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  • I felt the need to counteract some of the overly harsh reviews here.

    Is this film a classic? Not all. But for young teens I'd say it's great. As an adult I watched it for something easy to view, it had enough cheap jokes to keep the immature side in me entertained and could imagine the target audience finding some genuine peril in the more tense scenes.

    People these days see eveything as binary, you have to love or hate something. This falls in between for me, a fine 6.5 and one I'll certainly be showing my daughter when she's a couple of years older.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ignore the people moaning about this being 'woke.' It's nice to have a film that doesn't push the importance of happiness for women revolving around having a 'prince.' And in fact we can all be happy and feel loved in our own ways. Too many people look to movies for the answers and for decades have been told you can't be happy without having someone special but love takes many forms and happiness comes in many more.

    Generally that people that moan about films being woke are politically correct are the reasons films like this matter.
  • I'm not one for reviewing films much but this deserves a higher score, it is what it is, a family friendly film with some silliness and over the top action that the whole family can just their brains off and enjoy.

    Its not a classic but its well worth a watch with youngish kids, my daughter is 10 and loved it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The only low scores will be from upset redneck and Mcdonald Trump fans. They are shown up for the gullible idiots they are by Sacha and how he brings covid into the story as it happened live and surely altered the ending he had oringally planned is just pure genius.

    The first was funnier, this one is more important.
  • If this is your favourite episode, I wonder how you're enjoying the main story. It feels like the recent trend in 'origin' stories on the big screen has left people unable to just get involved with a story from the main poiny and fill in smaller details themselves. Would advise skipping this if trying to speed binge.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's a good, thought provoking show, let's face it, humans probably shouldn't go to Mars, our track record here isn't much to be proud of. The first season was interesting with the science behind getting to Mars and the second shows why we probably shouldn't.
  • Some people just can't handle a film having more than 1 woman in the main roles.....

    It's not a patch on Terminator 2 but let's be honest, not many films are. But it's certainly better than 3, Salvation and Genysis and I hope the proposed trilogy gets finished.
  • I've been a Partridge fan since The Day Today, I've loved everything he's done and this carries on the great momentum. I honestly dont get what the haters dont like, it has everything you expect and want from Alan with so many subtle moments that make 2nd and 3rd viewings soon after the first one even better!!!

    Each episode gets better and better
  • Anyone struggling to find dvd's of this (They sell for between 30 and 80 quid on amazon) just go to YouTube, everything is there in a play list, tried my luck and was shocked to find them all there, quality is not amazing but it is 30 years old!