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Dead to Me

It's like a much better version of How to get away with the murder :-)
After seeing Applegate's scene about rejection of a stop sign (amazing scene and even more amazing Applegate) I started to watch season 1, and I was thrilled. Excellent performance, both Applegate and Cardellini are really great, and together they are just perfect, one hell of a match. Despite all the mess and tragedy, the characters are so loveable. Can't wait for season 3 and more. Netflix don't screw this up!

How to Get Away with Murder

I tried, but I think I'm gonna give up
I started to watch this show back in 2014 and it was very interesting until the show made a holiday break around Christmas for over 2 months. After that I never start to watch it again, although I liked it. So 2020 quarantine time, perfect time to rewatch first 9 episodes and to continue with the show, as of today mid season 3, the storyline is starting to be annoying, daily soap-ish, the actors are more or less OK, but characters are so annoying. Like seriously, so many psychos and damaged personalities at the same place, c'mon! And that constant >>today I like you, tomorrow I hate you>> attitude of every single character is just unendurable. Then I've read a few things about the further seasons and all I can say, I'm out! I really don't wanna see more of these drama queens. Finale might be good, according to o many 10 stars reviews but I just can't force myself to watch it anymore. Scandal was the 1. show I stopped to watch because of ridicules storyline and this is the second one, so I guess I'm not shondaland fan...


it's getting better and better...
I love this show, the first season was pretty interesting but the second is awesome.. great story, very realistic, excellent actors (OMG Molly Shannon, sooo funny !!) Really don't understand all bad rewievs, I wish there were more than 10 episodes , but just keep going, I'm looking forwad

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