• Let's get the demographic category over with first. I'm an 18 year old female college student, so I'm a bit out of the intended target range, however, I am a sucker for musicals. I am also a sucker for Ryan Evans, without whom I would probably not have any interest in seeing the movies.

    I dragged my unwilling friend to go see it with me on Friday night, and I have to admit that even I wasn't expecting much. I really liked the first and second, but I still wasn't expecting much from everything that I had heard. However, I found myself really enjoying it! I loved "I Want It All", although I have to admit not really remembering much else...

    Anyway, I'm very, very biased because I really only like Sharpay and Ryan. I'm glad Ryan didn't go back to just being Sharpay's slave, because that would have been lame. I also love how he choreographed the musical (in fabulous boots, mind you). What I didn't love was the awkward Kelsi thing. I like Kelsi, but...God, it was just so dumb. I am a fervent believer that Ryan is gay, and I honestly cannot comprehend how anyone can even entertain the notion that the boy is straight. Him winking at Kelsi and singing to her just made me want to vomit. Maybe if he hadn't been wearing hot pink pants at the time, it would have been a bit more believable.

    All in all, a pretty good movie. The kids in the theater were laughing pretty hard in some parts, and I had to admit that even some parts made me laugh. I had some problems with it, though. First of all, Vanessa's singing sounded nothing like it did in the first one. Second, those three newcomers? The Rocket guy, or whatever his name was, might be pretty good, but the other kid barely had any lines, and the girl was downright annoying--and not in a good "Sharpay" way. I definitely can't see them holding down the fort in HSM4. I am also very, very glad I did not partake in the participation of inhaling any illicit drugs before hand, as that one scene in "Scream" where the room is revolving around Troy would have surely had me running out of the theater screaming myself.
  • My first memory of this show--I caught a glimpse of Lars and thought he only had one eye, so I got scared and changed the channel. (Hey, I was 9!) Luckily I gave the show another chance. It ended up being my obsession for...God, how many years did it run? It wasn't particularly clever, not at all, really. Basically every episode consisted of the word "dude", sports, and some sort of small drama that only lasted 15 minutes. But I was hopelessly addicted to it, and to this day I still can't pinpoint why. The cliché "every new person that comes here rocks at sports", the dumb explosion of "SUPER BEEF" or something across the screen...but it was such a great show. Especially if you watched the background--the surfer turning into a dolphin, the UFO beaming up a whale, the fisherman falling into the ocean, the giant fish skull talking...they don't make cartoons like they used to! To this day, Twister is still my favorite cartoon character of all time. He was just so stupid, it was great. Even now, almost 10 years later, I still use the word "dude" in almost every sentence.

    This show really encompasses everything of my youth. I remember going on about it all the time, and making my friends watch it. I used to know every single word to "Race Across New Zealand", and could repeat the whole movie at any given point.

    To sum this all up, I have no idea why I loved Rocket Power so much. But I did, and I still do. The other month I found a Rocket Power videotape at a yard sale and almost cried. Good 'ol memories...