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The Hotwives of Orlando

Funniest show in ages
I first learned of The Hotwives on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast (episode 298 on - listen to it!) and was immediately hooked by the first episode. This is PREMIUM satire. I don't know how they got all these hilarious people to do a Hulu show, but I'm glad they did. I'm not here to provide spoilers, just to let you know that this show starts funny and keeps getting better. It walks the line between traditional and absurdist satire perfectly. I hope they do multiple seasons, but the fact that they got all this talent together to do even one is amazing. Oh, I just learned that I have to provide 10 lines of text for this review to go up. Okay, here's the AAA cast - Angela Kinsey (The Office). Andrea Savage (Funny or Die Presents). Casey Wilson (SNL). Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Concords, Bob's Burgers, stand up). Tymberlee Hill (Just Phe Phe being Phe Phe!). Danielle Schneider (co-creator, hilarious podcaster). They work together brilliantly, but I must admit that Amanda (Schaal) and Phe Phe (Hill) are my favorites.

The FP

Misunderstood comedy genius
I am a comedy connoisseur, I have very high standards for them. I know, who cares. Anyway, The FP is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. If you watch this movie as anything but a tongue in cheek, laugh out loud riot, you're missing the point. There are more catch phrases worth remembering in this movie than every Adam Sandler movie combined. The characters never break, taking their ridiculous roles delightfully seriously the whole time. The thing that makes this movie special is that it's unique. Not "very unique," UNIQUE. There is nothing like it. Some scenes seem like they're right out of the Tim and Eric School of comedy, others are screamingly crass. One of the greatest comedies ever, this is a must-watch.

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