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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Christmas Classic
This animated telling of probably the most famous Christmas classic tale of all time is well done and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It's not too long or sappy or too childish for adults but is still fun and simple enough for even the youngest kids to enjoy. We watch our tape of it (almost) every year.


Love It!
OK this movie is not brilliant and it is no Citizen Kane but that's fine and I don't care. It was really entertaining and scary and original. The remake is kind of a turkey but this one had a great cast and was just really fun to watch, especially with friends. Seriously look at how famous the main cast are now! Kiefer Sutherland is great in this, and I loved Platt too.


Lacks Charm of the Original
I loved the original movie Flatliners. It's nice to see Kiefer Sutherland back in this version but it's in no way a sequel, he's a totally different character (who is not in this movie enough in my opinion) and this is a remake or re-imagining or however you want to label it.

This movie isn't bad but it's not very good either. It's just coasting off the original like so many remakes do in recent years. The original had an amazing cast and a lot of charm. It wasn't brilliant by any means but it was much more original and easier to buy into than this one.


I'm Vote #172,000
And I really disliked this movie. It's not because the Ghostbusters are female now, I actually like three of the main cast a lot in other things they have done and wish them well. I just didn't like this movie. The beginning of the movie was great, but once they get into the story it's just stupid and doesn't have any of the charm the original movies had. Maybe it's just impossible to live up to such a beloved film series that is so well known, but this movie was just a huge mistake. The cameos also failed to deliver real laughs (for me at least) with the original cast members wasted and those scenes also are just distracting from the rest of the movie.

American Guerrilla in the Philippines

This is a seldom referenced and very overlooked old movie, but Fritz Lang still shows what an amazing filmmaker he is here. The script is good (not great) but the direction and some surprisingly good acting turn this one into a real winner. Definitely worth watching.

Real Gangsters

The Gangsters are Less Real Than the Reviewers
Frank D'Angelo presents a Frank D'Angelo production of a Frank D'Angelo film... Frank D'Angelo's "Real Gangsters!" Starring Frank D'Angelo... Produced by Frank D'Angelo... Directed by Frank D'Angelo... Written by Frank D'Angelo... Based on a story by Frank D'Angelo... Concept by Frank D'Angelo... Set Design by Frank D'Angelo... Soundtrack by Frank D'Angelo... Featuring the Music of Frank D'Angelo... Catered by Frank D'Angelo's Hey Fuhgetaboutit Restaurant Taped in one take at Frank D'Angelo Studios (basement of Hey Fuhgetaboutit) Casting by Frank D'Angelo... AND INTRODUCING Frank D'Angelo!

The credits are hilarious... after that you get into the actual movie which is complete garbage, and not even in the funny way that you can at least keep laughing at, it is just two tedious hours of bad acting in a poorly written and directed piece of cinematic cow flop that feels more like 4-6 hours.

The best way to enjoy this movie is to watch and laugh your way through the credits, skip to the end credits and laugh some more, then come here to IMDb and read all the glowing reviews. Also count the votes, I find it funny how something like exactly 650-700 people up vote every positive review and down vote every negative one ahaha... also curious how this awful movie this guy made by himself has way more reviews than so many real professionally produced movies, and how all of them are also raves... gee I wonder what happened there.

Anyway if you want a good gangster movie skip this, it's terribly made in every way. Watch The Sopranos instead, that's basically what D'Angelo is trying to do here anyway.

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother UK and original US Big Brother are both far superior. Big Brother Canada is the exact same format as the original US Big Brother with nothing unique, the problem is the show cannot compete at all with the original. The show is less creative with really stupid weekly challenges or missions. The people on it are about as interesting (well equally selfish and uninteresting) as the US version but the show is just way less interesting and creative. They're just lifting ideas the real version of the show already did. Get new producers and writers or just let this lame ass show die.


Watch and Enjoy!
This movie is almost perfect. It's not as good as the original Alien movie but it's also a completely different kind of movie in some ways. That one was all about building up suspense and tension and the horror of it all, with great performances. This one is more of a big expensive action movie with tons of aliens, explosions, flamethrowers, machine guns. There's more deaths and also good performances. I like the first one better but they're both incredible and I think fans of the franchise are pretty much 50/50 over which of these first two Alien movies is the best. Watch and enjoy!


