another Christian. Christians made this movie so if a person was a TRUE Christian; he would not be going against this movie (written by Christians). Hope this helps.

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