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Mrs. Fletcher

What seems another shallow piece of comedy nails controversy
Mrs. Fletchner is another young, attractive, middle age, white, divorced, USamerican woman. However, this is not just another sitcom, this is a timed dramedy that tells a whole censored story from the perspective of more or less stereotypical characters in unconventional, authentic experiences.

The Birch

Teen's horror at its prime
Only made it to the end of episode one. Small budget, colorful, quick paced... but still a werido-girl horror small town high student. Bullies, monsters, spells and the rest of the stuff.

The Handmaid's Tale: The Word
Episode 13, Season 2

Such a rush!
It seemed as though this director had been chosen to rush the whole plot. A whole visual and artistic slow pace throughout the entire season flushed in an artificial and way too literal narrative. Lines were excesive and obvious. The tension that had been building up since the beginning faded into a brutal, forced and childlish missinterpretion. Hope S3 improves it.

Malena Pichot: Estupidez compleja

It's ok, though she's done better
Malena Pichot is one of those Argentine celebrities that pays little respect in show business. She decided long ago to work and talk according to her own ideas, and she does not bend here either. Feminism is all over the place, explicit language as well. The massive amount of sharp observations and the singular critiqué Pichot provides seems aimed to really young audiences, female and male, mostly from Argentina and Uruguay. I personally praise her decision on political content over sexyness or popularity. This show in particular could, from time to time, look less polished than those of comedians like T. Noah; however, it's fair to address that Malena is not playing home, the production behind the special is not the same that's been behind "Cualca!". Compared against other specials done by Netflix in Argentina, it seems they saved some money here. It's a good start and it does provide lots of fun for those willing to hear this kind of commentary. It may not turn up so much entartaining for those unaccustomed to political satire/stand up.

Pornocratie: Les nouvelles multinationales du sexe

A deep insight from a defined dark aesthetic
Pornocratie introduces a debate where is porn watched in 2017. It departs from a historical recount of how the adult entertainment industry did its crossover from DVD towards digital streaming, and how this crossover it seriously changed the rules behind it. The material gathered, the sources and the comments by the documentary maker and host provide an insiders' perspective and a daring explanation for the porn tubes' phenomena.

El baile de la Victoria

The pace of the movie is so slow...
Ricardo Darin is acknowledged as a great actor in Argentina. His popularity has raised from being another face in soups to become one of the leading stars on stage and in films. He has also chosen wisely every movie and role. El baile de la Victoria, on the other hand, seems to be a film too much influenced by the director's vision, don't letting most of the audience discover its charm. The movie seems -as obviously those followers of Trueba would disagree- dull and lacking any real substance. Text is also pointless and does not convey any big ideas regarding the historic themes approached. I did not finish viewing the film.

John Wick

An experimental film... no plot at all
Say you hate somebody who knows a bit about films, well, not that much. Buy him/her a ticket. You will never be forgiven . There is one thing that called my attention, PLOT DISPENSABILITY, no efforts were made in the making of this film to make any sense at all. This movie is a mere exercise of "keanu kills them all, everybody but keanu dies". There is some experimental value regarding film appreciation. DF has done a good job, the atmosphere in general makes the image appealing to watch. There are, at least, 10 things that don't make any sense; so it makes you wonder... Is the director challenging traditional film conventions? guess not.

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