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Kroll Show

no laughs to be found despite his non stop shameless self promotion
It has come to my attention that the only reason this show has been foisted on us is due to Nick Kroll's money and influence. The show is devoid of humor or skill or talent. It's insanely unfunny. It's an embarrassing testament to how a cunning and unsightly member of the one percent- Nick Kroll was able to not only buy a show, but to buy hype and press. He wants his evil father to be proud of his machinations, and so this kind of putrid nonsense has to pass for comedy nowadays.

And, poor humans have to endure his billboards and non stop shameless self promotions. It's amazing to behold how far this loser will go to come across as a funny man, when he has no sense of humor at all. Nick Kroll wants to make it and he will do anything to make sure he doesn't look like a failure to his ruthless father. His casting of Stephanie Allyne would be hilarious if it was not a means to further his lucrative cancer scam with twisted lesbian joker, Tig Notaro.

Kroll doesn't mind faking success since he has no clue as to how to elicit laughter in the viewer. A dumb and entitled rich boy who is lording over the comedy world with his tricks and schemes. He even mocks the poor and calls some unfunny character called, "C-Zar" a "toilet baby." Kroll seems to find the underclass and the idea of a baby being born in a toilet - hysterically funny. He grew up in mansions and his father is driven to work, daily, in a limousine.

Problem is only he is laughing. Kroll has even cultivated some nerd named Peter Holmes and set him up with a talk show.

This way he and his friends can look all famous and successful when it's all a pretense. Nick Kroll and this show are nauseating and Comedy Central should be ashamed of themselves for pushing this excrement-like production on the unwitting public.

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