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The Twilight Zone

Political Garbage
Let me start by saying I love the original Twilight Zone series. It is one of my absolute favorite series of all time! Rod Serling was an entertainment genius, and it shows in his writing.

Rod Serling may have had political overtones in some of his episodes, but it was only to show what could happen if we headed down a certain path. He also showed mistakes that had been made in the past, but he never used his position to plug for or against a specific political party.

I didn't care much for the first spinoff because it didn't have the Rod Serling genius, but I watched it anyway. I'm that loyal to TZ.

However, the newest spinoff is pure garbage! They didn't hesitate to add their political stance in the very first episode, and that's where they lost me. Politics like that has no place in Hollywood, and if you're going to force your party's views down my throat in a series, you're going to lose me.

This one lost me in the first few minutes.

Designated Survivor

Netflix Ruined It
I loved the 1st 2 seasons of this show. I don't usually get into political dramas, but this show went beyond the politics and gave us a picture of an Independent US President who was truly "for the people." The show kept you on the edge of your seat and amazingly never took either side of the political card. It was a great show whether you lean to the left or the right because it represented both sides.

However, once Netflix took the show over with the 3rd season, the show became ultra liberal crap! I don't discriminate against anyone for race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, etc, but that doesn't mean I need the LGBTQ shoved down my throat, and that's exactly what I felt like they were doing with season 3.

If I could rate by season, 1 and 2 would get 10 stars and 3 would get 1 star. Great job, Netflix, for turning a truly awesome non-biased political TV series into liberal garbage!!!

The Philadelphia Experiment

It Had Potential
I gave it 3 stars because this really could have been a decent movie. The concept was definitely worth a look, but the writers needed to develop the plot a little better. The shadow government agency that is trying to bomb the ship and kill the lieutenant from the Eldridge is so unbelievable, it seems like they got in a hurry to add some action and ultimately destroyed the movie rather than the ship they were targeting. It was obviously written by someone with bigger dreams than imagination. I envision a group of preteen boys sitting around a campfire plotting the action for this movie that actually started with a concept from someone much more mature. Better luck next time, boys!!

Ride the Thunder

For All Our Vietnam Vets
This movie / documentary may not have had the best acting, but it was something I believe all our Vietnam veterans should see. I personally know so many who still question whether the sacrifices that were made in that war were meaningless, and this film answers that question with a resounding "NO!!" I wish I could hug the producers of this movie for the amazing story they've told here and the effort they've put into showing America the difference our men and women who served in Vietnam made. I only wish it hadn't come too late to answer the repeated "Why" for our vets like Lynda Van Devanter who have already passed on. Kudos to this crew and a heartfelt "Thank you so much!!" to all our veterans!!!


Look Beyond the Negative Reviews
This movie is amazing!! I don't understand why the critics hated it, so if you're considering watching it, just do it!! Please judge for yourself!

Jennifer Garner pulled this role off with the same sensational performance as everything else I've ever seen her in. The story line may have been one we've seen before, but the writers took a different approach that makes this movie great (in my opinion). We need more female heroes in Hollywood, and they couldn't do much better than Garner!!

A Wrinkle in Time

Worst I've Ever Seen From Disney
I can't believe they actually released this with Disney's name on it!! Not only were they so far off Madeline L'Engle's book that it bore very little resemblance to her phenomenal story, but the acting was atrocious, the dialogue sounded completely scripted, and the characters were all wrong and entirely unbelievable. I felt like I was watching a low-budget made-for-TV movie. The only thing this movie has going for it is the special effects, but what are effects without a believable story?? Don't waste your time!! This movie is a disgrace to Walt Disney's name, and he'd probably roll over in his grave if he knew such a piece of garbage was created under his umbrella.

After Earth

Awesome Movie
I don't understand all the negative feedback about this movie. I loved this movie and would highly recommend it to science fiction fans as well as Will Smith fans. I loved the story line of the movie. I loved how Will and Jaden Smith meshed as father and son on screen. Jaden Smith did an amazing job in his role. I felt everything he felt, cringed when things went wrong for him in the movie, and even felt like I understood his character throughout the movie. I gave it a 10 because I really feel that it deserves that rating! It's not a traditional space movie with space creatures, strange worlds, etc., but it is a futuristic scenario that is not as far fetched as many science fiction films we watch and give higher ratings to.

Schindler's List

Spielberg's Greatest Work
This movie was, in my humble opinion, the greatest movie Steven Spielberg ever created. I have loved most of his movies, but Schindler's List trumps them all for one very important reason: it's a true story that not only tears at the heart strings of any human being with a heart, but it captures a piece of history that is personal to Spielberg himself. I am a major defender of the nation of Israel and a lover of her people. The idea that any man could glean pleasure from destroying any human life is a concept way beyond my grasp, but to feel a race of people is so superior to another that the other is deemed unworthy to live is beyond reason.

As you may have guessed, Schindler's List is about the Holocaust. Spielberg brings the stories of a relatively small group of Jewish families who were caught in the middle of the world's greatest tragedy right to your living room. What makes this movie so different from most other Holocaust movies is that you get a first-hand look into what a real life hero is made of. Heroism is not all muscles and brawn. Sometimes all it takes is a broken heart.

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