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Mortal Kombat

Okay, so I thought the 90s version was bad... until I saw this train wreck of a movie! The casting was absolutely terrible because they didn't fit their characters.

The main actor who played Cole is very stale and too boring to be the main character. And don't even get me started on Liu Kang. He looks so weak compared to the 90s actor!

The only interesting thing was Kano & Sub Zero. Kano's lines felt more natural than the rest of the actors. And Sub Zero was actually pretty dope. I just hated how his costume wasn't blue. It's his signature!

The Circle

Season 1 was great, Season 2 is trash
Season 1 was surprisingly great! They built relationships, flirted, and stayed true to each other. Season 2 was so boring, I couldn't even finish it. They just ganged up on each other and got super clique'y. Netflix always ruining a great series with Season 2!

Look Away

Great, until you reach the last Act.
As I was watching it, I thought, wow, this is great! What's with the low reviews... until I reached the last act of the movie. It had so much potential! The beginning was well established & had a great story with built up tension. I was generally freaked out. But then once the "climax" happened, it just got violent for no reason and cheesy. The tension went away and then it just... ended. I mean, come on!! Give me a twist ending or something!

A California Christmas

Cheesy, but decent
Okay, the acting was pretty bad. It felt very flat and obvious that they are just "reading" from a script. Especially the main girl, she is so monotone and has no emotions! I couldn't stand how stale she was. And where is the Christmas spirit? The only Christmas-y thing is that it's a several days before Christmas.

But other than that, I wasn't expecting much from this except a simple cheesy movie to turn off my brain for a bit and enjoy. It isn't great, but definitely interesting enough to finish.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Not a horror story, but more of a ghost love story. The first half of the show was really slow, but it started to pick up towards the end. It doesn't compare to Hill House in terms of the horror, but Bly Manor has a decent story line. The best part of this series was the ending! It truly felt like a conclusion and made the story well rounded.

Overall, I wasn't blown away, but I wasn't disappointed either. Just... average.

The Twilight Zone

Great buildup just to fall flat
I ignored the reviews and really tried to watch the series with an open mind. Growing up, I loved the 00s Twilight Zone & Outer Limits. But this series was just so boring! Great guest actors/actresses, but that's about it. The episodes would build suspense and tension, but then it all just falls flat! Even the 1960s series had more storytelling and twists!

Such a disappointment!

Virgin River

Pleasantly Surprised!
Feels like a Hallmark movie, but actually good! It has a sweet and feel-good atmosphere, while still tackling hard topics. The characters feel well-rounded, so I hope in the future they won't mess that up! I'm totally invested in the story and it is worth giving a watch.

Life-Size 2

This was so cringy, I had to turn it off within the first 20 minutes. This is definitely not kid-friendly and there's quite a lot of sexual innuendos! Is this for aimed for adults or kids? Also, the main character isn't very likeable and it was hard to watch.

The Baby-Sitters Club

This series is such a "feel good" show. It talks about some harsh realities in such a thoughtful way and I absolutely love how it is such a diverse cast. I Binged this in one day and I really hope they can continue it!


Overall the film very slow paced, but I kept watching just to see how it ends... and it's so disappointing! Seriously? No, seriously?? The ending was complete trash. Nothing makes sense and nothing is explained. Don't even waste your time with this movie.

Dangerous Lies

Okay so... this movie wasn't great, but it was definitely tolerable. There's a lot of crappy films on Netflix and this was okay compared to most, just as long as you ignore a lot of the logic missing and several plot holes. It's an ok film to turn off my brain and just enjoy it.

Love Is Blind

Trashy, but can't look away
Watching this show is like eating junk food, bad for you but you can't stop. Personally it wasn't too bad, but I just couldn't stand Jessica! She made me soooooo angry! I just had to skip her parts out so I wouldn't feel the need to throw something at my tv.

Altered Carbon

Season 2 was trash!
Season 1 was amazing and I was looking forward to season 2. Boyyy was I wrong! The overall feel of season 2 felt different and the new main actor just didn't fit the role. I can't put it into words, but he just didn't feel right as the main character.

Locke & Key

Interesting concept, but the characters fall flat
I can't stand the characters, they just seem so weak and helpless. They story is interesting enough and a unique plot, but I just wish they made better decisions! I was literally screaming at the characters the whole time and just wanted to punch them all in the face. Everything was just so predictable and the characters had no redeeming qualities.


Predictable and Slow
The pacing felt slow and it was too predictable. And I'm usually horrible at predicting endings! But for a netflix movie, it was a little above average compared to some of the other bad movies out there.

The Perfect Date

It's a Saturday evening, and I was just looking for something cute and feel good to watch. Now, I love romantic, cliche movies but this one was boring. It just felt flat and I couldn't really feel the chemistry between the leads.

Someone Great

I hate to say it.... but this is trash
I really wanted to like this movie but it was so boring and it really just drags on. As a mid 20s person myself, I wanted to be able to relate to this but everything just felt so superficial. Even their "10 year relationship"! Sorry, hard pass on this Netflix :(

The Haunting of Hill House

Holy cow. Finally something worth watching in the horror genre! This gave me chills and nightmares... and just generally freaked the hell out of me. It also has a PLOT; an actual storyline! The only complaint I have is the ending. It was just so disappointing given all the built up horror tension. I was a little unsatisfied with the ending :( But overall, it is a must watch.

Light as a Feather

Interesting, but FRUSTRATING!
Okay, in the beginning it was interesting and I just wanted to know more... but then halfway through the series, it just got really frustrating. You know how in horror movies, you're screaming at the characters for being stupid or doing something stupid? Well that's what I began doing. The character's actions (in my opinion) began to get cliche horror movie stupid! Seriously? You couldn't find any other way to advance the story?

This show is nothing new... just another cliche teen horror/thriller whatever...


Worst then expected
Honestly, I'm mad I wasted 2 hrs of my time on this crap movie. I should have avoided this because the main actor is Matt Damon! The premises of the movie caught my attention, but then the movie turned into a "white savior" of the poor and sad little brown people (literally).


Not worth it
I LOVE the Rock, and he's the main reason why I watched this movie. And cast-wise; they are all gorgeous. But that's literally all that's good about the movie.

I'm all about cheesy plots and even the cheesy graphics didn't bother me. But what made me HATE the movie was the villain! No spoilers, but the villain was so DUMB AND SLOPPY! The ending felt like the ending of a kids movie. Cheesy and dumb.

The Circle

Good concept, horrible execution
I liked the concept of the film, it is relevant in current times with social media and the internet. But the overall movie was horrible. The pacing was slow and there were way too many plot holes. I had so many questions that were not answered (like many of the reviews on here have stated).

Ping Pong Playa

I like it
Personally, I really liked this movie! Such a change in stereotypical Hollywood depictions of Asian Americans. Also, I love these LEAD Asian actors/actresses. I'm so tired of seeing stories "about" Asian Americans, just to see them in the background or shadow of the White stars.

And I love how they expressed their anger and addressed such stereotypical things that the media uses to portray Asian Americans such as "exotifying" them or saying how "passive" they all are. Yes, it may seem a little extreme how blunt the "boss" of ping pong is or the other opposing white players are in their racist remarks... but in reality things like this happen all the time. These microagressions are always here.

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