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A below average movie
Politics has been a hot topic for movies in India. The newbie director just had to make a little more effort to create a movie which could relate better to the scenario and not make things just fly in the air. The plot couldn't get justice from Jacky Bhagnani who like his character 'Abhimanyu' has got an easy access to film industry because of his dad. The story and screenplay are good. The writers have given the youngster the name Abhimanyu in the very right context. His father is called Dashrath, I wonder if they wanted to convey something on 'Ram rajya'. Farooq Sheikh no doubt fulfills the missing charisma. It turned out to be his last film sadly. Neha Sharma is cute and her chemistry with Jacky is superb. Jacky has to work hard on his acting skills. He didn't have the body language of that 'stern' leader. No politician in this country would be that 'frank' to lose his votes. The music is good. Sangamarmar is the best song. The film ends with Abhimanyu kaul winning elections on his own but how he executes the plans is not explained. Winning elections is no big thing in India, but after winning how things get implemented is the thing what films should cover in my opinion. A below average effort which certainly could have been better with a better director and dialogues

Gangs of Wasseypur

Few of its kind film made in India
With people bringing in movies without any story, just for entertainment, here comes Anurag Kashyap with an entertainer of his own. The movie is abstract in its kind and the plot is quite raw. Manoj Bajpai steals the dhow with touch of brilliance from Tigmanshu Dhulia. Excellent se bhi upar SUPER excellent movie! Anurag should continue what he does best! The story traces its background to the 'bahubali' era of Bihar and easily narrates the rise of criminals in politics. Richa Chaddha is perfect for the bold role. Every scene in the film has a meaning and it shapes the movie pretty well. the ending could have been better though. Music by Sneha Khanwalkar is very good. specially the 'Womaniya' song. Manoj Tiwari takes the song Jiya ho Bihar ke lala to the next level with his lively voice. Overall a great movie, a genre which should be encouraged in India.

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