This movie is truly awesome. One of the best films ever made and would make my top ten list for both best Sci-Fi and best Horror movies ever. Amazing direction and Sigourney Weaver's best performance and best movie ever. The sequels are also good and worth watching (the crossovers with Predator aren't quite so good) but this is the real jewel of the franchise.

Sicilian Vampire

Try to Make a Worse Film... I Dare You!
You can't do it. You can't possibly do it.

Frank D'Angelo is a master of making terrible, terrible movies while actually trying to make good movies (and somehow convincing himself that he is succeeding)... but this really is his Citizen Kane of ego fueled bullpucky.

Added to the usual roundup of Hollywood has been actors he somehow convinces to be in his awful movies d'Angelo has somehow convinced James Caan to be in this. Yes, the James Caan from The Godfather. If you Google James Caan and Sicilian Vampire (and you definitely should) you'll find a fantastic interview, the title is something like "why on earth was James Caan in this awful movie???" Anyway, read that and you'll find out how Caan fell on such hard times he was forced to make this garbage movie to pay his alimony, and the movie is so bad he skipped out on the premiere and actually used this movie in court to convince the judge to cut his alimony payments because being forced to do this movie caused great harm to him and his career.

Anyway, this mob boss (obviously D'Angelo casts himself in this starring role) opens a crate of bananas, gets bit by a bat and becomes a mafia vampire. Keep in mind that this is not I repeat NOT a comedy!

Watch for the scene where all the other mob guys force him to get up on stage and sing a song for no apparent reason other than Frank D'Angelo loves to get up on stage and sing songs to show off how talented he is.

It would be hilarious if this all wasn't so sad in real life. The guy needs some kind of help or maybe just some real friends to tell him to stop flushing his money down the toilet like this.

As always be sure to read all the positive reviews here that are for sure by real people who saw and loved this movie, hahaha.

The Being Frank Show

A Turd You Must Watch to Believe
Frank D'Angelo is a living joke in Toronto, watch this show and you will see why. Just look up any of the articles or reviews about him or this show in any real Toronto publication (seriously go Google it right now) and you'll see what a small and arrogant little man he is... and worse than that. One of the articles even outlines how he kinda sorta threatened the journalist there to review his show and screamed threats at crew members about how he should kill them (totally not kidding, seriously you should Google this stuff right now for a run read), and he did this all knowing that the journalist was there! No human being acts this way but he is for real. He is what happens when he inherits a bunch of money and is raised to believe he's the most special boy in the whole world. He's wasting who knows how much money buying this air time (this is commercial time that he buys) and even though he adds "commercials" to the "show" to make it look like a real show, his ego is so huge he's in all the commercials too!

Is this show awful? Yes. Worst ever? I don't know but it belongs in the running for that title. Am I saying not to watch it? No way! Definitely check it out. Watching it once or twice is enough to have as much fun as you're gonna have, but it is for sure worth checking out just to see that this is a real actual person that really exists.

Many of the commercials are also for his "movies" that he famously shoots in one weekend (because he rents all his stuff over a weekend because that's how to save money on film equipment rentals I guess). Unlike the show those movies are just bad, not funny bad, and not worth watching. The posters are funny though if you can get hold of one. He directs, stars, does all the songs (did I mention he's a "famous" singer?), writes, etc, etc.

Oh also the show is taped in the basement of his restaurant and the audience has like five people in it who I would bet good money are there because they're getting paid or employees who are threatened with being fired, or family members of this clown d'Angelo, or all three.

You should also read all of the reviews here. Hundreds of positive votes and reviews all popped up for this show and his movies and they are a very funny read. Check them out and you'll see why.

Definitely check out this show if you enjoy a good train wreck!


Fun Kids Cartoon
I kind of miss this show. It was the kind of cartoon people of any age can maybe not love but at least enjoy, which is much better than most kids cartoons today (which seem to all be so scream filled and annoying). Bonkers was pretty funny.

Swift and Shift Couriers

This is a very boring and unfunny show with underdeveloped characters and really awful writing. I really hated it.

The Thing

All Time Classic
The Thing is an all time classic sci-fi/horror movie. Great writing, performances, and a fantastic ending. Great soundtrack. This movie is just plain awesome! It holds up today too.

Rostered On

Bad Comedy
This is a really bad comedy show. It's so pointless, the characters are less than one-dimensional, not even the jokes are good. Some truly terrible writing and acting here.

