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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

a worthy fighting game
of the 3 budokai games, this one has definitely perfected it's fighting system. they've taken the combo system of the 1st, the beam wars of the 2nd (though i never saw it happen in the 2nd one) and now adds more with it's lightening fast teleport system. it's one player mode has also dramatically improved, especially over the 2nd one. you actually fly around the planet looking for your enemy to fight. what i do miss with this game was "interesting fight transitions" the first one had fully animated cut scenes voiced by the English actors and progressed just like the show did. the second one broke that concept with dialog between two cut out posters that had moving lips. and now the 3rd one has cut out entirely the moving lips at all, leaving us with little standy's that resemble comic book store displays. all in all, worth buying over the other 2, for most characters, best fighting engine, and enhanced 1 player. i only wish they reintroduce actual cut scenes so that not only fans of the show will know what the heck is going on. and i don't mean rip scenes from the show and have the narrator speak over it to sum up a whole 10 episodes in 1 minute. (thats right i'm looking at you dbz: sagas)

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