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not a great movie
having studied the live of this remarkable man - Harry Houdini - I was looking forward to this movie. Unfortunately I was terribly disappointed. Too many facts are totally wrong and they makers have not done justice to the genius Houdini who has invented several great Illusion tricks for magic. Houdini was a true fighter against fakes and mediums who claimed super natural power. This had nothing to do with his wish to speak to his mother after she died. I do not mind some freedom while filming a biography but somehow the story must fit the truth. Houdini's brother was a fine gentleman and not a bit like this movie figure, Houdini's wife Bess was absolutely loyal to her husband and further more, Harry Houdini knew Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for many years, and not just for a dinner, as shown in the film. This film is useless. Sorry.

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