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Death in Gaza

The Palestinians play the victim card so well.. how can you not hate the Israelis..? Can this film be any more bias?
ITs so obvious that this movie is a useful tool for the corrupted Palestinian propaganda machine. I am a reporter and have been for the past 7 years here in the middle east working for a European local newspaper. I have been here since the beginning of the second intifada and i have been horrified but the countless homicide bombings in cafés, restaurants, centers, clubs.... etc. here in Israel, where not one honest decent reporter has ever shown the thousands of innocent people, woman and children, old and young, that are directly affected by these violent attacks, that serve no purpose in putting foreword the Palestinian "cause". Why doesn't this film show the hospitals where bomb victims on the Israeli Side are laying in hospitals beds, or brain dead in the many hospital wards.. how many of the Israeli public don't want to be "occupiers" in the West Bank and Gaza and are there to prevent TERRORITS and insist on calling them that since a freedom fighter doesn't attack innocent bystanders., from penetrating into country and blowing themselves up for the 72 virgins waiting in heaven promised by the brainwasher's pulling the strings. Go to the Israeli schools and see how they promote peace and fraternity and see how children are afraid to ride on the bus since a friend or someone they know blew up on a bus.. then to be balanced, go to the Palestinian schools, and don't be shy, go to many, see how 100% of them promote hatred, incitement and no hope for peace wonder there is no hope... don't get me wrong we all want a Palestinian state, even the Israelis, more than what the media has shown, but with all the concessions the Israelis are doing now, uprooting the families of Jewish people from the land that by international law, have every right to be in that territory (territory that is captured during war belongs to the captors up until a negotiated agreement via an international body is agreed), not to mention biblically... but thats another story, and for nothing in return, what has ABBAS done? nothing but incorporate the terrorists into their so called corrupted door-revolving government and not doing nothing, except for show, to stop terrorism as agreed in the road peace... all i am saying is look at both sides of the conflict and see what is really happening in both countries.. it hurts to see Palestinian children hurt on the streets and journalists killed in the crossfire of a WAR ZONE (which they know the risks by going there in the first place) and by the way, the Israeli army is portrayed not only in this joke of a movie but unfortunately in the media as an aggressive heartless absent minded killing machine since its politically correct to see it that way because its better ratings overall...that is a total lie and you have to understand the stress this young soldiers are faced with everyday and that they are totally human like everybody else, not wanting to be where they are but to know that if they wont be there to stop the homicide bombers, who will be? and how hard it is to know who is the enemy and who is "innocent" since that 85% of the population support violent means of "resistance" and Holy Jihad... its easy to point the camera one direction and make a person a monster.. think about it.. its like making a good movie, all you need is a skilled director and take a few things out of context and a few isolated scenes and voilà!!!!

Gaza Strip

are you seriously kidding me... this is total pro-Palestinian propaganda
IF its one thing we know very well is that the Palestinian public knows how to play the victim card very well... they do and say one thing at one time and say and act the opposite in front of a camera. Hey don't get me wrong, i am for a Palestinian state, they even had what they could only dream now back in 2000 where that mass murderer corrupted dictator Arafat ruined the chances for any state and instead made Israeli and Palestinian people suffer deaths after deaths, poverty and despair... but how convenient is to blame the Israelis... well its obviously politically correct these days to favor the underdog... i can make a film about the American army in Iraq and paint the worst picture you can imagine... very believable and very effective to make you agree with my point of view.. but in reality, this wont represent anything close to the true reasons they are there, to save the people of Iraq from a murderous dictator like Sadam that killed masses upon masses.... People, wake up and smell the coffee.. don't buy into all the BS that independent reporters like this guy that is trying to use this conflict for him to win awards or push his propaganda... maybe you can make a documentary about how Israelis are afraid to board the buses or walk within crowded masses of people, how thousands of woman, men, and children are missing arms. legs or severely injured (yes, in Israel, severely injured unfortunately means you are almost dead, missing limbs does not count.. ), visit the hospitals, the streets, the schools... Israel is such a peaceful place, you think you were in the states... Its the only true democracy and civilised country in that area.. imagine if it wasn't there... who would protect the interest of freedom and democracy??? I myself, am not Israeli, as you may think, i am a Canadian Christian UN Soldier that has worked in that area for the past 3 years and still am amazed at the amount of lies, of non-truths that these movies-documentaries like this one , Jenin Jenin (another batch of lies that is completely false and was proved so by the UN, US, EU and the international community)...i see what you don't see and i am just telling it like it is... just look at both sides of the story to truly understand whats going on.

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