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Jurassic World

People are being way too hard on this film. But I am perhaps a lil bias lol.
So they pretty much milked every possible reference to the original film they could, but I can't really blame them for that, and as a huge fan of the franchise, I'm willing to overlook the downfalls and cheesiness that the film sometimes dips into. Call me a sell-out for nostalgia, but when that ol' music comes on and were getting ready to enter the park, I was having a moment with my 6 yr old self. JP was the first movie I ever saw in a theater, and it changed my life lol. I KNOW many other viewers had to feel at least some of that, esp the folks from my generation.

I don't want to give details away, but TRUST me, they haven't given away every exciting moment and set-piece in the trailers as is so often the case nowadays. There's quite a few interesting surprises and callbacks that had me giddy. At 28 yrs old I don't often have reason to be giddy, but this movie had me from beginning to end. The 3D was worth it, very well done. Bet it was even cooler in IMAX, but where I live the only IMAX theater in the state is almost 3 hrs away unfortunately..

Is this movie on par with the first film? No, it isn't. But nothing was ever going to top or equal JP. The other sequels didn't, and this is a huge step up from JP3. So, haters gunna hate.... but I personally enjoyed this for what it was. Enjoy.

Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story

Not a terrible way to spend an hour and a half...
I'll mention first that while I've heard of the Marble Hornets series, I went into this film with only a small notion of the slenderman mythos, as I've never watched any of the Marble Hornets videos. So this movie will be rated and reviewed as a standalone, from someone with no background in Marble Hornets.

"Always Watching" certainly didn't redefine the FF genre, although it at least had an excellent built-in explanation as to why the cameras continue to role even once things get bad. The editing, especially for the first 30 mins of the movie is pretty bad, as another person noted. That improved quite a bit in the second half of the movie IMO. I recognized all the leads, from one show or another, and they did well, though their characters weren't really fleshed out, and some of the dialogue was kinda lame. The premise was good, but the payoff wasn't really there. I see what they tried to do, they just didn't stick the landing..

Is this movie scary? Not really. You pretty much spend almost all of the movie looking the for the guy to show up lol. Maybe I missed him in a cpl scenes, but I thought he was kinda under-used... So much creep factor there, why not use it? But I was, admittedly, quite engaged with the movie throughout, and it gave my nerves a lil jolt from time to time.

I wish they had gotten more into why this stuff was going on, how it was going on, etc. All and all, I wouldn't pay much money to see it, I'm sure it will land on Netflix eventually. But if you like FF, or slenderman stuff, you may enjoy it.


Beautiful movie, but left things a lil too ambiguous for my tastes
You'll recognize both the leads from Game of Thrones, and they do a good job in their respective roles. The characters feel a bit underdeveloped, and I'd hoped they'd at least compensate on the plot end of things... But alas, by the end of the movie you're really none the wiser as to why the catastrophe took place to begin with. It felt like they sorta ripped off that movie "Pulse" and other "ghost possession" movies out there. Sure, they did it really stylishly & there are a couple of creative and honestly disturbing deaths. This whole movie is exquisitely shot and edited, and these are the reasons I give this movie a 6.5 and not a lower score... If I was to base my opinion purely on strength of the plot, it would be considerably lower.. I will say that I am not the type of movie-goer who has to be spoon-fed a plot and can't read subtext... I understand the film was ambiguous intentionally, but I just didn't feel much satisfaction leaving this movie with more questions than answers.

So, it's worth a look if your into arty paranormal stuff, but don't expect to get any type of resolution or explanation for the events in the film.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Embarrassed to admit I watched this.
A close friend of mine enjoyed the books and really wanted to see this movie. I wasn't so thrilled since the same friend talked me into reading the first novel in the series about 8 months back and I felt it was an immature, poorly edited book. (If one can even consider Twilight fan-fic a real novel..)

Needless to say I had very low expectations going into this film, and my expectations were mostly correct. There were a few nice set pieces, and a couple of moments where the filmmakers obviously tried to rise above their source material. That's the only reason I'm giving this 2 stars instead of 1..

Aside from a few OK scenes though, this movie is mostly awful.. There was NO chemistry between the two leads IMO. And for a movie whose subject matter is based almost entirely around S&M, there was extremely little to be found here. I did not expect the film to be a pornography, but considering the book reads like grocery store soft-core, I was surprised that the movie was so tame. It was boring really, almost painfully so.

If you must watch this movie, wait til it hits DVD or on-demand, don't waste theater ticket money to watch it...

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Watch the entire 1st season, it'll be worth it.
Is this the best supernatural/horror show ever done? No. Is it mildly ridiculous for a director to remake his own (admittedly awesome) movie into a t.v show? Sorta.

The first few episodes AFTER the pilot seem to drag a bit, and you're left seriously questioning whether all these discombobulated plot points are actually going anywhere. That and the fact that to anyone who's seen the movie, which probably 98% of the viewership has, it may feel like an overly long trip to the bloody fun you know is coming at the Titty Twister.. When this project was first announced, I was hesitant about the idea of essentially a remake of one of my favorite movies.. Even with Robert Rodriguez at the helm. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" was my sentiment... But alas, I stuck with the whole first season, trusting in my beloved RR that he had a real vision and purpose to expanding this story...And I'm glad I did.

The back half of the first season was phenomenal.. the actors are all settled into their parts by this point, and the expanded mythology starts to come together in very satisfying ways. It bears mentioning that the whole season is beautifully and excellently shot and edited. All practical effects are flawless. I can't wait for season 2, as it will be breaking new ground and getting past the plot of the original movie. It's on Netflix ppl, check it out.


Definitely don't waste your money.. No big spoilers but I figured I'd tag it anyways.
I'm giving it a 3 because of a few interesting shots and a couple of well- played jump scares.. and that's all there is in this movie is jump scares.. The "twist" ending in this film has been done about a million times in horror movies and TV shows and was done better in probably all of them. I have absolutely no idea how anyone could possibly be giving this a rating above a 5 unless they've never watched a good horror film ever... It's full of clichés and they're done in a totally serious tone, not in a playful homage kind of way. The acting is wooden all around, even from Olivia Cooke who was quite good in "The Quiet Ones"(which wasn't exactly a classic either but MUCH better then this turd.) Shelley Hennig was lovely as always, and a bright shining light in this black hole, but unfortunately she's only in the movie a total of 6 minutes maybe. Don't waste theater ticket money to see this awful movie, in fact I wouldn't pay to see it even from Redbox, but if you decide not to heed my advice at least wait til it's out for rental...

World War Z

Should have been epic....
Great book, lousy movie. Pretty much no character development, it never really goes anywhere besides finding a "neat and clean" ending (which was pretty much a huge sellout...) It showed nothing of a "zombie war" as the title suggests.. When they say this was loosely based on the book, thats being generous..there's maybe 3 small elements or dialog from the book. It was more of the same fast-paced drivel pumped out by studios these days...no substance. I couldn't believe how little zombie action there was and the CG zombies look ridiculous. It was not the worst movie I've ever seen, but I wish I hadn't spent ten dollars on a movie ticket and had just waited to rent it.

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