Kount Kracula's Review Showcase

This is a terribly produced interview show that is bad but not even bad in a funny way, it's just a tedious bore. I popped into a meet and greet social networking event (or so I thought) and all it was was this guy Tex Watt talking himself up (none of it true as far as I can tell) and trying to recruit girls to appear for free in his "hit movies". As others have said here in the comments this guy is delusional and completely devoid of any talent whatsoever. His projects are shams with the worst picture and sound quality and less green screen know-how than the average middle school A/V club. Even for free on YouTube you will want your money back. Everyone in this looks embarrassed and they should be. If you want to waste part of your life watching this go ahead. You've been warned.

Zombie Beach

How Many Fake Reviews? Is this Mukesh Asopa Guy a Poor Man's Frank D'Angelo?
Much like Frank D'Angelo this guy makes a bunch of his own films and has himself star in them and has a ton of credits in them. Like D'Angelo he can't act his way out of a paper bag and the production stinks. But at least D'Angelo uses professional quality cameras, sound equipment and crew. This guy's locally produced short films are only watchable out of necessity so you don't feel rude walking out of the mini-local-film fest it somehow got it. Like D'Angelo I suspect he sponsors fests etc which also explains how both of them "win" a bunch of awards on this little never heard of festival destinations.

Both of them have movies only a handful of people have ever seen yet somehow tons of high scores and reviews pop up from users who have only registered to say how much they love his movie. Like, a ridiculous number of reviewers. It's painfully obvious what's going on here.

Anyway, this zombie movie isn't a movie because of the poor quality and length and isn't a zombie movie because the makeup is not very good, the effects are worse/non-existent and there's a total of four or five zombies who pop up in the film for almost no screen time. Nothing interesting, funny or entertaining at all in this. It's not even bad in a funny way, it's just bad.

Give it up, Mukesh Asopa, your short movies stink and the reviews and ratings are fake, fake, fake.

The Taste of Relation

I saw this movie and it was amateurish and awful. I am very suspicious of the more than 100 positive reviews here with similar rave reviews and all the ones I clicked on were brand new accounts who signed up just to review this movie. Avoid unless you want to waste time, hate yourself, and possibly claw out your eyes. It really is an awful, amateur level movie. Terrible acting and writing. The sound quality is also sub-standard.

Lola rennt

This is a brilliant film. Tons of great action and suspense, a real thriller that isn't so much about scaring the audience as just keeping them on the edge of their seats. It also has lots of great comedic moments as well. It's like Groundhog's Day meets Frantic or Sliding Doors... hard to describe but totally unique and will keep your attention.

Mad About You

Average Way to Waste Some Time
This is the kind of show I put on in the background while I'm doing work. It's not bad but it's also nothing you need to really focus on. It's a typical couple sitcom where you can tell what most of the jokes are going to be. I like Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt but there is nothing special about this show at all, it's just a way to pass some time really. Good for falling asleep and de-stressing to, you won't have to use too much brain power on this.


Good Musical - 9 Oscars
This was a good musical and kind of towards the end of the era of "golden musicals" in Hollywood. It was very successful at the time and won 9 Oscars which seems hard to believe in retrospect. It's definitely a good movie but today does not seem like the kind of film that would pick up so many Academy Awards. Anyway if you like musicals of the era you should check this one out, it's got some great numbers in it and decent acting. A pretty predictable story but that's pretty common for these musicals.

The Prowler

Classic Film Noir
This is a really good and sadly overlooked film noir. No happy endings are to be found here, just good performances and writing and a close to perfect example of the film noir genre.

Another You

Still a Classic
The Wilder/Pryor comedy team made some really amazing, pretty much perfect comedies in their time... and even though this movie does not hold a candle to their best (See No Evil Hear No Evil, Silver Streak, Stir Crazy) it is still a really funny movie. Any scene with either of them is already funny, but putting them both together always results in some magic. It's not the best script they've ever had to work with but they still have a lot of funny scenes and like most of their movies it still has a surprising amount of heart underneath all the slapstick type comedy. I highly recommend all their movies and RIP to both of them!

Follow That Bird

Cute Kids Movie
This is a really cute kids movie with some really great cameos (was that John Candy?) If your kids like Sesame Street and/or the Muppets they will love this movie. Great stuff. Can't recommend it any more highly, almost as good as the original Muppets!

Splitting Heirs

This is a very overlooked comedy. Eric Idle and Rick Moranis are awesome in this, the writing/story is very good and the rest of the cast too. Check it out, if you like Monty Python you'll love this. It's not as silly as that but still very funny.

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