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Suicide Squad

Great Start, but Quickly Falls Apart
This movie had so much potential, with such a great cast, but the editing and 'movie climax' derailed it. I would give the first half of the movie a 7.5/10, but the last 1/3 or 1/4 a 3/10. WB needs to learn that every movie doesn't have to be about 'taking over the world'. This could just have been about the city, and the characters, without trying to cram 'saving the world' into all of their movies like BvS.

The main villains in this movie, which you don't see in the trailers (very smart by the trailer editors so that people would come see the movie), are kind of goofy, and the "final battle" with them felt like I was watching Michael Bays TMNT or T4 slow motion fight scenes. If they would have cut the end villains out of this movie, and stuck with a the joker as the villain and gone a bit darker, it could have been great.


Great movie for Movie Buffs & Zombie loves
I would only recommend this movie to people who love zombie movies and love different styles of movies that aren't the same old main stream movie.

The problem with most movie reviews, is that people base their opinion on comparing a movie with a blockbuster "Avengers" movie. But if you take this movie for what it is: a lower-budget, different approach to all of the zombie movies out there - it's pretty good.

It is filmed from the eyes of cameras - which is definitely not for everyone. But for gamers, who are used to that sort of movement, and who want to see some pretty cool and realistic gore, and more realistic approach to a 'infected humans' similar to zombies - that's who this film was made for.

I did not like 28 Days Later, which got good reviews and lot of people like. I liked this a lot better than that.

Documentary Now!

Brilliant! Haven't laughed that hard in a long time
Aktham Tashtoush who left a bad review below must not have read up on what this is about. To fully appreciate the brilliant comedy in Documentary Now, you need to watch at least part of (or read about) Grey Gardens for the 1st episode, and then watch an episode of VICE on Youtube to fully appreciate the 2nd episode. Bill & Fred have obviously watched and researched the original characters and have portrayed and mocked what is so funny about original shows. If you like morbid comedy, then this delivers.

Bill & Fred are hilarious together, and my only complaint is that there is only going to be 6 episodes it appears.

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