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Never has a dog poo looked so good
This movie was like a welcoming breeze on a hot day. The anticipation is that you will feel the cool air cocoon you in a protective sheath against the blazing sun. But what really happens, is the breeze makes no difference. You want to feel it, it blows but nothing changes. You think the next breeze will cool you down, for 135 minutes you wait...

In the end, you move on, still sweaty and hot and wonder why did I stay out in the sun do long waiting for a change.

Arriving home you notice a dog poo in your garage and you think to yourself, wow doesn't that look magnificent.

Doubles vies

A meandering verbal onslaught that never ends
Lots of affairs, repetitive discussions about the digitisation of the publishing industry all to absolutely no point. Nothing is elegantly resolved. A completely frustrating movie to watch.

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