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Avenue 5

Not bad at all
Lot of criticisms here but it's not bad at all, I quite enjoyed it and I will watch more. Hugh is good, it's quite funny and it is significantly better than recent nonsense like Orville and lost in space. Light hearted fun, and I look forward to the next episode


Disturbing, boring, too long, overrated, not that impressed tbh

Finding Steve McQueen

Vastly overrated
How on earth did this get good reviews?? It's slow dull and boring. Nothing to see here, move along. The only good thing about the film is it's quite short, so it's over sooner. Done bother is my advice

Hell Is Where the Home Is

Not bad
Hmmm it's not bad, but not great, starts good but fizzles out in the end. Worth a watch

Ready or Not

Really good
Liked this, was expecting standard junk but was a well crafted comedy horror, recommended

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

Rip Kevin Smith
Loved Kevin smith movies 20 years ago, but this hasn't changed with the times, it's bad, boring, predictable, not funny....Kevin Smith is living in the past. One to avoid

The Expanse

This is the best sci-fi show currently on tv, I certainly hope they go beyond season 5. Reminds me of b5 from back in the day. Strongly recommend a second viewing if you are not on board

Straight Outta Compton

It's not a bad movie, but it's too long, definitely not worth the 1/10 or 10/10 reviews. Music is good

Gemini Man

Don't believe the haters
Not a bad film at all, enjoyable and well worth a watch. Good action, not bad cgi

The Witcher

Vastly overrated
Ok I have never played the game or read the books. But as a newbie I can say it's nothing special, vastly overrated, and difficult to follow. One to avoid

The Walking Dead: Stradivarius
Episode 7, Season 9

Who is reviewing these episodes???
Another dull boring episode where nothing happens, how this has god high reviews is a complete mystery

The Dead Don't Die

Vastly overrated, how did this get such a high score? Watched for bill Murray, however everything else was just plain dull. The trailer was so much better than the film. Disappointed

Avengers: Endgame

Boring. Slow. Badly written, poor story.... worst of a bad bunch

Family Guy: You Can't Handle the Booth
Episode 16, Season 17

Truly awful
This is the worst family guy episode in 17 years and the only one I have given up on it is so bad. Not worth watching and the writers should be ashamed this was produced

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