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On a Clear Day

Production Company
I was a supporting actor for this film - an 'extra'. The company was excellent. Not only am I looking forward to - definitely buying the DVD - I will be on the lookout for any movie shot by this team. I think it was the 2AD or 3AD in particular who took the trouble to learn everybody's first name ( a rarity in the UK) and remember them all - first time (well almost!). A small point but in keeping with the thorough professionalism throughout the whole team. I have not seen the finished product yet but I can have no doubts about the outcome - just from the excellence of the director, the amazing cast and the crew's first class work rate. I write all of this because my experiences with other production companies are not like this - not unsurprisingly the leads are given the most attention - but it takes all types to make a world - and this production company although all young, know it and deserve every success in the future. See the film - you will agree with me.

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