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House M.D.

House smart, witty and sarcastic
I stumbled onto this show after watching an episode of American Idol 4. Thinking it would be another ER drama, filled with heavy themes and dark undertone, I watched with skepticism. From the moment Doctor House stepped on the scene he was nothing but arrogant, cocky, sarcastic and yet still funny and outsmartingly witty.I thought this was a great combination. Even though you know he's a jacka*** you can't help butlaugh at and with him. His unique take on medical practice whichconsist of not wearing the appropriate attire, guessing possible ailments, and taking deadly risks that don't have sure positive results would get most doctors fired, most patients killed, and most hospitals sued.

This show is always engaging and House's nonchalant, wisea*** attitude makes for a high intensity yet at the same time light hearted show. I think that combination is hard to come by and that is why House is such a unique and interesting show.

The O.C.

The best teen drama since (yeah I'll say it) Dawson's Creek
This show is intriguing, entertaining and refreshing. There's always a show that comes out and appeals to a generation and becomes a cult classic, The O.C. is that show for this teen generation and a lot of others. Now I must admit I at first was very skeptical of this show. Since Dawson's Creek was off the air I hadn't really given any other teen drama besides Smallville, another great show, the time of day so to speak. When hearing about the show from my now 26-year-old aunt, I rid it off as another high society rich beautiful white people with problems prime time network booster. Even though The O.C. is many if not all of those things, it is so much more. After the first season I kept hearing all these great reviews from my friends, and since Friends, the television show, was now off the air I could dedicate an hour on my Thursday night to watch the second season. As I watched my first episode I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to catch up and piece the puzzle of how everyone was connected. My first episode was one of the second seasons best, The snO.C. Even though this show moves at a vast pace it was easy to follow and get caught up in its charm, humor, and sometimes outrageous plot lines. I would have to say this is one of the best things FOX has done for its channel since bringing back Family Guy. It's a good hearted show and I would like to see it do a couple of more years.

The Book of Daniel

Funny, unpredictable, charming
I know that there has been a lot of controversy behind this show because of subject matter pertaining mostly to the main character's children. Despite the fact that this family has more problems than you can count, it is refreshing to see that the show has portrayed this minister's family like any other. It's good to see that this isn't a remake of 7th heaven (a wholesome, cookie cutter show that resolves family issues with hugs and kisses). I watched the book of Daniel with my parents and we were laughing and joking all the way through. The show really applied to me because my grandfather is a bishop under The Church of God in Christ, my mother a choir director, father a deacon, and my uncle's and aunts are ministers. We have one of the largest churches in Philadelphia and we as the first family of the church are always being watched. I recall on the show that the word about his daughter being arrested was all over the church and community within in hours. This was so funny to me because that stuff happens all the time; church people are always waiting to spread some kind of gossip. What I liked most about the show is that this family was no better than anyone else for having religion or God. They were a family like any other trying to do their best to handle life as it comes. Through the issues of dealing with a drug dealing daughter, homosexual son, promiscuous son, alcohol dependent mother, and drug dependent father, we realize that this is a show about family and nothing more. If you're looking for a "How To" show this is not it because most of the time the father seeks answers from the frequently appearing Son of God. If you want humor, drama, and realistic points of view this show is a most see.

Mean Girls

Funny, Smart, High School to a T
How many times have we've seen the regurgitated crap of teen movies dished out to us during the spring and summer months i.e. A Cinderella Story. It's pretty much sickening to see the same plot line where either geeky boy gets popular girl are geeky outcast girl gets popular boy. This premise is tired and frankly unrealistic and not true to high school life. Sure we'd all like to get with the most popular girl or guy in school but lets face it happy endings like that don't exactly happen in high school.

Mean Girls represented high school life to a T. I found myself verbally expressing in the movie theater to my friends how true the lunch table scene was, i could just picture the people in my school and the different cliques. I knew people who belonged to these groups. Thats also what i loved about the movie it didn't just concentrate on one clique or group, even if you didn't belong to a group like the plastics you were still able to identify with a person in the film.

The movie showed school for what it is, it's not all sunshine everyday you got people talking behind your back, and friends turning on you. It depicted well the way girls mess with each other, sense we're not really allowed to physically express our anger we do it sneakily and find a way to destroy people emotionally or their self esteem.

This movie came out when I was a junior which I believe is the same grade the main characters were in. It was just really easy to relate to, smart and witty.

I think it was said by Melissa Joan Heart in Drive Me Crazy "When girls compete it's an art," and it truly is.

The Village

Not what you'd expect
I admit when the movie first came out I was only going to see it because it looked like a good horror film, but after my brother came home after having seen it and telling me it wasn't worth it, I decided against seeing another horror let down.

But by chance this year my senior English class was on the topic of Utopian societies. We had read Handmaid's Tale over the summer and were apart to read Anthem. Before and while reading Anthem we watched the Village. As we progressed through this unit the similarities between the book Anthem and the Village were very obvious almost as if the script were taken right from the book. With some obvious changes and differences, the books theme is still a main theme in the movie

Realizing before seeing the movie that it wasn't meant for cheap thrills and scares, but was to depict a Utopian society on the verge of destruction at the hand of a curious man and courageous woman allowed me to see this movie for what it was intended to be.

Knowing that this film was not meant to be a horror film allowed me to enjoy it more and didn't leave a sour taste in my mouth as it had for many people when it appeared in theatres.


Excllent Smart and Funny
This cartoon is one of my top of all time favorite cartoon shows. Recess came out when I was in 4th grade, you could imagine my excitement to see a cartoon that dealt with the trials and tribulations of being a forth grader. The characters were so true and captured the essence of elementary school life in particular recess the best time of the day. In this cartoon situations were over dramatized to create a satire parallel to adult life. This was a very intelligent witty cartoon and it's a shame that it had to end so early. Now that I am 17 years old I still find myself catching reruns of this show on Disney when I come home from school. I now catch things that were a little old for me to understand back when i was younger. This cartoon among others like doug, pepper ann, made waking up for one Saturday morning a must.

The Wizard of Oz

Timeless Classic
I think that this movie is a timeless classic. I am only 17 yrs old and I love this movie. The Wizard of OZ is the epitome of knowing your craft and performing well. Now you'll be lucking if you can watch a movie where the people can act let alone act, sing and dance. Judy Garland and this awesome cast perfected the term triple threat. Now everything is so technologically advanced you don't need to be good at your craft, everything is synthesized or lip-sync'd. It's also a movie that lasts for generations, even with all the special effects we have now, the sets and customs are still amazing to look at.

This is a movie that will be here for years to come.

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