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The Hunt for Red October

Fantastic film
This is one of those films one can watch a multitude of times and still love it. The music is perfect and it has that BIG film sound. Sean Connery is outstanding as Capt Ramius from the USSR. Well heck, the film is full of good acting. The movie does Tom Clancy's story well.


Weak but somewhat entertaining
Aquaman uses a TON of special effects which are great. How they must do the underwater look is intriguing. Sadly, this overrides both the storyline and the acting. The acting is fair with some humor sprinkled in. The storyline is weal. I'm not one to notice boo boos in movies bit I saw several in this one.

We saw it on Prime. I'm glad that we didn't pay big bucks to see it. I would have been seriously disappointed.


Well worth seeing, well done
Ignore the professional reviewers. This is the story of Abby and her life before, with and after Planned Parenthood. It tells the truth about PP instead of the propaganda they spout. It gets gritty and real. The acting is solid. Got see it.

War Room

Terrific Movie
The Kendrick brothers are improving with each movie they do. This one is the best I've seen of theirs. The story is well written with a great message. There is some fantastic humor in it as well. Priscilla Shirer is not only an excellent teacher but this movie shows she is also a great actress.

This movie is a great movie for anyone struggling in marriage. I'm sure that the professional reviewers won't have much good to say since they have traditionally shown their distaste for anything Christian but for those of us looking for a good movie with a good message, this movie delivers. Alena Pitts is the cutest little darling and knows how to melt your heart with her eyes.

The Jordan family is a typical family in many ways including marital struggles. Miss Clara is an caring and powerful older woman who shares her wisdom in wonderful ways. She's a brave Christian who isn't afraid to share her faith and what's she's learned about fighting for a marriage. GREAT movie!

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