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A Fall from Grace

So incredibly bad, hard to take it seriously
I don't know what to say about this movie. There is not many redeeming features... The script is embarrassing and the editing is all over the place. The bad acting is probably not the actors fault, they didn't have alot to work with. This movie screams amateur and I am surprised that Netflix picked it up. Don't watch it.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

I wanted to like it
The movie is beautiful but that's about it. It doesn't go anywhere. I actually just wanted it so be over after two thirds of the movie. There are so many storylines that could have been interesting but instead it goes nowhere with these, and the movies main storyline. I was confused and disappointed. As I was leaving the theater I couldn't hear anything good being said about the movie at all. It's beautiful and it pays homage to the golden days of Hollywood but I would just have liked some substance to the movie, some interesting plots, maybe som interesting character development? Sadly, the movie didn't offer any of these.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

It's an ok movie, great visuals but otherwise rather emty.
Action all the way!

An action packed and visually stunning movie, worth watching, but lacking in story quite a bit. The actors does their best with what they are given, Henry Cavill being the most captivating of them all. But the looks can't make up for the weak writing. The story contains a few plot twists and keeps the viewer guessing, a quality a look for in a movie.

But... if the writing isn't strong enough plot twists can lead to serious plot holes and this movie has a lot of them. I couldn't take this movie serious halfway in because the story and the characters didn't make sense at all most of the time. It's way to obvious where the studio put their effort and money, on the awesome stunts and the great visuals. But that, unfortunately, can't make up for the sub par script.

I don't know if it was the script that was weak or if it's a result of bad editing and rewrites but the movie doesn't work for me in its entirety.

Still, it's worth watching for the visually stunning action... and Henry Cavill :)

Thor: Ragnarok

Good but not great
Enjoyable movie, I want to start with that.

The story is simple and predictable but it works. You don't go to these kind of films for the intricate plots.

The action is great and the cgi is mostly awesome! Unfortunately some characters are below the standard we all have come to expect, especially the directors own character Krog. I don't know what happened there at all.

But the cgi isn't my biggest concern, it's the humor. I laughed and enjoyed the movie but it was very distracting because it never stopped. So many cheap laughs, it was almost like a spoof more than the real thing. I got the feeling from the clip on Youtube of "Team Thor".

The characters lack depth because of all the humor and I feel like Marvel are redirecting its movies to fit a younger audience. I feel like the volume of comic relief is what keeps this film from being a great one, just like Guardians Vol.2.

The movie is enjoyable, bright, fun, colorful and with an awesome soundtrack. If you like that kind of movie this is the one for you! I miss Thor and Hulk/Banner from the other movies and would have liked to have had a movie with those characters instead of these comedic versions.

The Defenders

I wish they would at least make an effort.
What a disappointment The Defenders was.

It seems that they got sloppy after they had a hit with Daredevil. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage both had quite a few ups even if Iron Fist was mostly downs.

That sloppiness culminates in The Defenders. I don't have much good to say about this series I'm afraid. Bad writing, dull "villains" and sloppy fight scenes. And Iron Fist just made me want to stop watching, just as he did in his own series. Maybe next time, hire an actor who can act? I had really high hopes but was massively underwhelmed. Please Netflix, find your way back to the standards of Daredevil. When you release a show like Iron Fist and back it up with a show as bad as this it doesn't seem like you care anymore.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Deeply disappointed
I really liked the two first parts of the Hobbit trilogy but this one feels very rushed. For the most part the film i visually very good but there is far to many mistakes made, both with CG and with body doubles. The editing feels rushed and at sometimes it actually really confusing. I also had great issues with the big battles. They are good looking mostly but with the cutting between action scenes and the very very long dramatic scenes you never get the sense that the battles are that important. If the armies really fought on the battlefield during the time of the dramatic scenes the movie wouldn't been quite as long, not by far.

During the first two parts of The Hobbit I really enjoyed myself and was sad when they ended, this third part actually almost made me leave the theater for the first time ever.

It is a nice movie but its flaws are way to many to really enjoy it.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Worse than Spiderman 3
I really liked the first film in the reboot and was expecting a worthy sequel. I couldn't be more wrong. This train wreck of a film is the worst Spiderman movie, even worse than Spiderman 3.

Garfield does a decent job but Spiderman in this movie is just hanging out'. No struggles with the burden of being a superhero. No, he misses his dad but other than that being Spiderman just seems like any other job. No worries, except when it comes to doing laundry.

You never really care for anyone in this film, the romance is mostly just irritating and the movie just feels rushed. None of the relationships in this movie fells even remotely authentic.

The villains doesn't convince at all. Max becomes Electro, the big bad super villain, because he had an accident involving electricity and the fact that Spiderman forgot his name. Harry becomes Goblin because Spiderman won't give him his blood, something that might save Harry from dying when he is in his 50s. Two random acts transforms these "ordinary" characters to evil villains. Rhino is just laughable and embarrassing. Every villain is a missed opportunity. Electro is visually pleasing but that is all.

Something that hurts me more than this movie is the fact that someone got paid to write this. It's just a really bad script. The actors never ha a chance. And the directing... As I wrote before I think it seems rushed and doesn't really knows what it wants.

The only good thing is that it is visually really nice. That is until the big stand of between Spidey and Eletro. Then, it seems, they ran out of money. The CGI looks like a cut scene from a video game.

In summary: Rushed directing, bad acting (not the actors fault), cheesy and dumb dialog and a script that falls short on so many levels. The plot, if you can call it a plot, is just a bunch of random events thrown together with the hopes that it might work.

Sadly, it doesn't...

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