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Rise of the Footsoldier Part II

Canny successor to the first film
Watched this last night. Wasn't sure as to how it would be, as sequels can often be something of a disappointment. However, after a wee bit of a slow start, it got going and it focused on Leach's life, post the murder of his friends. It wasn't afraid to show the less glamorous side of crime and that it's not all that it's dressed up to be, by some. Good to see Leach's efforts to reconnect with his family. Good performance from Ricci Harnett and I also wasn't aware that he had lots of input behind the scenes. Obviously something of a labour or love for him.

It's also been left open for a third installment. I wouldn't mind seeing that, if it comes to fruition. :)

Dead Man's Shoes

Excellent *spoilers*
Caught this little gem of a film on Channel 4 tonight. Had never heard of, or seen it before - but thanks to a tip off, I'm glad I watched it. Superb performances all round - none more so than Paddy Considine.

It's the story of Richard, an ex-soldier who returns to his hometown to wreck revenge on those who tortured his younger brother, Anthony. Anthony was a young lad with learning difficulties, who fell in with the wrong crowd once his brother left to join the army. Richard's prime motivation is revenge, but he is also driven by guilt and ultimately it leads to his downfall.

I understand that the film cost very little to make, which add's to it's impact.

Still Game

Top show !
I'm a relative new comer to Still Game - have joined in watching the current Series (5) on BBC2, which ended it's run tonight. I find it to be an excellent show which doesn't take itself too seriously. The characters (Jack, Victor, Winston, Tam, etc) have lots of depth and are entirely believable in the way they approach life. As someone said in an earlier comment - these guys are 60/70 going on 20. It proves that when you become an older person, you don't have to become a miserable old so and so ! As an Englishman (and a Geordie) - I don't have any problem tying in with the Scottish SoH, and if people from 'down south' don't get the show, then that's their problem. Stick to your cockney rhyming slang on EastEnders.

Looking forward to series 6 of Still Game. 'Mon Jack and Victor !

Eleventh Hour

Good British Sci-Fi
Is Ian Hood the 21st Century Professor Quatermass ?

I'm actually enjoying the series, as a sci-fi fan. After years of being subjected to British broadcasters being more concerned with producing period dramas, and endless detective shows - it's good to see some sci-fi back on the screen. And I for one think it's pretty well written, and of course the presence that Patrick Stewart brings, adds to the appeal.

Am I right in thinking that only 4 episodes have been made in this season ? I hope it's done well enough to given a shot at a 2nd season, with Stewart on board for that too.

Rocket Man

Not bad..... *possible spoilers*
I've enjoyed the show, from start to finish - I can however see why not all viewers would warm to it, but don't let that put you off. What made it better for me, is that with Robson Green being a Northumbrian - he uses Northumberland a lot when making his various series, and this one happened to be shot around a village where I spent a lot of my childhood (Cambois), so that was cool - despite it being set in Wales ! Anyway - 'Rocketman' tells the story of George Stephenson, who lives with his son, and daughter in Wales. George has a dream, which is to build a rocket and send it into space, carrying his late wife's ashes. George assembles a team around him, made up of his friends in-order to get the project off the ground (excuse the pun). One thing he and his friends share in common, as that the village where they live has fallen on hard times, with the closure of the local 'Carriage Works' - putting many men out of employment, or doing other jobs (George works in a chocolate factory) The rocket project however, brings them together and gives them hope for the future.


Not bad - but perhaps I am biased !
Been to the cinema tonight to see this latest entry in the football movie genre, and I have to say that I wasn't disappointed overall - but then again, I am a Newcastle fan, from Newcastle ! 'Goal' tells the story of a young Mexican, Santiago Munez who is offered a trial with English side, Newcastle United when he is spotted playing local football in Los Angeles. The film charts his progress from his childhood, right through to his first team debut for Newcastle.

If you are after film with a complex, thought provoking plot, then you won't enjoy this - but if you enjoy football, and like 'boys own adventures', then this won't disappoint.

The Butterfly Effect

Very Under-rated
Have now seen this film 4 times since it's release in the cinema, and have most recently watched it tonight, after buying the Directors Cut. It's an extremely well done and thought provoking film, about 'What If' - which is something we have all thought at one point. The fact that the story is dark and slightly uncomfortable (childhood abuse, etc) - does add to the story and sets the tone. Having seen the directors cut, this ending was much better than the cinematic relsease, and it certainly did shock me, but again in a thought provoking way.

If you like films that make you think, even after watching them - then this is one for you and highly recommended.

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