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Very Enjoyable
I love these time loop movies. Grillo makes this one double worth watching. Lots of good action.

Battle: Los Angeles

Why Do the Critics Hate this Movie?
Roger Ebert, critic royalty, absolutely trashed this film. As did many others. That said, I found it to be a very engaging action movie. Very realistic, which is hard to pull off in an alien invasion movie where you see the aliens. Many exciting, tense scenes. If you like sci-fi, alien invasions, a very good watch.


Nice Action Film, Really Good Supporting Cast, and Badass Megan Fox
In this movie Megan Fox is a curiosity, but a fine action actor. The fact she is completely out of her comfort zone makes this so fascinating and interesting. But it works. She did a great job as a leader of a commando group. It was made up of a bunch of very likable actors who made their characters very sympathetic. They faced both a criminal group, and the prowling dangers of Africa. Rather unique, I'd say.

Sure the script got just a tiny bit questionable close to the end, but I really enjoyed this movie and actually hope there's a sequel.


May Be the Most Horrifying Movie Some Will Ever See (Realistic)
If you've seen Martyrs and you've come to these reviews for some help with your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it may help to know when I saw it in 2017 there was a "making of" video on YouTube that may take the edge off. That's the only reason I'm posting this review. It shook me for days. That "procedure."


Oh c'mon, the movie was a lot of fun
What's with the purists? The action was clever and non-stop. Having it sea-based also was a plus. Don't overthink it.

Father of the Bride

A gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor, and she marries a cardboard cutout?
A girl like Elizabeth Taylor in this movie could have any guy in the world. So what do the screenwriters do? Give her one who's 12-13 years older and kinda boring. Is that what girls in the 1940-50s had to look forward to? Going from one father figure to another? Yech. Thank God for Women's Liberation 20 years later.

My Dinner with Jimi

Interesting to see British Pop stars portrayed by actors
But the Jimi Hendrix actor absolutely steals the movie during the dinner scene. If you like 60s rock, and you like Hendrix, then just fast forward to that scene.

The Hills Have Eyes

Pretty Good Thriller
So many others have left great reviews and descriptions of memorable scenes. But there's one short scene I can't get out of my head. One of the camping family members, a man, is inside the mutant's village. He's very bloodied from fighting to rescue his baby. The tension is high. While in one of the houses he encounters 2 mutant children, a boy and a girl, around 2-3 years old, playing on the floor with some toys. The children look up at him, and the girl asks: "Hey mister, you want to play with us?" But he only has time to give them a look, because he has to keep moving. That's all we see of them. There are so many thoughts and questions around those kids. I can imagine a movie only about them. Sometimes it's the little things that stick with you. No pun intended.

Force 10 from Navarone

After 40+ Years of Curiosity, I've Finally Seen It. But it's Just OK.
It had very wonderful actors. Great props. Nice scenery. But the story was just so mediocre. I think they tried to copy The Guns of Navarone a bit too much, but on a smaller scale and budget. The action scenes were uninspiring. And the final scene (spoiler), since when does a bridge, described earlier in the film as almost impossible to blow up because its supports are made out of solid rock, sway and collapse because of flood waters? I remember that the critics at the time hated this movie, and I wondered why. But it had Han Solo from Star Wars. And wasn't that Apollo Creed? And the beautiful Russian spy from The Spy Who Loved Me? And the original Django? And Quint from Jaws? And the other Jaws? So how bad could it be? It was nice seeing each one of them in this movie, but as I stated earlier, it was disappointingly just ok. Without them it would be a 2/10. Oh well, after 40+ years I can check this one off the list.

Little Monsters

Very Enjoyable
This movie was an unexpected delight. Lupita Nyong'o (quite beautiful, and heroic) and Alexander English (lovable loser, and eventually heroic) were very affecting, but several scenes were absolutely stolen by the 5 year old nephew Felix. In one scene in particular, while wearing a Darth Vader mask, he "uses The Force" to close a gate, and keep the zombies at bay. Are you going to tell him?

I, Claudius

The a Best Television Series I Have Ever Seen
What more need I say? It's amazing they got pieces of this past the censors. For lovers of history, you're all in after 10 minutes. Derek Jacobi and John Hurt are unforgettable. So many great story lines as the years go by. So many great actors. You'll never forget it.

