Reviews (2)

  • One of the objectives of the narrative is about climate change. The mini-series made two major changes for the scientists. 1. The Soviet scientists had scientific consensus that the Soviet nuclear energy program was safe. 2. The scientists knew perfectly well the "scientific consensus" was not true, but based on politics.

    During one of the show runner interviews, he attempt to connect the mini-series to man made climate change. It wouldn't help showing the scientists knew all along the designed was faulty and based on bad science.
  • Watched this movie in a IMAX 3D theater. The sound makes it well worth seeing in a theater with a state of the art sound system. The Orcs are believable from the start. Well rounded characters with great motivation. The motion capture work by the actors was a work of passion.

    Ben Foster and Ben Schnetzer did a wonderful job playing the magic wielding Mages. Perfect depth, effort and really showing the strain magic has on the human body.

    Paula Patton did a fantastic job with Garona. Duncan Jones made a compelling ass kicking female character.

    But more important for the fanboys, feel comfortable bring non-WoW playing friends and families to the movie. All non-WoW movie goers seem to enjoy the movie and really liked the CGI.