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White Noise 2: The Light

terrible film -waste of time
astonished to see this film get as high as score as it has. it's terrible.

the acting is poor, the plot is paper thin, the special effects are weak.

it's a fairly short film, but still too long. i really can't think of anything positive to say about it. sorry.

don't see this film, i wouldn't even bother watching it when/if it ever makes it onto TV.

i suppose i have to admit i didn't see the first, so no idea if i've missed something. certainly don't want to watch the first now though!

New Port South

lord of the flies meets Dawson's creek
this film is terrible. The characters are completely unbelievable, and wildly inconsistent. The plot is awful and some of the classroom scenes are cringe-worthy and make for uncomfortable viewing.

In fact the quality of the script and characterisation would suggest that this film was written by high school students, only the utter lack of credibility to the school environment would suggest that, in fact, the writers probably never went to high school. The acting in most cases was weak too, although a lot of this was down to a poor script and plot, i am not sure that any actors could have made this film watchable.

having said that the sound track was OK, and the cinematography was nice in places (although the editing was poor).

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