Ich seh, Ich seh

Very Original. Don't read the spoilers, you'll ruin a good movie watching experience.
Some smarty pants people want to run the film down while making themselves look sooooo smart because they "got" the movie's secret as early as the opening credits. Uh huh. Right. Well, don't pay attention to them because it's secret isn't given up easily. A really good movie that starts with one mystery, and by the end makes you realize you've been watching another. Then you ask "Wait, what clues did I miss?" I watched it twice just to see how it was done.

You're Next

Oh Yeah, the Home Invasion Movie We'd Always Wanted
Finally, someone who has an idea on how to fight back. So many home invasion movies give the viewer a sense of terrible frustration as the (usually) family is helpless as the invaders torture them. And then torture them some more. With no help on the way. Well, this isn't that movie. The tables are turned boys, watch out for the girl.

The Invitation

Was Expecting a Classic
But got, meh. More could have been done to explain the WHY of what the hosts of the dinner were doing. Too many fill-in-the-gaps yourself. As other commenters have written, could have been 30 minutes shorter. Liked the very very end, but again, if that last idea had been fleshed out gradually during the previous 90 minutes it would have made a better movie.

Watching Ellie

I Love JLD, but this was nowhere near funny
And the reason is her husband, Brad Hall, the creator and writer of this show, is not a funny man. He wasn't funny when he was on SNL, especially not on Weekend Update, so I predicted this show would bomb bc of him, and I was right. Waste of a great comedic actress.

The Borderlands

Builds Up to...
I had been waiting a long time to see this movie. I had heard from some podcasts how good it was. As I was going through the film it was obvious that there was going to be a big pay off. Well, it wasn't a big pay off, but it was a surprising one. That said, I thought the acting was good. I thought the found footage, handheld camera work was pretty good. The fate of the two protagonist surprised me. When I realized what was happening I thought it was ingenious. I wanted to see more, but I realized that would have been beyond the film makers budget. Spoiler: the 2 main characters wind up in some form of underground creature, and are being digested.

The Assistant

Make a Deal with the Devil
Julia Garner's acting just keeps getting better. This story about how powerful (translation: rich) men are essentially buying off subordinates to allow terrible behavior to go on. It's an old story, but like so many others needs to be retold, so more people don't fall into that trap.

Terminator: Dark Fate

A True Terminator 3
Long awaited, and not at all disappointing. Sure, it's not perfect, but having a female savior from the future was a fresh twist to this franchise. The film has three strong leads. Seeing Linda Hamilton AND Arnold again in the same Terminator movie was wonderfully weird. And wow Mackenzie Davis, you is badass. I have been a Terminator fan since the very beginning, and found this to be a satisfying third chapter in the story. The action sequences were terrific. Cameron knows how to write, but again it was the actors that made the movie. What the heck, I'll say it: I want a sequel.

The Kitchen

Why All the Hate from Critics?
I don't know why this was as universally panned as it was. There are 3 great lead actors, more than a few good supporting ones, an interesting premise, and it's a mob movie with lots of scenes involving protection money, contract hits, and turf battles. And the angle of how much better gangsterism would be for society if run by females is fascinating. Critics see every movie, and sometimes fall into the trap of "We've all seen this before..." Well, no, not everyone has. So I enjoyed this film, just watch the character transformation that happens to Elisabeth Moss for instance. You won't be disappointed in The Kitchen.


What. A. Trip. Man. !!!!
Sure it's not perfect, but what a revenge movie! In a landscape best described as hellish, Nick Cage is bent on killing those who, um, separated him from his wife. Most memorably a motorcycle gang of human monsters who once tripped on some really bad acid. Cage gets a very small taste of it, and it nearly blows his brains out of his head, beautifully filmed in an explosion of colors. Nearly the whole film is bathed in black and red, a true nightmare. After it's over, you feel like you've been through the wringer.


Just a Simple Story of a Simple Rocking Chair? Not On Your Life.
To all thinking adults: Never has an animated feature, heck, any movie, so affected me as Crac. There is something about the way it depicts the passage of time, especially at first in a family's long-ago happy moments, that is just so moving it defies language. I've seen it only twice, and that may be enough. One shouldn't trifle with the depths of emotion and memories a simple rocking chair can represent.

Additional comments: The story begins with a birth, and ends in an "after life," of sorts. If you read and understood The Giving Tree, it's a close cousin. The animation is colorfully Impressionistic.

Its message will be lost on kids. It's message will remain forever with any adults that's ever felt love. And it's only a cartoon.

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